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Galerie CoffeeShop YoYo

Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat 79, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

Coffeeshop Info

  • Montag 12:00 - 19:00
    Dienstag 12:00 - 19:00
    Mittwoch 12:00 - 19:00
    Donnerstag 12:00 - 19:00
    Freitag 12:00 - 19:00
    Samstag 12:00 - 19:00
    Sonntag 12:00 - 19:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.coffeeshopyoyo.nl/
  • +31 20 233 9800



DEBLINA MONDAL - vor 3 Wochen

Most chilled out place ever. If smoky, dark, crowdy joints( no pun) are not ur scene.. this is ur place to light up. Also the guy running the place is super helpful and explains everything in detail. Don't be shy to share the sofa.

Daniel Williamson - vor 1 Monat

Usually don't write reviews but this place is an absolute hidden gem. Wish I could put 6 put of 5 for this place. Just wow

Swiss Select - vor 2 Monaten

I appreciate the fact that they watch out having many organic options but the Arab guy inside the store doesn't look healthy at all. Most likely lack of oxygen due to oversmoking of tobacco and weak genes and mentality, also the woman owning the shop doesn't seem mentally stable- to hectic. Isn't a business you should do eventually being unhealthy, training helps

Ivan Orel - vor 4 Monaten

The owner is very cool, an older lady who is in bussiness almost 30 years so she is very knowledgable. Coffeeshop outside fully packed streets of city center, chilled, perfect to acctually relax for a little bit

Kim Nielsen - vor 5 Monaten

Super cozy little coffee shop with friendly staff and a Good menu.

Tim Lin - vor 7 Monaten

This is our first time trying weed and we choose this coffeeshop. The staff is super nice and explain different kind of product for us, and we have a good experience. The shop is really cute and different from other places ( some coffeeshop in the city seems a little bit frightened for tourist ) I will recommend this shop for people who wants to try out, especially for the first time. By the way, the price is actually cheaper than I thought!

Poh Libing - vor 7 Monaten

nice chill place, lady at the counter was knowledge and patient. almost half priced joints compared to city area. highly recommend!

Stefanos Pantazis - vor 7 Monaten

Great service and very tasty tea , also the lady who works there was very polite.

Richel Martina - vor 8 Monaten

So a looong time ago my good friend introduced me to this coffeeshop and ever since then its been my staple, this is so lovely unlike other coffeeshops that I took my mother in law here, and she never noticed that they were selling Mary Jane. So what in trying to say is, its a small hidden gem amongst all coffeeshop on the city, but a pre warning though, there is a children's playing ground right next to tye shop, so outside smoking is a no no.

john doe - vor 8 Monaten

This one is totally different from others. Really chilled vide clean and a place you can relax. No bad music pumped at you by a kid who thinks he’s cool why are someplace so obnoxious like that.

Max Backer - vor 8 Monaten

Really nice and relaxed place. It has a unique feeling. The atmosphere and neighborhood are also chilled. The owner is very friendly and competent. Best coffee shop! I like the freshly made tea.

Valeria Benitez - vor 10 Monaten

This is THE place for people that prefer natural flowers. Honest, chill, and full of love . Check out this coffee shop to experience a different side of Amsterdam.

Callum McKenzie - vor 11 Monaten

Tranquil environment and super friendly staff. Great menu in a great spot for exploring the town

Juan Sebastian Gomez Torres - vor 11 Monaten

Really nice place. Chill to take more than u expected

Ілля Капля - vor 1 Jahr

Cozy place. Good quality weed and good prices. Thank you!

Alejandro Barney Gutierrez - vor 1 Jahr

I want to take a moment to thank these people for their work. Not once have I felt discriminated or underminded in their shop and that is not common in coffeeshops. This is the best coffeeshop in amsterdam for people that like non-lab organic weed. They have outdoor and indoor with good prices. You don't get the 'chemical' high that you get from other stuff. They have game nights and you can smoke and play. The owner is lovely.

Iris Homer - vor 1 Jahr

Pretty cute place with a good variety of weed. Really enjoy their outdoor grown stuff. Kinda weird vibe tho lol I always feel a little awkward coming in

Jessica Schmidt - vor 1 Jahr

Auch a cute little spot. They have games and books. The white walls and big windows make it a lot brighter than other coffeeshops. There’s also art that can be bought.

