Popeye CoffeeShop

Haarlemmerstraat 63, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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john doe - vor 1 Monat
Was fully closed in June 2022. I’ve been a couple time before I wasn’t impressed weird vibe and set up. Hopefully it’s closed to be modernist as it really needs it. Always a shame to see a coffeeshops go.
Grant Ancell - vor 8 Monaten
Been here many times ,nice place to chill..
Marko Cebalovic - vor 11 Monaten
I tried the muffin and a brownie and these did nothing. Tge taste was good but that was it...
Julia Tran - vor 11 Monaten
My favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. I’m very happy about the gluten-free and vegan options given at this place!
Niji Nagase - vor 1 Jahr
Hi, this is me from Japan. Thank you very much for helping us today. I cannot thank you more. Nice and friendly stuff, clean bathroom, delicious iced lemon tea!
PF O - vor 1 Jahr
Nice hosts, exotic products
paul jones - vor 1 Jahr
I like this place !! Bombay black is cheap and not bad. However the Aladdin's chocolate and Popeye cream is more expensive but very strong and worth buying 5 grams. Staff is nice and friendly
Michael Bartley - vor 1 Jahr
Great crowd good smoke
Red Martell - vor 1 Jahr
This place was aweful .bad coffee and cold ..bad customer service here I wouldnt even give the one star I did .that was being generous .on vacation and got cold coffee then got put down and yelled at by staff when I brought up the condition of my coffee .nobody shoukd come here especially as a tourist unless they get these issues corrected ......very bad horrible .my wife was made to cry by these people that work here giving the bad service and bad coffee.....
Georgina Thomas - vor 1 Jahr
The space cakes/muffins are REALLY potent here. Don't make the mistake of underestimating them like we did! Haha
Mhairi Mushroom - vor 1 Jahr
Chill little coffee shop with a good variety on the menu. You can sit in and smoke here. Staff give good advice and we love the tangerine strain here.
Henrietta Széniné Németh - vor 1 Jahr
We liked it
Margaret Connelly Stewart - vor 1 Jahr
Great service, friendly staff, pet orientated, bio-medicinal attributes. Reasonably priced with a varied menu.
still ravin - vor 1 Jahr
This is a great wee coffee shop the staff are helpful and friendly would definitely recommend
Léo An - vor 2 Jahren
Staff really friendly ! Cool place to chill, music is cool. Drinks are not too expensive. The weed is not the best you can find but still pretty good !
Tarik El-fiky - vor 2 Jahren
One of my favourite cafes, nice flavours in both hash and weed, nice seating area and good music def worth a visit if in Amsterdam
Iwona Pvp - vor 2 Jahren
friendly service, good weed, interesting place, I will definitely go there when I visit Amsterdam again
Oscar Chong - vor 2 Jahren
My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Super underrated, considering is really close to Centraal Station. Service is good, prices are kinda low and the quality of weed is amazing. You can chill there while enjoy your joint. Waiters never push you to buy or leave. Decoration is also nice. One thing I liked is that people used to leave messages on rolling papers under the table glass. The basement is a nice space too. It is not super crowded, like other ones in the area.
Tiago Prates - vor 2 Jahren
Really good Coffeeshop, with really nice staff, environment and weed that what is important to you have a good experience. Good space, a nice seat area at the beginning and one under
Amy Hewer - vor 2 Jahren
Lovely welcoming staff, made you feel comfortable as you came in. Good breakfast too
Ant-eats - vor 2 Jahren
Really nice smoke... Decent selection....decent for a chill but not much seating only downside. Tip for any tourists that want a descent photo op, as you come our of the store, the street on the left is great for taking a snap... I was sitting in the store and kept seeing people stop and look down this street and take photos.... If I wasn't so baked I would of went and looked sooner as I thought something was going on... As you can see from the photo, I can see why they were all stopping.... Sums up the feel of Amsterdam for me.
Anthony - vor 2 Jahren
Really nice smoke... Decent selection....decent for a chill but not much seating only downside. Tip for any tourists that want a descent photo op, as you come our of the store, the street on the left is great for taking a snap... I was sitting in the store and kept seeing people stop and look down this street and take photos.... If I wasn't so baked I would of went and looked sooner as I thought something was going on... As you can see from the photo, I can see why they were all stopping.... Sums up the feel of Amsterdam for me.
J Crook - vor 2 Jahren
Great shop! Facing other stores & coffee shops. Not the greatest selection of products (smoke) although the staff are very! Friendly & will allow for you to just purchase drinks etc. There is enough room for a few friends, as the main floor has 1 level of chairs/seats & they also have a under seating area on the shop floor which is very low key & chilled back! Thank you
mango curry - vor 2 Jahren
Thanks again to the nice guy working there who gave us some detailed advice on how we should eat the space muffin
Mel Velasquez - vor 2 Jahren
Very bad service, we went the first day for a gluten free muffin and repeated the second day for another one.. the waitress made a mistake and gave us a normal muffin, We got intoxicated with gluten as we trusted in the staff to serve what was Asked and then they didn’t want to accept the mistake and ask for money for the gluten free muffin that we deserved ! We talked with the manager who was very very rude, never coming back. Super bad service and treat to clients.
Mihai Giurcau - vor 2 Jahren
Very friendly and helpful stuff, intuitive location, only good vibes and very chill atmosphere. Just awesome!
