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Coffeeshop Basra

Weimarstraat 244, Den Haag (Segbroek)

Coffeeshop Info


Raven Simus - vor 3 Wochen

Small dutch cheap stuff, mostly cheap hash, rude worker, and just bad vibes

Ruben Miller - vor 2 Monaten

The Boys from Basra It's my favourite coffeeshop in the Netherlands for one very simple reason. The Energy these people transmit is authentic, they're educated, its certainly not the fanciest place, (because its unbranded) and this takes care of a pleasant exchange regarding the purchase of my favourite suplement in painrelief.

Anda Lazda - vor 1 Jahr

First time there. Very kind staff. And, because im not profesional smoker, the dark boy outside gave me some good advices. It was a pleasant visit.

Tomas Žasaitis - vor 1 Jahr

Good coffee, nice personal.

Walter van Rijswijk - vor 2 Jahren

Good stuff for your money

Famous Max (3) - vor 2 Jahren

Its like a gamble 50% Sometimes good kush Sometimes bad kush

marcin burdel - vor 2 Jahren

Best one

Mateusz Stobiński - vor 2 Jahren

Pfff 5 min a go i buy polm for 10E 0.92g when 1g is prise 6E. Bad place

Doryan Snoek - vor 3 Jahren

Chill smokers room that has been renovated recently, decent prices and friendly staff

Tom Green - vor 3 Jahren

Very good coffee shop. Especially hash.Servis is very helpful also for Polish people.

Jay Griffin - vor 3 Jahren

In and out, quick service, delightful staff, quality buds, best price. Thanks for being our neighborhood shop! We appreciate the keeping kind attitude.

Joel Lopez - vor 3 Jahren

They have chocoloop. Nuff said.

xRiinn- R6s - vor 4 Jahren

Best weed ever , i really do recommend you to go to this coffeeshop.

Goce Trimcevski - vor 4 Jahren

they have good GAS

demo gor - vor 4 Jahren

nice stuff, location close to sea, price is alright

palandroide ox4d - vor 4 Jahren

Very nice!

Jah Rasta - vor 4 Jahren

The best coffeeshop ever

Frank Maduro - vor 4 Jahren

Good weed

Liviu Voinea - vor 4 Jahren


Jacob Tylor - vor 4 Jahren

Fast and good

zack Zick - vor 5 Jahren

Nice place


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