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Coffeeshop Relax Zuid

Vechtstraat 9HS, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

Coffeeshop Info


Shailesh Kushwaha - vor 1 Monat

Good coffeeshop in a very quiet neighbourhood and only take away option. Fix menu with different options.

stoneyrolls withthepunches - vor 1 Monat

Nice folk, friendly and professional. Good prices and a nice selection open late. Good spot.

john doe - vor 2 Monaten

This is a cool place nice menu and cool staff a little out the way so not a trap. It’s small inside so more like a roll and go place.

Andreas Økern - vor 3 Monaten

Really great service!! Will probably be back tomorrow

michael van leeuwen - vor 3 Monaten

Good weed and hash Nice staff They know what they talk about. And Dont forget about The cat Moreno

bernard Van Nierop - vor 3 Monaten

Nice local shop , good assortment, good prices

Bartosz Piekarz - vor 4 Monaten

My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. For sure one of the best with the highest quality weed

Master Disaseter - vor 4 Monaten

Super jakość bardzo dobre ceny i mega obsługa polecam!!! Great quality, great prices and great service. I have been coming here for years and still leave happy

Dick Lodder - vor 6 Monaten

Good weed but you always get less then you pay for buy a gram you get 0.9

Alex Ilies - vor 9 Monaten

A great coffeeshop with quality products. Me and my friends tried their wedding cake and we loved it. One of the best places for weed smokers.

diana pulst - vor 11 Monaten

Best CBD in Town

Nayla Nogueira - vor 11 Monaten

Gentle staff, fair price, good weed

sergeant Winter - vor 1 Jahr

The best coffee shop in all of amsterdam if not in all of holland !!! All the products i bought were absolutely amazing

Alice Lov - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice place! Friendly staff!!

Tucsi polo (Tucsipolo) - vor 1 Jahr

One of the Best coffeeshop, ive ever visit!

Önder Cem Hazır - vor 1 Jahr

Unfortunately, I told them that I was beginner. I got a cake and ate it after long days hunger and there was no effect even after 3 hours :(

Marcin Sierakowski - vor 1 Jahr

Great place grate staff 5/5.

Stef Cap - vor 1 Jahr

Top coffeeshop. Super high value on the classic strains. Award winning bio haze is a must. Definitely a contender for best shop, they would rival coffeeshop DNA for best in Adam if they would often have available rare strains at decent prices. The staff is always cool and friendly! highly recommend.

Costrasal Alexandru - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing quality every time, love it

Sammy Boyy - vor 1 Jahr

One of the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Nice peoples, very good weed and hash. For me is the only one shop.

Marjan “Max” Maksimovski - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly and helpful staff, nice products

pawel lapka - vor 1 Jahr

Very high prices for the weed white widow it's cost 10e. Highly unrecommendet. Coffeshop for tourist not for locals.

Carys Bisseker - vor 1 Jahr

Great service, friendly staff, decent prices for great quality!

Arnold Lennoxx - vor 2 Jahren

We wanted to by one gram of thai weed and got a half gram. Normally good service but not consistent.

Arnold - vor 2 Jahren

We wanted to by one gram of thai weed and got a half gram. Normally good service but not consistent.

Olivier Alexander - vor 2 Jahren

Store gets better with every visit. Very friendly staff and plenty of options.

mario perez - vor 2 Jahren

Great service. Good flower, good hash joints. I wish they didn't put tobacco (herbal mix or pure weed with hash) in them, but everyone does it. One of the best coffeshops for just purchasing in Amsterdam. And that comes from someone who lives in Colorado.

GNZ Beatz - vor 2 Jahren

Best Weed and Hash in Amsterdam. Best Coffeeshop

Giulia Facchinetti - vor 3 Jahren

I came to this place with my boyfriend, we always came in at night and the place was quiet. The staff is friendly, prices are affordable and the products are 100% good. I strongly recommend trying cheese

just a stoner - vor 3 Jahren

Always my favorite place to go.

oscurius - vor 3 Jahren

Relax is the best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Great quality for affordable prices. Lots of choices. The best CBD weed in town!

Ekdum Seedha - vor 3 Jahren

Nice and quite place. I tried some indicas and all were really good. I specially recommend “cheese” if you want a medium uplifting high.

Alan Lee - vor 3 Jahren

Outside the city center so no tourist prices. There's no where to sit but it's not really that sort of place. Great selection of top quality products at great prices. If you're in the area I would recommend buying your smoke here.

Grali Chraych - vor 3 Jahren

Lovely place, I really recommend it

Schädling - vor 3 Jahren

Very nice Shop! Good prices and a nice Service. 10/10 would recommend

Theo van Tijn - vor 4 Jahren

Wide range, good opening times and reasonable prices. Time to legalize growing!


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