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The Plug Coffeeshop

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 132, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Mehmet David - vor 2 Wochen

The weed is always 10/10 but the shop is very small and packed most of the time. Could definitely do with a bigger shop. Staff are also very helpful and friendly!

Sam Hill - vor 1 Monat

10/10 smoke, some of the nicest cali in dam but can’t see a find when your in there

Doug Floraday - vor 1 Monat

Nice, mellow place to hang but needs a couple more tvs.

Stan Miles - vor 2 Monaten

Pretty good Coffeeshop, wasn’t too impressed with the smoke but the vibe was chilled.

Lewis Higgs - vor 4 Monaten


Kamran Hussain - vor 6 Monaten

Well I booked my stay in Amsterdam for 6nights. I was told about the plug from friends and the were not wrong. Bought all my weed from her best weed is her.

Camila Fernandes de Souza - vor 7 Monaten

Good prices and good variety of things to smoke. They have tables on the indoor area! Nice staff and great location!

Byron - vor 7 Monaten

Pretty ladies working the front desk, solid dudes taking care of business and definitely the best and freshest looking weed in Amsterdam. I'm from LA so I'm picky with my weed and this place did not disappoint. We will definitely be coming back.

Sophie Farmer - vor 8 Monaten

The bud is good but the bud tenders are super entitled . Saw the girls ID a group of old men clearly in their 40s lol . No toilet either :/

Lez Lad - vor 9 Monaten

One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam

loccoseu - vor 9 Monaten

Bought a pure cali joint for 13 euro .. there was No smoke Passing through so need to throw away .. better stay far its a scam tourist store

Sven Alfirević - vor 10 Monaten

10/10 would recomend. Used to be a borejongens regular but one visit here changed my mind forever. Staff is ultra friendly, toilet clean, and amazing quality! Real cali also no kapa

Paulo Bernardo - vor 11 Monaten

Amazing place, good music, nice people in there

Bengji_Tv - vor 1 Jahr

Best cally-strains in amesterdam and very friendly thums up

Iris Homer - vor 1 Jahr

Not so fun an environment. Flower was good not great. In a pinch it serves it's purpose but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here personally

Ifrinos - vor 1 Jahr

extremely competent and friendly staff, grat selection of dutch bud, even better selection of cali. best shop in town, really nice to relax and smoke great weed

Alex Ilies - vor 1 Jahr

Their dutch mochi smells awesome! Great strain

Yomenik Alchemik - vor 1 Jahr

Good stuff, nice staff, they got bar in other side of street, I tried 4 strains here and all were amazing.

Mitsos Frixou - vor 1 Jahr

Best gelato 41 in Amsterdam, great experience and really friendly staff.

Venmogal - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff and their Gelato is real good, has a lemon and cream taste

Emma Youknowit - vor 1 Jahr

This would be our favourite place to come smoke, eat and drink. Kinda wheelchair accessible and they have a place across the road for drinks and food, both indoor and outdoor. I would recommend the 3 Dutch mix joints for 8. Amazing value and very considerate staff. Thank you!

julie melnic - vor 1 Jahr

Such friendly staff , it was a pleasure spending time here and they have a great variety of product

Gloria Rachel - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffee shop in the dam

artur81297 - vor 1 Jahr

Very nice place, great music, good weed and amazing staff:)

James Southworth - vor 1 Jahr

Best cali bud in Amsterdam. P.s. I've lived in Centrum 8 plus years

James McNeil - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly staff. Great prices. Worth a look

Sorouche Azadeh - vor 2 Jahren

this was my first time coming to plug Amsterdam however I am a big fat of this franchise and have visited the plug BCN in Barcelona a few times and loved it there too

Annetta Xavier - vor 2 Jahren

Plug in and off by a smoke... Seems like they are good in every aspects. Great thanks to the team. Customer satisfaction and retention aretare priorities apart from quality top shelf strains.

Levente Rethelyi - vor 2 Jahren

Hi grade, but $$$

Danikaslmx - vor 2 Jahren

Food was amazing, the waiter was a teacher and she was so so lovely would defo recommend

alfredo - vor 2 Jahren

One of the best coffeeshops in ADAM. Some nice American made stuff, excellent terps.

Josephine Tremper - vor 2 Jahren

Terrible experience rude staff no card payment weird vibe 0/10 do not recommend

Damien Mason - vor 2 Jahren

Nice location for the coffeeshop and the cafe part. Cool twist is they serve all kinds of cereal

J Crook - vor 3 Jahren

Good shop! Not the best selection although the Internet likes to say so... They do have a very good Gelato / moon rock I recommended tho they are not cheap. From there, if your hungry / thirsty there is a perfect eatery /pub/restaurant facing the shop who allow you to sit, chill and smoke. 2 good spots in 1 location Thanks

Sharmainee Bankssz - vor 3 Jahren

Nice little chill area, gd products. Music is chill too. Only advice is ensure you have your id otherwise they will not allow you inside or to purchase anything

O Martinez - vor 3 Jahren

Great quality! Was recommended by a local to come here. They were very true. We went to 3 other shops in the area and none were as good as The Plug. The staff that served us was great! He was very patient and helpful, so I'm not sure why some reviews say they were rude. The place is dim and always busy whenever we go. Only gave 4 stars as it is on the pricier side.

