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Heerlerbaan 160, Heerlen

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Dieser Shop ist auf unbestimmte Zeit geschlossen.



Tanja Winkler - vor 6 Monaten
Great work.
juliane kynast - vor 2 Jahren
Not existing anymore? It was closed a few times already...
Dávid Nyeste - vor 2 Jahren
My best shop, but closed for 6 months :/
Mustafa Yousef - vor 2 Jahren
I've only tried the space cookies here. The last time I took half of it. It was damn good.
François Jamar - vor 3 Jahren
Worst cofee shop in the area, to avoid. Security Staff is not polite or helpful, even if you are a frequent customer. Products are most of the time of very bad quality, with seeds and huge branches. Moreover, you most often than not have less grams in your bag than you have paid for.
Name Name Goblin - vor 3 Jahren
Very nice girls working. Security is a tad harsh I can understand it I worked a lot as security too. Now the product is situational. The 6€ hash is good, the 10e zero zero and Afghan Black for 7e didn't kick me much , can be cause I smoke a lot of haze, so I need more thc. Only complaint we once bought 5g of Lemon haze and it did nothing, potency was absurdly low, we smoked 1g joints didn't get high, regular street haze gets us high at 0.4 g joints shared. Overal good I like it. Also the customer service is fair, you can buy any amount fragment like 0.6 or for 10e ect, any product, some extras to buy .
Juan Cruz Aspesi - vor 3 Jahren
Awesome quality - best bang for the buck
Adam Park - vor 3 Jahren
No good unless your Dutch which is fair enough I suppose
tomi AkKid - vor 3 Jahren
low quality , i was thinking that in coffe shop u can buy best quality weed.
Pinekish Wąski - vor 3 Jahren
This is fu*king joke !! I warn against this coffeeshop.
Frank Maduro - vor 4 Jahren
Good hash good weed good place to chill and play chest against other stonersss
Rampant Obesity - vor 4 Jahren
Been there twice. First time, the product clackled and produced rather harsh smoke. Second time around, it wouldn't burn right and, when it did, produced hard pieces of ash that hit the ashtray with a clearly audible *pling*. Rubbing the ash between my fingers produced the type of ashy granules and oily residue typical for Brix. The staff seems nice, though. Not sure they even know what they're selling.
Jphn Milos - vor 4 Jahren
I have nothing to add just people work friendly pretty good weed
Whitney Belle - vor 4 Jahren
The bud is pretty good, not the best but not the worst. It pays to get the better stuff here. The door guy is absolutely awesome here! You can’t smoke in this coffee shop if your not a resident though unlike in Amsterdam which isn’t much further with better quality of weed. Overall I had a good experience here.
Wolfram Müller - vor 5 Jahren
Friendly stuff.

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