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Boterdiep 42, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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  • Montag 10:45 - 00:00
    Dienstag 10:45 - 00:00
    Mittwoch 10:45 - 00:00
    Donnerstag 10:45 - 00:00
    Freitag 10:45 - 00:00
    Samstag 10:45 - 00:00
    Sonntag 10:45 - 00:00
  • Dieser Coffeeshop wird in Zukunft kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.retro-groningen.nl/
  • +31 50 850 6611



thebobnewsshow - vor 2 Monaten

Decent weed, but Retro is very hostile to foreigners. Foreigners are required to show a passport, which is bizarre. Any normal drivers license or ID card is not accepted. This is not the case at any other coffeeshop, bar, liquor store, or club in Groningen that I have visited. They do not understand or accept the concept of a “passport card”, an official passport document used for identification which is separate from the the passport itself so that people don’t have to carry such important documents as a passport on them for something as trivial as buying a joint. If you plan on visiting, consider bring your birth certificate and a copy of your fingerprint just in case they require those as well. That seems to be the way they are headed. I asked the man at the counter “so foreigners are not welcome here?” And he replied “only if they bring a passport”….. very extreme in my opinion.

Ramon Monté - vor 4 Monaten

Top service! Always good stuff!

D4GG3R 1337 - vor 5 Monaten

Bad service

Michael Klinkhamer - vor 1 Jahr

Unfriendly and hypocrites working there, probably smoke too much of their own mediocre supply

Marcus Röhl - vor 1 Jahr

Fresh Place

vlad matei - vor 1 Jahr

The skinny dude told me, a usual customer, after I had some problems with the card, that I'm allowed to try one more time "cuz we are busy man" (tried my card 2 times and it didn't work)... No complaints for the other guy though.

Marius Alexandru - vor 2 Jahren

Friendly stuff, good weed.

Muzzamil Lakhani - vor 2 Jahren

Good amount of choice in gear & the space cake is our favourite. Staff are friendly & helpful & obey all the rules without being difficult. You can reserve items by phone & the sitting area before COVID-19 based closure felt always spacious & inviting for sampling

Alexander Bouman - vor 2 Jahren

Top shop!

Baz Chillin - vor 3 Jahren

Nice shop, nice people.

Fran Muñoz - vor 3 Jahren

Nice coffeshop, nice weed, better people working there! Top!

abiha naderi - vor 3 Jahren

It is my favorite one, best price

Dylan McDermott - vor 3 Jahren

Welcoming, local feel.

Radu Gheorghe - vor 4 Jahren

Not really the best deal in town but great products overall

Lucas S. - vor 4 Jahren

Sehr professioneller Laden mit guter Auswahl und Qualität der Sorten. Man kann sich vor dem Kauf mehrere Exemplare ansehen und dann sagen welches man kauft. Atmosphärischer Laden mit einem ahnbaren Raucherraum. Mein Favorit in Groningen! Edit: Ein paar Monate später war ich wieder in Groningen und musste leider feststellen das die Qualität nicht mehr all zu gut war.. Das Blue Cheese war kratzig, schätze schlecht vermentiert. War enttäuscht weil ich weiß das sie es besser können.

Vegasweddings - vor 4 Jahren

Great place, nice employees and an outstanding Cappuccino! After staying for like almost 4 hours we drove for Burgers at Wereldburger not that far away. Yeah, you read right, we DROVE but I wasn’t driving while intoxicated rather my friend took the wheels (he stayed sober, who goes into a coffeeshop but doesn’t want to smoke? What a boring douche). Anyway while he was driving me over there I ate some of the smurfs candy I bought at that Turkish Bodega opposite to Retro. It was worth it.

Shay Barry - vor 4 Jahren

Rip off! AVOID!! Sell terrible stuff

A Google User - vor 4 Jahren

Quite decent choice, but a bit weird they don't tell you how much you actually pay per gram. Also they add artificial aroma to the strawberry kush, better stay away from that, has nothing to do with real weed anymore.

jannes buerkner - vor 4 Jahren

Quite decent choice, but a bit weird they don't tell you how much you actually pay per gram. Also they add artificial aroma to the strawberry kush, better stay away from that, has nothing to do with real weed anymore.

Nick Van De Laar - vor 4 Jahren

Friendly staff, great place to chill and always good quality products

Charles Carlson - vor 4 Jahren

Best coffeeshop of Groningen. Every employee is super friendly and helpfull. Nice clean toilets and smokelounge. Large menu and very good bud and the cheapest in town in compare of quality you get ! 5/5

dos - vor 5 Jahren

One of the better places for flower in town, still not very good, but at least I've been able to find something that looks somewhat nice here most of the times I went to this place. Amnesiawhite or whatever it's called is one of the few decent looking flowers I could find in the city for an okay price, don't get me wrong it's no top shelf bud or anything, but at least it has some trichome action going and a good color. The haze(think it was amnesia haze but not sure anymore) I tried was very bad, which was a bummer because generally you'd expect the haze to at least look somewhat decent because a lot of them require a little longer to flower. The people that work here are generally nice, and the guy that sometimes stands at the front door to check for ID has also been very polite.

Chico Pachito - vor 6 Jahren

Very nice Shop! Good stuff and friendly. Quality is nice.

Karl Hoek - vor 6 Jahren

Goeie wiet vooral de haze en vriendelijk personeel

Shane Shuffle - vor 6 Jahren

Relaxed little shop with good atmosphere and nice herb.

Ge Ha - vor 6 Jahren

goed kwaliteit

wayne schlegel - vor 6 Jahren

Tico Fidanque - vor 6 Jahren

___miii2 Ik - vor 6 Jahren

Chill Aight - vor 6 Jahren

A Google user - vor 6 Jahren

Kai Groß - vor 6 Jahren


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