Lamin Dahaba - vor 2 Jahren

So nice

Flynn Elings - vor 2 Jahren

Best vibe, relaxed atmosphere, best outdoor natural strains you can find and a variety of strong modified strains as well, all for an excellent price. It is always perfectly dry, not too sticky to grind and they didn't add some scam substance to make you pay more like most coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You can also get decent coffee and nice mint thee, various board games and its a good place to study or work. The design is a neat living room with a intruiging series of paintings to observe with heart warming music playing in the background. 10/10 its my absolute favourite coffeeshop if that wasn't clear already

Edv Vardo - vor 2 Jahren

Find me any other coffeeshop with space cookies for 4eu

Chris Page - vor 2 Jahren

Quiet, local shop. My absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. I'm reluctant to give too good a review in case it gets overrun with visitors....

A Google User - vor 2 Jahren

Quiet, local shop. My absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. I'm reluctant to give too good a review in case it gets overrun with visitors....

Johny Walker - vor 2 Jahren

That coffeshop has got the best vibe of all. Also You can find there outdoor crops, which i Think is good cuz you got more Options. True smoker know difference ;)

Vindawg - vor 2 Jahren

For my money this is by far the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Far away from tourist central, clean & outdoor grown herb, and most calming atmosphere. I always look forward to visit this place every time I'm in Amsterdam.

Rudolf Kunák - vor 3 Jahren

Great place for chill atmosphere and conversation with your friends. Very helpful staff. Looking forward to visit again.

Gabe Friedman - vor 3 Jahren

Sure friendly. Good prices. Nice smoking area. Went everyday of my trip!

Martin Iddiols - vor 3 Jahren

After the awful Ibiza coffee shop,what a difference this lovely place is.felt welcomed as customers,good deals on weed and hash and a nice cup of tea.thank you yo yo

Tomislav Martinčić - vor 3 Jahren

Nice place to relax, home like Atmosphere... Good selection....

Mohammad Hassan - vor 3 Jahren

Very friendly and welcoming to a newcomer such as myself wanting to mellow out. Lovely interior and helpful with explaining the menu.

Abigail Lawrence - vor 3 Jahren

Lovely place, nice sitting area and was made to feel very welcome. Very chill place and will definitely remember my visit.

Lynsey Mcknight - vor 3 Jahren

Love everything about it just feels so homely welcoming friendly been on multiple occasions

myback myneck - vor 3 Jahren

Good pure joints and a very nice owner. We love it and will come back.

Silvia Ottinetti - vor 3 Jahren

Great outdoor strains variety, cozy smoking room and kind staff. Great also as a studying place. One of the best coffeehops if you're looking for something far from the tourists.

SirTroyan .Dub - vor 3 Jahren

One of the best coffee shops i ever been to! Great quality and super friendly atmosphere!

mario salazar - vor 4 Jahren

Awesome shop. I miss it this time I stayed in the middle of Amsterdam. I might do the 30min walk to go smoke here and pickup some fire.

Lumpan Andrei - vor 4 Jahren

Very nice coffeeshop, a big menu with very good prices

Tal Wetzig - vor 4 Jahren

Most calm coffeeshop I've been in amsterdam! Has the lowest prices and by far best quality and variety of strains!

Steven Walters - vor 4 Jahren

I think it's my favourite shop in Dam, a bit out the way of town (which is what makes it ideal) The staff here are all lovely, helpful as can be and just generally great to interact with. The prices are mad in comparison to town, and the weed is good! Menu could be lacking for some, but to be honest there's not a lot on the menu you wouldn't want,very much a local spot. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a nice smoke, vibe and chill. Only down was the space cake, but for 3.50€ I kinda guessed that. Big up the YoYo!

TJ Jira - vor 4 Jahren

The owners of this shop is more than amzing. Super friendly. This coffee shop is totally different from the others place. I will back again for sure. The best place to laid back and enjoy your quality time.

David Tan - vor 6 Jahren

Doesn't look like a coffeeshop at all. It's more like a gallery/ café. Bright and cosy. If you want to have a good time, I highly recommend it.

Paul von Hartmann - vor 7 Jahren

Ambiance, sweet folks (Bob), organic outdoor...

Nikita Alexandrov - vor 7 Jahren

Very good prices and real grandma as a staff

Marco Polito - vor 7 Jahren

Uno dei coffee migliori della città. Totalmente al di fuori dei classici canoni tradizionali commerciali dei coffee di Amsterdam. Frequentato maggiormente dai locals propone prezzi fantastici e qualità natural!

cristina talamo - vor 7 Jahren

The most beatiful coffee shop in all Amsterdam. All the people inside were extremly gently. The weed was great !


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