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Greenhouse III

Elandstraat 18, Den Haag (Centrum)

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kaseem cassbeat - vor 1 Woche

''The staff is amazing, the quality of their products is exceptional and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. One of the best experiences I've ever had in a coffee shop. Highly recommended! 5/5"

James Read - vor 1 Monat

Great strain really enjoyed smoking it. It’s also great to see and so cool that they test weed so you can see all the affects of the strain.

deborah valenti - vor 2 Monaten

Very good weed. I super appreciated the attention for their transparency about the product. Per strain you get a qr code with the last analysis report they did. The guys are also super nice and welcoming. Highly suggested for having good quality weed in a cozy environment.

Phil Davidson - vor 4 Monaten

Stayed in The Hague this week and came here to buy a few bits and sit and have a smoke. One of the very few places in The Hague with a smoking lounge, plus the menu is great. I picked up some Sunset Sherbert, Monkey Mintz, Amnesia Hazd and some of the mixed small nugs which are still a great smoke and good to mix with hash since they’re so cheap. Don’t forget your ID if you look young or want to sit in the lounge.

Raven Simus - vor 4 Monaten

They have decent flower but not much variety, and it's not amazingly cured. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the buds are very terpy, quite pricy though.

Mikołaj Bomert - vor 5 Monaten

AMAZING and passionate staff, really good selection of quality flower and extracts. Smoke lounge is nice tho a bit chilly in winter. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Matej Uhrík - vor 6 Monaten

The best coffee shop I've ever visited in the Netherlands. Thank you very much.

JT Ng - vor 6 Monaten

The store looks very nice, staff is so friendly. They remember me after just one time, the lady brings a very nice vibe to the place. My impression was so good that even I had to walk home under the rain, I still feel the effect of a warm welcome, not the cold rain. The price is decent. The quality of offered strains are great, after smoking I felt great and I even donated money to charity.

Frank Fischer - vor 6 Monaten

Great coffeshop with very friendly and helpful staff. Good selection of nice weed and special hash. Edables are also availible. The "bio lemon haze" is nearly always availible and is excellent!.. one of my must have strains in my weed box. Buy a big bag and you get a lighter, papes and filters chucked in, which is a nice touch. Can strongly recommend you visiting this place.

Dai Koga - vor 7 Monaten

There are a amazing cozy safety place in Den Haag with very cool staffs who has knowledge of weeds was good helps me and very friendly and you will able to any questions of weeds things


Pretty neat, nice seats and tables, very good hospitality. Prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was comfy

Rafael Colmanetti - vor 9 Monaten

best ratio price/quality in Haag. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their stuff. the selection is wide and they always have new grass. Ask at the counter what are the newest items and be happy!

Niels - vor 10 Monaten

Good shop, lot of good stuff on the menu, and usually have something for every wallet size

Trey Young - vor 10 Monaten

You are so welcome!! Those strains I’ve smoked from you were Runtz and something like cheese I don’t remember the name they will be unforgettable in my memory thanks for this experience.. tastes like it smells

Sandwich - vor 10 Monaten

Gr8 shop, the staff there wad really friendly and gave me g8 advice. The recommendation I got was to try the s5, and I really like it. Overall quality is good, and the sunset sherbert hash is the killer. Can recommend.

Kartik - vor 11 Monaten

Excellent selection, very friendly staff, nice space to sit inside what more can you ask for

Hadi Abou shakra - vor 1 Jahr

Staff are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Quality is super good , just ask for what u need. Best place to chill inside in the weekends.

Jack Boyden - vor 1 Jahr

I’m a complete amateur when it comes to weed but Jeremy and Leon helped me out with all my questions. Will definitely return

Shayan Kholdi - vor 1 Jahr

Back at the reviews again and gotta give it to them, Menu has a wide collection of exotics with reasonable prices, customers are treated well here with the ability to smell and see the buds as should be in all the shops. Havent smoked the buds yet but by the looks of it it will surely be as good as their service and prices. Will be coming back in the future!

Lez Lad - vor 1 Jahr

The best coffee shop in Den Haag!

Sezer Mack - vor 1 Jahr

Best one in denhaag i live in leiden but come here sometimes

milan mancik - vor 1 Jahr

love it plus free gift … after buy more …)

Kamil Bukowski - vor 1 Jahr

Love this place. The crew is always helpful and really nice. The menu is out of the world. What else I can say ? Truly recommend.

Daniel Stoqnov - vor 1 Jahr

Great place large choice, and really good weed. The staff are great as well, the best coffee shop I've ever been to.

Leander G - vor 1 Jahr

Great shop. Decent prices and they sell cheap papers, grinders and free lighters. Always a pleasure.

BlackSpirit romain - vor 1 Jahr

Friendly staff and good weed! The place ia amazing tho!

Prt ___ - vor 1 Jahr

Best coffeeshop in Holland.

