Spilsluizen 6, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Jakub Lipa - vor 2 Monaten
The Best coffeshop in Groningen
Nick Rubin - vor 1 Jahr
Incredibly rude staff. I will never spend money there again. Better off going to Ragga.
liam clancy - vor 1 Jahr
Banging quality and good staff customer interaction.
Olga Possokhova - vor 1 Jahr
The Place is fine. All employees are friendly. Holiday atmosphere! Good quality products and service. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021 year to Everyone!
Siddharth B - vor 1 Jahr
Amazing store. Loved the Purple haze purchased from here. And the muffin from here is really good. Overall great quality for the price.
Jmy Ator - vor 2 Jahren
Very bad customer service, arrogant and rude. I Will never spend my money there again. The Clown is better
Michaela Pawley - vor 2 Jahren
This place has a great selection of weed, but slightly more on the pricey side. The counter in front of the sales person is really high so smaller people (like me) have to stand on the stool provided. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the products but it is a bit too expensive.
Mateusz Kuc - vor 2 Jahren
For 4 weeks I visit the coffee shops in Groningen and So far unfortunately I do not have good news low level really bad until today just here I bought a weed which gives 7 points at 10 compared with Green House downtown Amsterdam is my favorite. So far Reykjavik is the best coffee shop in Groningen✌️
Ant Shields - vor 2 Jahren
Explained to the girl on the counter about all the shit weed I've encountered in the Netherlands, She proceeded to offer me her "favourite" Indica. Well what a load of shit. Unflushed moldy weed.
Sam - vor 3 Jahren
the joints are so bad made not that strong. no smoking area
Kevin H - vor 3 Jahren
Easy, quick. No smoking area.
Nibba - vor 3 Jahren
Good weed
Ayuola - vor 3 Jahren
Nice design. I've never stayed there to smoke, i don't even know if it's possible. When you pay you have to take a stairstep if you're small, otherwise you can't see the cashier, is kinda high
ElProempie - vor 4 Jahren
Always a wonderful time here! I'd recommend Amnesia!

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