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Roots Coffeeshop

Hoekenrode 14, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuidoost)

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  • Montag 09:00 - 00:00
    Dienstag 09:00 - 00:00
    Mittwoch 09:00 - 00:00
    Donnerstag 09:00 - 00:00
    Freitag 09:00 - 00:00
    Samstag 09:00 - 00:00
    Sonntag 09:00 - 00:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://www.roots-coffeeshop.nl/
  • +31 6 83385423


keith whitaker - vor 4 Wochen

This Coffee shop was one of the friendliest place’s welcoming and staff were amazing! We will definitely be back to haunt you late September. Thanks you all ✌️❤️

Daniele Mirri - vor 1 Monat

Like every coffeeshop in Amsterdam very small menu, few things available. On top of that, in this place you cannot stop to smoke, they only want your money. The weed was ok but nothing above average

Karim Boulahya cha - vor 1 Monat

The bodygyard didn't let me inn, because I come on taxi and taxi was waiting for me... Is point less, this is how is call bulling Door guy, apparently the guy don't understand that other people live far and come ove quick for get and go. I will n3ver come back again, and a week spend 60 a week

Robert Christie - vor 2 Monaten

Rude staff over priced .visited it twice over a weekend and was very disappointed. Better in area

2 - vor 2 Monaten

Personally - all weed(without fruits haze's) is below average. Prices are ok, workers here are always smiling, but the quality of weed (mostly the smell while burning) does not satisfy me. Without it - everything is good. Big "+" for free herbal mix as substitute for tobacco and nice place for rolling.

Kyle Faver - vor 3 Monaten

Usually a decent range of strains. If you go later in the day, stock might be low. Only coffeeshop I’m aware of in Zuidoost. Can get busy on weekday evenings and afternoons/evenings on weekends. Decent quality for prices.

Guillaume Valette (KnightOfSwords) - vor 4 Monaten

Friendly staff, good service, bedt among the few coffee shops south east of Amsterd

Dalibor Thanks - vor 5 Monaten

Standard shop. Sativa, Indica both weed hash. Good one and on the corner of train station. Price from 9 to 20eur. Enjoy the moment.

Nayanjyoti Kalita - vor 5 Monaten

Lots of options of various pre-rolled joints and weed available here. Remains open till midnight on all days of the week. Close proximity to the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Bus Station and Metro stations. No smoking is allowed inside the coffeshop. One can prepare rolled joints on the house, and a separate area provided for the same. Friendly staff, multiple staff members attend at any given time, for the queues waiting. Good experience overall!

Melissa Zaal - vor 6 Monaten

Friendly staff and good selection

Justin Lochner - vor 6 Monaten

Weird guys sitting in the entrance, pricey weed you will throw away once you find a good coffeeshop

Tom Green - vor 6 Monaten

Only sometimes goods are missing, as if deliveries are late. Service is cool and very good papaya.

Daniel Hilhorst - vor 8 Monaten

Good quality product, and really amazing prices. Prerolls are a bit less fancily made, but are filled to the brim and good quality. Overall good coffeeshop

Silver Rising - vor 8 Monaten

Pre-Rolled joints : 95% Tabak 5%weed. Hash joint 98% Tabak 2%hash. Really expensive cigarettes...

Young Jae Kim - vor 10 Monaten

The guy there scam people I bought 4 g and the guy gave me way lower even I was able to see it with my eyes. I asked him if this is the right amount, and he talked back really unpleasantly saying he don’t scam, I just came out and weight the weed ,and yes it was way lower than 4 g. This place scam people.

Rashid M. Mohamed - vor 10 Monaten

Amazed at how smooth the smoke is here. Just flew in from Denver CO, where weed is legal too, only they add way too many chemicals to theirs. Top stuff here people, if you come here you won't regret it.

Shiana Shan - vor 1 Jahr

The Amnesia and AMH are worth their price. Security enforces the rules except if you are a friend it seems. Rule consistency in their security team is not something they are good at.

Richard Murray - vor 1 Jahr

In General a good place. But the staff is to effected by their own products sometimes.

Dick Lodder - vor 1 Jahr

Has good weed and hasj fast service and always kind and polite

Iris Homer - vor 1 Jahr

Good prices, nice people behind the counter

nathan vissers - vor 1 Jahr

Super friendly staff, great quality products, overall great experience!