Flammed UpRed - vor 1 Jahr

Great place customer service is amazing and they have great product and affordable also way to go guys

Candyweb - vor 1 Jahr

Nice staff, had my heart pounding for a second

Chamara Gamage - vor 2 Jahren

Quality setup and service from start to end! Good quality buds picked some Super Lemon Haze bio and a greenhouse grinder ( I believe recycled plastic) and they gave away a free tips, papers and lighter on their own design and making "GreenHouse - secret farmers EST 1991" which was pretty cool. If you bring cash and coin you can handover the cash through counter and drop the coins in the black box infront of you. They got some big TV screens which gives out a description of what's available and the prices so it's all in easy even if you're a first timer there, and their service is superb you can get some directions if you're not sure of what to pick ( be mindful not to take a time like if you're in for a coffee conversation don't let others hang inline for long). *the guy at the door was saying something in a pretty strong tone as soon as I walked in sadly didn't understood what he said and I continued my task and when I walked out I saw couple of other customers showing their IDs to walk in so I was lucky he didn't kicked me out, keep your ID and show it before walk in ✌️

Harrison James - vor 2 Jahren

Nice Staff & good selection

Kristoffer Odland - vor 2 Jahren

They know what they are doing and the doorman is always nice !

Kontrabanda RR - vor 2 Jahren

Top quality! Is cheese dawg back?

Lisa Dello - vor 2 Jahren

Big assortment, awesome staff, things to do and to spend time with, drinks, good prices. My favorite

Flammed Up Red - vor 2 Jahren

Great quality smokes and awesome customer service this is the only place I go to get my weed or hash

jose gabadinho - vor 2 Jahren

The best pré rolled in the city. Great costumer service. Good looking coffeeshop and very OK prices! Keep the good work

Linda - vor 2 Jahren

Be CAREFUL they tried to short change me twice (google what short change is)! They also do a trick on the computer when they're just about 1 gram or 2 grams..say they weighted .85grams they will press a button and it will round up the number to 1gram. So you pay for 1 gram but are actually getting 0.85grams. They have good weed though just be aware.

Romeo Milanov - vor 2 Jahren

Definitely the best stores in Den Haag! Friendly staff and good quality, a bit expensive. The only thing they changed in the store is that you no longer see the jars on the window. You have to ask to see how’s look.

tilmster101 . - vor 3 Jahren

they had a great atmosphere, even a friendly dog that greeted us. good quality stuff. a lot of strains are overpriced when you are comparing with Canada, but that's just the norm in Netherlands.

Actionless Loveless - vor 3 Jahren

Good stuff/prices. And one of my favorite chill rooms in town. Personnel also friendly and can make thoughtful recommendations.

Moe Hos - vor 3 Jahren

The best green house by far! Best staff best weed! Gods gift flower was great! Prices very good!

Henry Reinhold - vor 3 Jahren

What a great coffeeshop. My personal favorite in The Hague. There is big selection on quality weed and hash. The staff is very friendly. The smoking room is great hang out. There is a vending machine which dispenses drinks for 2€. The highlight is the all new Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer which you can use for free. Just ask the staff and they will shop you. Make sure to use the new tube adapter (don‘t use the normal balloons). Again, this is the best coffeeshop in The Hague!!

Alex DeRemer - vor 3 Jahren

The best Coffeeshop in den Haag. As nice as the people are, the weed and hash is even better

Joseph G. - vor 3 Jahren

Very nice ambience, clear modern and confortable. Good weed but it has it's price.

Brokkoli_Soße 420 - vor 3 Jahren

Super nice coffe shop with very good weed. The shop is mordern and clean with very nice staff. But the price is a little bit high compared with other shops in den haag. But hey, quality has it's price.

BMR-ENT music Channel K.N.B - vor 4 Jahren

They have some nice herbs for your mind

Ruben Richardson - vor 4 Jahren

Wide variety, good bud helpful staff. But it seems every time I come by they are fixing something or renovating, granted I don't come by that often. It's more for when I want something funky

Lo Majorna - vor 4 Jahren

Recently renovated and drastically improved from an already impressive place. Easily the most modern coffeeshop in The Hague with the most detailed menu. There are also a lot of rare strains that can’t be found elsewhere in The Hague.

Lisa Roth - vor 4 Jahren

Big assortment, very nice staff, things to do and to spend time with your friends

Craig MVP - vor 4 Jahren

I have tried so many different coffeeshops in the area and this is hands down the best. The weed is of very high quality, the menu is vast and gets new stuff added all the time and also the staff are awesome- super friendly and helpful. The best!!! :)

Dion Breedijk - vor 7 Jahren

Geweldige shop ! Ze hebben zo veel keuze echt super. De kwaliteit is ook erg goed echt een aanrader ! Nu een paar mnd later....je krijgt steeds meer troep ! Takjes en blaadjes in overvloed , geen afgebloeide toppen maar heel jong spul ! Het was goed maar nu echt een beetje triest geworden ! terwijl de prijzen omhoog gegaan zijn ! 14 euro voor een grammetje wiet is niks...:S Jammer hoor maar ik raad het niet meer aan !

Jean-Riz Bo-Kou - vor 7 Jahren

il fait parti des 3 meilleurs coffee de HOLLANDE, et je pése mais mots ;) les prix et la qualité sont vraiment dingue

Richard Lavallee - vor 7 Jahren

Wonderful experience

hannion pierre - vor 7 Jahren

beaucoup de choix acceuil un peu snack pas mal du tout

Lukass Pohanka - vor 7 Jahren

great selection and quality:) stuff was very friendly and helpful. no place to smoke.


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