Tsara Howell - vor 2 Jahren
Nice stop when arriving. Friendly staff always happy to see you when you return. Good prices easy atmosphere
Alyson Mackay - vor 3 Jahren
They have vegan edibles which are really good! Decent selection big other products. The staff seem a bit on edge but would still recommend
Larisa Šinkovec - vor 3 Jahren
I tried the vegan space muffin and it did the job well. Full support for vegan options, so great job guys...however. Please please try to offer a plant based milk so it would be more inclusive for vegans to enjoy a cup of coffee with milk and a puff.
Sam Rooke - vor 3 Jahren
It's was okay but we didn't felt welcome. No smile at the desk, pure joint was skinny and weak. Compared to what the other coffee shops have to offer
Ajeem Bobat - vor 3 Jahren
In a good location with a clean atmosphere and environment. This place is great . I came here again (after last time ) same staff same thing it was good then (4 years ago) and still is great now Hopw to come back here soon..
Kyle Chandler - vor 3 Jahren
Pop eyes stuck with me through my time i spent here it was a nice coffeshop one of my favourites they have a great menu with a great atmosphere which is relaxed. The staff here are friendly social pop in too see its a gem See you again soon
Liam Wilkins - vor 3 Jahren
Good selection of strains and edibles too, including 3 vegan options which is good for those who have allergies or are vegan. Staff are a bit rude but it always seems pretty busy so can't blame them too much!
kate bowcock - vor 3 Jahren
My favourite coffee shop. Wonderful vibe. Polite and helpful staff. Good ganj. Love the Pink Kush.
Scott Walker - vor 3 Jahren
Very very poor smoke for sale. Tbh i felt it was a skam. Avoid if you want good smoke. This was stale and dark. Threw it in the bin. Avoid
Neil Davis - vor 3 Jahren
Always the warmest welcome but can get very busy, worth the wait
Kristina Rozicova - vor 3 Jahren
Very nice personal, amazing brownies & we liked “gorilla glue”, good prices & amaaazing hot chocolate! Pretty nice place to chill. See you next year, thank u ))
karnageangel - vor 3 Jahren
One of the more natural cafes in Dam. Just sit and chill. Almost like a greasy spoon type cafe that you can smoke in. Have a good selection of what you'd like to smoke. You could look like my friend here. Battered!
Negin Askari - vor 4 Jahren
one of my favourite places in amsterdam. Usually quite busy but great breakfast and relaxed funky atmosphere
flock y - vor 4 Jahren
Don´t buy here Tourist Trap,Sprayed vanilla many is not flushed well go to the other side and youre happy :D
Tony Carr - vor 4 Jahren
My favourite place in Amsterdam. Friendly staff and a very chilled atmosphere..I shall Return...
Rob Martin - vor 4 Jahren
We came here to get a brownie on our last day having eaten some space cakes the few days prior to this. We were fairly disappointed with the other cakes, we had shared one between two of us, one of which claimed to have 0.5g of cannabis, so we had a whole one each. We ate them at about 2 o'clock, thinking it would be fine, our flight wasn't until 8 o'clock . I have never been more wrong, this brownie nearly caused me to ditch my flight to curl up in the corner of the terminal. It all started so well, but quickly I found myself rocking back and forth, listening to my brain scream at me. I managed to get myself on my plane and shut my eyes the whole way home. It was quite a relief when we finally touched down, having in my head gone through take off and landing 5 times each. Anyway, nice coffee shop, brownies are sick, but be careful. 10/10 would eat again
Rodrigo Gliese - vor 5 Jahren
Relaxing and not packed as others in the surroundings.
Bohumil Diviš - vor 5 Jahren
A relaxing place to sit. Heavy prices and a good weed. I recommend
Anna Luize Berzina - vor 5 Jahren
It had VEGAN space cake! First ever place to see that at, plus, it was very tasty! The atmosphere was nice and quiet too :)
Amii Reed - vor 5 Jahren
Love this place so much Weed is amazing Really warm inside and I thought thr staff were really friendly. Went back everyday for the vanilla kush
Zaren - vor 6 Jahren
Cool mellow place to stop by and rest a bit. Staff was very friendly.
FreedomIsTheGoal - vor 6 Jahren
Small but a good selection of weed. Staff does what it has to do. Looks more like an ice cream store. But nevertheless a good place to be
Amir shitrit - vor 6 Jahren
I was there about a week ago. very accessible location - 5 minutes from central station. At the counter very nice and smiling bartender. I got the jack herer and was super satisfied. it come slow but very uplifting and controllable high. I also tried their white widow - excellent! the place in nice and small with too stories with tables and chairs. The music in the background was pleasant and not loud. The atmosphere was great - complete opposite from the big and familiar places - be who you are. just people: sitting. drinking. eating. smoking and enjoying themselves. Nice herbal tea also .. I definitely will be back next time (-:
Deryl Mason - vor 6 Jahren
This has to be one of the best places to just chill and smoke some reasonably priced quality bud (pink kush) the staff were more than welcoming and was never once made to feel that we out stayed our welcome unlike the vast majority of the coffee shops around there, will definitely be going back there ????
Marcus Dwyer - vor 6 Jahren
Ime and my girlfriend went there and we had the best time ever the bloke behind the counter was a buzzer and even had a joint with us.Cant wait to head there again.Weed is also excellent.

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