Joshua Towing - vor 1 Jahr

UPDATE AT BOTTOM. Horrible staff that talk and joke around with other employees instead of serving people whilst there being a line out the door. This coffeeshop unfortunately has a monopoly in the entire area as the nearest other coffeeshop in the area is DNA. The smoking area is depressing, and overall vibes are not good. If you want quality go somewhere else, if you want employees that are somewhat incompetent to serve you overpriced weed, then go to roots. Update Nov 2021: There's a new coffeeshop in the area finally! It's called coffeeshop Best Friends and they are known for quality herb! No longer are the days of bad weed and service, as they finally have met their match.

Tadeusz Szeszuła - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice and kind crew, they got very good quality weed by the good prices

Shoun D - vor 1 Jahr

You definitely feel relaxed After visiting this place

Yannic Kauffmann - vor 1 Jahr

Very cheap and good quality. Was in our hood so we bought often here. Very friendly staff

KoKo 420 - vor 1 Jahr

If you need some good staff , is a good place

Metzli Aliosha Rodriguez Rodriguez - vor 1 Jahr

Quick line and nice service

Tamas N. - vor 1 Jahr

good but pricey

Ganja Raucher 420 - vor 1 Jahr

I bought 2 Grams of Green Poison which looked ok but my Friends bought 2 prerolled joints which really looked bad 80% tabak 20% Weed. The prerolls where unsmokeable

Patrick DaOne - vor 1 Jahr

CoffeeShop “ROOTS “ Under the Metro station: Bijlmer Arena. Between the tunnel an the bike shop. Very nice, stylish, welcoming, professional staff, and: Very warm & friendly. They have a good sense of humor. One last thing; Good Quality smokesss…The interior, look and ambiance is amazing, very relaxed, in a new modern way. So, it’s not only about the smoke,..but also what they deliver with it, the experience. I like that

VØN ZÖRG - vor 2 Jahren

Walking on heaven. The friendliest crew.

Toxic Elite - vor 2 Jahren

Decent shop if you like Amnesia. Their amnesia is usually top notch and really strong. The other weed on the menu not so much. Now the bad part, their Amnesia stock is always sold out at the end of the day. It happend plenty of times. But since its the only shop in Bijlmer I usually just buy a different strain from their menu, and more than not that strain disappoints me. Usually way more expensive than Amnesia but it doesnt get me high at all. Sometimes I feel like I was better off smoking a whole cig than mixing some tabaco with tbat weed. Anyways, if you like Amnesia, this is your go to shop. Make sure you go on time and maybe consider taking a trip to another coffeeshop in case they ran out of Amnesia.

Adrian Matuszak - vor 2 Jahren

Weed quality is not the best here but Amnesia is always good. Prices are decent, staff is very friendly, place is usually busy.

Youri Hommen - vor 2 Jahren

If you reside in Amsterdam southeast, this is the only coffeeshop close by. During quiet hours there the staff is really nice and relaxed, when it gets busy it can be a bit stressful. Price wise it is okay, there are definitely cheaper coffeeshops but also more expensive ones. Located in the Bijlmer station so it's easy to get to with public transport.

pupuzivs - vor 2 Jahren

Visited this store 5 times in 3 months and i’m very dissapointed for weed quality and price (10+years of expirience). 4 of 5 times weed was very poor quality.

Sz. Szabolcs - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly staff and fast service , the quality of the products are a bit weak but for beginners still could be okay (I'm smoking since 1995 )

Coffee n’ Peanuts - vor 2 Jahren

I thought this was a A1 establishment, it’s got some of the best ratings in all of Amsterdam. A bit pricey but, helping out its community is a must. I bet you could get some benefit from the government by offering a free joint to pick up a bag of trash from your local waterways, streets and parks. I prefer one of my choosing but, I’m sure you could figure something out. Good Luck! Go, buy, get energized by Netherlands!

Wayne Beale - vor 2 Jahren

I thought this was a A1 establishment, it’s got some of the best ratings in all of Amsterdam. A bit pricey but, helping out its community is a must. I bet you could get some benefit from the government by offering a free joint to pick up a bag of trash from your local waterways, streets and parks. I prefer one of my choosing but, I’m sure you could figure something out. Good Luck! Go, buy, get energized by Netherlands!

vibonacci - vor 2 Jahren

Very dictatorial door policy (mugshot, forced standing at exact spots). Relatively expensive for Amsterdam. But good cannabis.

alby175 - vor 2 Jahren

Best coffeeshop in South East Amsterdam.

eduard.gabriel toader - vor 2 Jahren

Normally I want to give - 5 stars but unfortunately minimum is one.

