Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs en zijn ze om 20.00 uur gesloten. Het is niet toegestaan om de softdrugs ter plaatse te gebruiken.

Coffeeshop Best Friends - Oud-Zuid
Nu open

Amstelveenseweg 61II, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Giulia B-MovieTheBest - 4 weken geleden
I am a regular customer , and I always have to pay attention to weight and quality. Sometimes I have to check all grams because I pay for 1 gram and is 0.99 or 0.98, seconds about quality, I love your coffee shop but if I always buy the same product and one time is perfect and soft, second time is old and hard with different taste and smell...isn’t that nice for a regular customer! I hope you can change in better!
Alfons Hatler - 1 maand geleden
CAREFUL DO NOT BUY HERE! There is lots of plastics or glue or something in most of the higher grade weeds you can but here. Do not smoke it. very dangerous.
Davide Bettinetti - 4 maanden geleden
Good deals on good products;)
Hello World - 5 maanden geleden
It's a nice coffeeshop since it got renovated and they have a good variety but the prices seemingly go up very often. I've saw a 50% increase on the price of some strains since I started buying here. I'm not sure who their target customers are given it's distance from the center but as a local I'm keeping my eye on prices in other nearby shops.
Jennifer Hanson - 9 maanden geleden
Awesomely friendly staff, clean location with plenty of choice and decent prices. Thank you for folding my free papers and handing them to me nicely instead of throwing a disorganised ball of papers in my general direction like most other shops! :)
Francisco Roca - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed, good prices
Emma Trumble - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed for a cheap price
Danielle Brown - 1 jaar geleden
Love this place not a sit down just yet but the strawberry haze was something else my taste buds
Gareth Ingham - 1 jaar geleden
This coffee shop/dispensary was definitely was my best friend during my stay in amsterdam, it was a 2 minute walk from where i was staying and they have good quality bud for a very cheap price, they were very helpful and explained what bud i needed for my mood. Highly recommend and cant wait til the shop opens fully. 5 star for the staff
Zach Shapiro - 1 jaar geleden
Very friendly server, decent buds. Will be much better when they have a smoking section uo and running.

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