Hobbemastraat 17, Eindhoven (Tongelre)

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Piotr Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz - vor 7 Monaten
Cool stuff. Good prices and choice of weeds & #
Kuba Kuzniacki - vor 10 Monaten
Very friendly stuff,very good Weed
Jeremías Britez - vor 1 Jahr
Nice place to get stoned, simple as that.
Leda V. - vor 1 Jahr
Absolutely horrible place. Save yourself the trouble and go to a respectable coffeeshop like Eurogarden or Pink.
Robert Topolinski - vor 1 Jahr
place to chill,quiet,out of city centrum,good climat
Rick Mck - vor 1 Jahr
Lots of space, comfortable seating,but not much of a selection
Rumel - vor 1 Jahr
Cool coffee shop, pretty nice decor with comfy couches and great opening times. The owner Fato is a top guy, sat down and had a smoke and a chat with me and made me feel really welcome. Only thing is that the selection was pretty limited and not very exotic.
Appie Kalaç - vor 4 Jahren
I just asked for another bag, instead of the one he presented. He then threatened to beat me up in the back of the coffeeshop. I just ran away terrified. The shop is chill when you are just there in the evening though. My advise: no sindbad, yes high times!
Balázs Jenei - vor 4 Jahren
We wait before .. a door.???? danke u B)
T. - vor 4 Jahren
Aardige kerel achter de kassa, maar geen Haze op de kaart en erg droge matige White Widow. Ik kwam vroeger dagelijks in deze shop vanwege de goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding. Nog steeds is de wiet er niet duur, maar de kwaliteit is dan ook niet altijd even goed. Twee sterrekes
Samanta Alarcón Arcos - vor 5 Jahren
Went there, and, as a tourist, you are not allowed to stay, just to buy (which according to the news, is not demandatory anymore).
Trev Dollery - vor 5 Jahren
just moved into the area a week and decided after walkin round all day in the rain lookin for a job id try this coffee shop as its local.bought a bag and was then told as i rolled my first joint to"fu** of* and get out this place is only for dutch people"no joke.i will never set foot in the place again .shame as everyone else ive met so far has been very nice,zero stars

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