Ariel - vor 2 Jahren

Best weed ever go to roots its very good five stars

Роттердам В - vor 2 Jahren

Have been their customer for about 2 years. Very unfriendly people who realize they are the only one coffee shop in the area, thus act the way they want. No loyalty to customers at all. Their security people talk to you as if you came over to heir house instead of a public shop. Never again Roots

Eirini Panagiotopoulou - vor 3 Jahren

Variety, but I didn't like the fact that we ALL had to order something to drink in order to smoke a cigarette. Plus we wanted to reuse our weed bags, he said yeah of course, and he left it right next to him while he used new ones. Nice weed though, detailed work.

thymen ooijevaar - vor 3 Jahren

Very hit or miss. Some days the service is fast and very good. Other days the line goes out the door or they barely have anything in stock. Sadly it's the only coffeeshoo in the area.

César Brun - vor 3 Jahren

Their weed is weak, or just bad but always expensive. Hashish is nice but still overpriced. Nice to have a coffee shop in this area, but I agree they really need some competition.

stacey clarke - vor 3 Jahren

It’s pretty packed. But still a dope spot to check out. the vibe is perfect.

Rimovanax zmije - vor 3 Jahren

they have a wide variety off different sorts of hash and weed. I recommend this shop for the hash. the prices are not that high with a good strength for the price. it is possible to sit down , turn and smoke. you also can get some bongs from the shop if you order them. the self good pre rolled joints and offer some good beverages.

Paul Chersulich - vor 3 Jahren

The best, plus the best cake, congrats!

dave maffey - vor 3 Jahren

Very nice place, very good menu choice. This place services the whole district so be prepared to wait for a while to get served, normally around 5 min waiting time in busy times. Staff and door staff where really friendly and helpful, they work very hard keeping up with the amount of people they serve daily. Buy your stuff here, hop on the train into the centre and enjoy knowing you've got the best quality and quantity :)

Samuel Wegener - vor 4 Jahren

It's on my way to work, so I come there on a daily basis. There's a lot of nice people and very friendly staff. The gardella or 24K are the best hasjish you'll find all over Amsterdam for a GREAT price!! I would really recommend to stop by if you happen to have some spare time, you willl not regret Dagelijkse shop voor mij gezellige mensen en lekkere wiet/hash en dat voor een goeie prijs sowieso aanrader

Stewart Hartigan - vor 4 Jahren

Roots as small and out of the way it may seem it actually has top quality products. Be sure to try sour tangerine if you are in the area. It's fruity delightful pungent taste is the best way to end a perfect day in Amsterdam.

weedstagram 420 - vor 4 Jahren

The only reason I came is because it’s the only coffee shop near by, the women working there are so rude, eating while serving, no hello just what do you want. How is this acceptable for a business. You should fire them all. Worst service I’ve experienced.

Naja Man - vor 4 Jahren

Good menu and good price. Enjoy Reggae vibes and amnesia tea trip.

Jerry Javier - vor 4 Jahren

One of my favorite coffee shops in Amsterdam - main reason being because it’s more residential, and the people in the evening (when I’ve been) are so much more lively and loud (which Europeans aren’t usually unless there’s alcohol. It’s a young crowd, but not strictly. A good selections. Indoor smoking with tables and sofas. Tobacco allowed.

Nicola Gedye - vor 4 Jahren

Super friendly staff and lovely seating area. Has a good choice of gear. Very competitive prices.

Karin Lib - vor 4 Jahren

Amazing local coffeeshop that I was wainting for the Qlick gallery to open. Great prices and Service See you next time and thank you for everything :)

Berry Mac - vor 4 Jahren

Just a great place to hang, socialys, network and the service is also very good! i would realy recommend it to go there some time. I'm pretty sure you're agreeing. This place deserves 5 stars!!

Csaba Sári - vor 4 Jahren

It was so close to our hotel, so we gave a try. Was easy to find, the menu cool, everything went fine. The music was so cool (maybe because the BB hate ;-)) , the guy gave us some advices. The location is cosy but not big enough.

Fera Mags - vor 4 Jahren

Nice costumer service! Finest greens. Definitely a place to visit

Taylor Thielman - vor 4 Jahren

The service was sweet, but watch the scale as they measure! I was too excited about buying my bong to look at what they gave me. Seems a little on the low side. They sell bongs for great prices though!! (~15)

Dan Bergenholz - vor 4 Jahren

Cosy with a happy atmosphere. Furniture is new and with a modern design. No doubt IKEA is not far away. Its a little expensive but fair.

Nandi Shakira Browne - vor 4 Jahren

Lovely girl serving me at the actual bar, the Somali man was extremely rude and aggressive with me because I wasn’t aware I had to buy a drink to sit down, he’s started shouting and making a scene in both Dutch and English and I quickly left embarrassed never to return again. I advise people to get your stuff and leave.


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