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Sam Warren - vor 2 Wochen
One of those "must be a Dutch resident ones" tourist not allowed. . Stupid rule. Drove 15 minutes to one that would allow.
Subotai Star - vor 4 Monaten
One of the worst places to buy something to smoke.They are selling dry stuff if they don't know,you pay for something and you get something bad the place its cool ,but some of the employee...pfff
Majkel Angelo - vor 6 Monaten
Ignorant other countries but students look good and helpful :)
Mahmoudreza Forouhi - vor 6 Monaten
My favorite coffeeshop with the great staff.
乡Dex - vor 8 Monaten
Very nice lady over the counter.
Adam Mäsiar - vor 1 Jahr
One star is too good rating for this coffie shop.
mamou Parfait Massimba - vor 1 Jahr
Very nice
Tyler Durden - vor 1 Jahr
Good weed i like it here.
Adrian Farmas - vor 2 Jahren
Very good weed but you need to have Dutch address.
Tadas Schumacher - vor 2 Jahren
I'm very satisfied with staff, I can recommend this nice place! ✌️
tomas budinsky - vor 2 Jahren
Really nice coffee shop in Breda. Before entry you must present you Dutch health insurance and ID. After that you have list of weed and hash to choose from with good prices as well. There are even bulk discounts prices. Personal is very friendly and can give you good advice/description on each sort they offer. I also loved the range of teas you can pick from for refreshments.
Jose Zabkar - vor 2 Jahren
Shop fulfiled my expectations, wery cozy, plenty of variations and helpful staff
Dzięciołowski Sqn - vor 2 Jahren
Good shop, Good security, Good weed, not too much kebab. First Time i smoke too much lemon haze itss hard :D when i buy gorilla glue and smoke i now why this name very goodn:D greeetings from Poland
Mesh A - vor 2 Jahren
Nice place, nice music, and cool stuff but no WIFI
Łukasz Malinowski - vor 2 Jahren
Fresh and taste weed!
uuu uber - vor 2 Jahren
If you go to inside. full of negative energy. stuff is not friendly. just think own profit. don't spend even Coffee. really not recommends place.
Grasshopper Friends Road to Division 1 for FIFA19 - vor 2 Jahren
highly not recommends place. just expensive stuff better go to Paradijs.
VOC-AMS Kaientai - vor 2 Jahren
highly not recommends place. just expensive stuff better go to Paradijs.
jun9list_rav3er85 #PS4LIVE #Blackout - vor 3 Jahren
How stupid is it to only serve Dutch people. All the way from England and you turn me away because of my nationality you racist idiots
TheNewBeginning Love - vor 3 Jahren
No tourist allowed. Good quality jack herer. Price High
Sean Richards - vor 3 Jahren
Pleasant atmosphere. In the middel of it all. Nice place to escape for a short while.
Szymon Jankowiak - vor 3 Jahren
Good stuff, but U need valid zorg card to get in :/
Edward Donnelly - vor 3 Jahren
Hoe was het bij de fly? I'll tell you you when I land!!!
Daniel V. - vor 4 Jahren
Visited it today after 3years. Still same good shop with superb interior
Lei van Geleuken - vor 6 Jahren
Chille hasj
pwn2k7 - vor 6 Jahren
10 euro voor 0,50 gr whitewidow. Beetje te duur hier.. Afzetters Voorgedraaide joints zou ik hier niet kopen,zijn waardeloos.
Sir Real - vor 6 Jahren
Used to be nice..
steward malutki - vor 6 Jahren
Ziolo git ilosciowo nie po gramie 1.3 1.6 ale cena porównywalna smak za to nie porównywalny masakra very very good weed nice pleace nice people
Mous Smokesweed - vor 6 Jahren
***LET OP VERONTREINIGD WIET!!!*** Waardeloze Shop! Hier worden vieze bruine toppen verkocht als white widow! De Amnesia is net als overal hier in Breda, een raar chemisch goedje wat je niet stoned maakt maar duizelig met hoofdpijn. En de prijzen die we neerleggen voor deze rotzooi! Belachelijk! En het ergste is nog wel dat jullie zelf toegeven dat je rotzooi verkoopt! Koop die vieze rotzooi aub niet meer in en maak Breda blij met goede wiet!
Cresly Boeren - vor 6 Jahren
Goede shop

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