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No Limit

Witte de Withstraat 4, A, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Ax ELIA (Namla) - vor 2 Wochen

I think it is the only coffeshop will sell you good quality of products .

denis zlatev - vor 2 Wochen

Realy good product ! Realy good service ! Have to visit! !

Karin FReitas - vor 3 Monaten

Super shoppie

Adm 25 - vor 4 Monaten

Very nice atmosphere, good product and free coffe.. Also amazing bag given not only nice looking but also practical. One of the best coffe shops I've been till today.. Staff was also fantastic.. Will be back 100% for sure and would recommend to anyone..

Maxim Lane - vor 5 Monaten

One of the best The Hague has to offer, varied menu (well priced US and cali strains), good people, good weed.

Space Strains - vor 5 Monaten

One of the best shops in town! Here u can get the best stuff. Really top quality, I was flying to the moon. It’s always like cali.. Trippy experience.

Tomasz K - vor 1 Jahr

Best in the City

Sqn 3k - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing place .

Will Gontarz - vor 1 Jahr

I asked for €30 off weed but he weight 50 i said ok but he didn't inform me me I can have 75 euro more ....better deal . When I realise this he said sorry I took from desk he can't change ..... this is very cheeky silly joke weed very expensive and they are not honest. I will never go there again dizzy dark green house much better

Romain Pollet - vor 2 Jahren

For me one of the best coffee shop in the Netherlands if you are looking for American flowers, welcome to the top and large choice of varieties available, I would come back;)

Calogero Tascone - vor 2 Jahren

Super quality and amazing service , thanks so much guys !!!

Magic Kaito - vor 2 Jahren

The best shop in all of Holland! The Weed was very pleasant to smoke. I really recommend visiting no limit. You will enjoy it!

Joness - vor 3 Jahren

The best zombie haze that you can find. Super friendly staff I realy recommend this shop 10+ quality

Aron Szigeti - vor 3 Jahren

Good prices, good product

Nigel Williams - vor 3 Jahren

Very decent products! Honest and friendly staff. Especially in comparison to coffeshops like The Galaxy or The point.

Nelis Willems - vor 3 Jahren

Very decent products! Honest and friendly staff. Especially in comparison to coffeshops like The Galaxy or The point.

Ron Eastwood - vor 4 Jahren

Just a standart "coffeeshop" of the Dutch kind.

sarem abreham - vor 4 Jahren

A nice place

Tommy van Dyk - vor 5 Jahren

silver haze like charnobyl pisse kanal , amnesia bio like chindus pisse in the klo not buy hier i dispointed this schop.

costas voudouris - vor 5 Jahren

Best coffee shop in Den haag great servuce and good weed

Mozes Kilo - vor 5 Jahren

Best amnesia I ever had and the super skunk for 6.50 per gram they have going on now is off the hook especially for that price. Good shop with steady quality weed. Only sad thing is that the smoking area is closed so theres only buying weed and no chilling inside

O Kyrios Peeth - vor 5 Jahren

Its a nice place to relax and occasionally brings amazing weed but I have been disappointing by the quality a few times


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