Um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu begrenzen, dienen Coffeeshops in den Niederlanden nur als Abholpunkt für weiche Drogen und werden um 20:00 Uhr geschlossen. Der Konsum der weichen Medikamente vor Ort ist nicht gestattet.

Harbor View Cafe

Appeldijk 45, Gorinchem

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Debrence Vatolsk - vor 3 Monaten
for me first time dutch weed now i know why dutch weed good
Ultras Polski - vor 4 Monaten
me like many types you have. Best weed and service
Stella parvici - vor 6 Monaten
best amnesia I smoked
Aleksander Kowalscy - vor 6 Monaten
Great weed quality!
Paweł Cyman - vor 7 Monaten
Cheap and good staff
Zorka Zaharinka - vor 7 Monaten
Best weed and i got free papers :)
Leo Messi - vor 7 Monaten
Best pre-rolled here.
Tony Montana - vor 8 Monaten
Strawberry haze 5 stars
Hristian Toskov - vor 1 Jahr
Amazing quality herbs! Staff is really friendly, the place offers nice and comfortable seating area. Prices are quite good for the Netherlands, you would enjoy a good time there!
Bob Buckley - vor 1 Jahr
If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming coffeeshop in Gorinchem, where the staff are attentive, helpful and professional, Havenzicht is your spot. Excellent products, superb range of wares and a clean, tidy and chic interior, which is great for smokers and non smokers, due to the superb Aircon. Bravo guys. Keep up the excelleny work of making Gorinchem a model town for the gedoogbeleid.
Rodri Rodrigo - vor 1 Jahr
You guys have good stuff not like in my country
Geneve Franciscalo - vor 1 Jahr
Awesome experience! Had to circel two times for parking but the driving was worth it. And they play good music
Piotr Lightning - vor 2 Jahren
Good quality, fast service and free papers
Iulian Oltean - vor 2 Jahren
Good weed
Edward Brown - vor 2 Jahren
Good Haze Weed! Best in Town
Forza Prime - vor 2 Jahren
The quality of the weed is way better then in the big cities and the coffee here is delicious! ☕️
Brian Traill - vor 2 Jahren
Not impressed with this establishment. Staff very rude. You have to buy their product before they let you in. Something that's been popping up more often. Not a welcoming atmosphere.
Terence Fillman - vor 2 Jahren
Very good coffeeshop with nice weed. The only shop around here that’s open till almost the night. And they open pretty early
Roger Mason - vor 2 Jahren
I’ve been buying here weed for years and it’s always from the highest quality. They are always ready to help you out to make a choice. Keep on going, cheers guys!
Sean Ho - vor 3 Jahren
Went this place and bought some stuff, not the best but considering I was staying in a town without any (Meerkerk) it was better than nothing. I bought some Apple Haze as they don't do Kush which I normally smoke also I wasn't allowed to smoke inside as it's for residents only but the guy did let me in to use a grinder and gave me free Roach book and papers.
Peter Griffin - vor 3 Jahren
Best weed in Gorinchem for good price . unfortunately one guy working there is a pain in the ass .very unfriendly !! But I do not care , most important for me is stuff .
John Mees - vor 4 Jahren
I was there for a quick visit. Great Town and a nice coffeeshop, good quality and a lot of choice. I loved the Amnesia and Zilverhaze espesially. Will be back for sure.

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