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Appeldijk 45, Gorinchem

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Nilaya Ji - 1 maand geleden
Bad service. They told me that Yesterday they had an offer but today they couldnt give me any discount How bad to tell that to your customers..
Grzegorz - 2 maanden geleden
I sincerely recommend
Usagi Sakura - 3 maanden geleden
After the renovation the place looks top notch! The atmosphere is soothing to be in and is very welcoming. The guys that work there are very kind and polite, they always seem to have a nice chat with their customers. They have a lot of choices of weed, even for those who just need a quick smoke for on their way. I haven't tried a lot yet, but the people are always willing to help out and even recommend things if you're uncertain.
ALBA ATTASARA CRUZ AMADO - 3 maanden geleden
Best shop in town
G88 - 8 maanden geleden
Good selection and pretty decent quality
Alisa Platonova - 10 maanden geleden
Best of the best!!!
Xpb 97 - 1 jaar geleden
I like this place, weed are good, but sorry bro, you don't know how technical correctly roll the joint xd for me, if you sell something ready to smoke, you need know this
Edward Kieran - 1 jaar geleden
I'm moving to another city. One of the last times that I went to the shop. It's going to be hard to find a shop with the same quality. Thanks for the service. See y'all in the future.
Debrence Vatolsk - 1 jaar geleden
for me first time dutch weed now i know why dutch weed good
Ultras Polski - 1 jaar geleden
me like many types you have. Best weed and service
Brain Eater - 1 jaar geleden
Love strawberry haze
Stella parvici - 1 jaar geleden
best amnesia I smoked
Aleksander Kowalscy - 1 jaar geleden
Great weed quality!
Paweł Cyman - 1 jaar geleden
Cheap and good staff
Zorka Zaharinka - 1 jaar geleden
Best weed and i got free papers :)
Leo Messi - 1 jaar geleden
Best pre-rolled here.
Tony Montana - 1 jaar geleden
Strawberry haze 5 stars
Hristian Toskov - 2 jaren geleden
Amazing quality herbs! Staff is really friendly, the place offers nice and comfortable seating area. Prices are quite good for the Netherlands, you would enjoy a good time there!
Bob Buckley - 2 jaren geleden
If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming coffeeshop in Gorinchem, where the staff are attentive, helpful and professional, Havenzicht is your spot. Excellent products, superb range of wares and a clean, tidy and chic interior, which is great for smokers and non smokers, due to the superb Aircon. Bravo guys. Keep up the excelleny work of making Gorinchem a model town for the gedoogbeleid.
Rodri Rodrigo - 2 jaren geleden
You guys have good stuff not like in my country
Geneve Franciscalo - 3 jaren geleden
Awesome experience! Had to circel two times for parking but the driving was worth it. And they play good music
Piotr Lightning - 3 jaren geleden
Good quality, fast service and free papers
Iulian Oltean - 3 jaren geleden
Good weed
Edward Brown - 3 jaren geleden
Good Haze Weed! Best in Town
Forza Prime - 3 jaren geleden
The quality of the weed is way better then in the big cities and the coffee here is delicious! ☕️
Brian Traill - 3 jaren geleden
Not impressed with this establishment. Staff very rude. You have to buy their product before they let you in. Something that's been popping up more often. Not a welcoming atmosphere.
Terence Fillman - 3 jaren geleden
Very good coffeeshop with nice weed. The only shop around here that’s open till almost the night. And they open pretty early
Roger Mason - 3 jaren geleden
I’ve been buying here weed for years and it’s always from the highest quality. They are always ready to help you out to make a choice. Keep on going, cheers guys!
Sean Ho - 4 jaren geleden
Went this place and bought some stuff, not the best but considering I was staying in a town without any (Meerkerk) it was better than nothing. I bought some Apple Haze as they don't do Kush which I normally smoke also I wasn't allowed to smoke inside as it's for residents only but the guy did let me in to use a grinder and gave me free Roach book and papers.
Peter Griffin - 4 jaren geleden
Best weed in Gorinchem for good price . unfortunately one guy working there is a pain in the ass .very unfriendly !! But I do not care , most important for me is stuff .
John Mees - 5 jaren geleden
I was there for a quick visit. Great Town and a nice coffeeshop, good quality and a lot of choice. I loved the Amnesia and Zilverhaze espesially. Will be back for sure.

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