Alex T - vor 3 Jahren

I got some of the black truffle off of the Cali menu. Phenomenal. The best smoke I've had in town and the last four days. A little bit expensive but who cares its vacation. There are some reviews about the staff being not polite, I didn't experience that at all, they were really chill. I guess some people just have their days. Definitely check it out if you're not trying to be cheaper. Swing through, grab some Cali bud and get stoned. It tastes so good and burns very clean. #TruffLife

Mark The Shark Hurd - vor 3 Jahren

With the blacked out alligator skin wall print, the vibe is chill and relaxed. The staff is very friendly. Seating is small, but next door is their restaurant, yes ganja smoking is always allowed. Price is fair, quality is GREAT. Must stop by and check it out.

Tony Bigz - vor 3 Jahren

Nice place friendly staff and tourist friendly

Alex Alex Alex - vor 3 Jahren

Decent place definitely a popular spot best for American strain selection.

Kathy mc gill - vor 3 Jahren

Nice space. Purchased cali flower, Runtz. Good quality. Personally not a fan of the cali prices, 30e a g, but on hols n all that jazz, why not?! Overall the best weed, choice & quality of all we been in. Seats are small, not the most comfortable for chilling.

Mesh A - vor 3 Jahren

Big American imported items. Small coffeeshop. The sitting area is not very comfortable and quite small.

Daniele Baraldo - vor 3 Jahren

Good weed in a nice location and very friendly staff

floyd applin - vor 3 Jahren

Top cali prices good staff and most of all overall feel in there's a good vibe

Georgia Thompson - vor 3 Jahren

Rude staff, got hounded as soon as we came in and the guy at the door snatched our IDs and tutted as we left. Not very welcoming at all considering every other coffeeshop staff are super friendly. Staff at the bar were kind enough, just aside from that one guy, although they didn’t ask what bud we wanted when asking for a pre-roll.

Wesley Rhodes - vor 4 Jahren

Love this place, one of if not my faves coffee shop in 'Dam. By far the biggest selection of flowers and biggest cali choices I've seen too. Nice friendly, helpful staff who let you take your time to choose and let you have a look and sniff before you buy. You can use your card which helps too. And on a personal note, the wife doesn't smoke and I think it was recognised by the one of the staff who came over and offer my wife a free drink, just for sitting there with me. It was appreciated by her and myself. Great place. See you soon The Plug.

Adan - vor 4 Jahren

Got asked for ID in the most unprofessional manor possible, when I questioned the young staff member who was leisurely relaxing outside with a group of people whether they worked there or not (not going to hand my passport to a stranger) they became extremely confrontational, told me how they hated the English (I’m English) and then laughed at my passport photo and a friend (or colleague? Who knows) of the staff member insulted my appearance. Could have just said ‘yeah’? What they sell is 10/10 but would have the give the rest a solid 0. And stay away if your English I guess

Anthony Castelli Parente - vor 4 Jahren

I live across the street since 4 years and the coffeeshop has grown a lot but PRICES! minimum its 15€/gram up to 45€/gram.Are you guys selling gold? today August 21 , gold value is 38€ per gram. Cheaper then your weed! No local will ever step into that place unless you want to pay overpriced stuff.

Chris Freeman - vor 4 Jahren

Was stopped from entering by a lad of around 21 yrs old saying I looked to young.....im 30....and anyone can tell...maybe if he wasn't smoking all the herb he would of made some more money....but hey on the bright side went somewhere better.....looks like a squat from outside

Martijn Wismeijer - vor 4 Jahren

Place itself is a bit of a dive but the staff is exceptionally friendly and that what's important. Recently got an update : nice place now!

Jasmine Mcguire - vor 4 Jahren

5star Top service..... Phenomenal strains.... Cheap prices... Relaxing environment... Great music...

john beck - vor 4 Jahren

The only problem was chooseing which weed to purchase as there was so many tastey,beautiful buds (if that's a problem) hahah

Kane Lambert - vor 4 Jahren

EDIT: Reviewed when it was operating as Utopia in 2017, update required. New personal favourite. Weed here is fantastic and the table outside is great to people watch.

Robert Taylor - vor 5 Jahren

Good little coffeeshop, small but decent menu..

Marta Nyga - vor 5 Jahren

Man in late 80 been asked for Id , it could be last joint in his life but instead wasn't as he had no Id on him.Rude woman over counter.

Entertainment Repo - vor 5 Jahren

Nice bud especially the Citral & great chilled atmosphere

Anah Hilton - vor 5 Jahren

Absolutely horrible service. The woman at the counter had atrocious attitude and were extremely rude and impatient towards my mate and I. Do not reccomend.

Lucy Wells - vor 5 Jahren

Fantastic service, very delicious yet reasonably priced beverages AND they played Massive Attack all night - overall great atmosphere.


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