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Dubbele Buurt 24, Hoorn (Binnenstad Hoorn)

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Domina Mia Wallace - vor 3 Monaten
Great shop
Pistácio Hatyžak - vor 3 Monaten
Peter S - vor 10 Monaten
Got baked
Paweł Komor - vor 1 Jahr
Enjoy the pleasure!
Łukasz Wodnik - vor 1 Jahr
good stuff
andrew andrew - vor 1 Jahr
Fantastic place
Gabor Parlag - vor 1 Jahr
Good service and weed, nice location.
Иваило Кънчев - vor 1 Jahr
I love this please
Marcin Grenda - vor 2 Jahren
Best relax ... good staff . Welcome on may Instagram @clippermaniacworld
Łukasz Garbarek - vor 2 Jahren
Good selection of herbs. Only
Krzysztof Borek - vor 2 Jahren
Nice place with good staff :D
Evanovesky - vor 2 Jahren
Very good service, nice high people.
Viva Energia - vor 2 Jahren
It was good, cheap and friendly, various merchants :)
Rumen Chomakov - vor 2 Jahren
The best coffee shop , with variety of strains and new proposals every week. Love it!
Jürgen Koitla - vor 3 Jahren
This is the best place for the best vibe.
Foz Man - vor 3 Jahren
Only one in Central hoorn if your on foot the blue tomato is a further walk, if your centrally located. Strains don't change much
Michael Diederich - vor 3 Jahren
A very large assortment of weed. Nice quality and fair prices. Almost always very busy. Some of the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly while some know nothing and roll their eyes when you enter because you're interrupting their conversations. My "favorite" is the fat guy with curly hair who wears muscle shirts. Twice now I've heard him start sentences with "I'm not racist but..." and then had to listen to him say ignorantly racist things... The worst however is their site. Please keep it up to date. If it says "open today till 11" and I drive 20 minutes to get there, you had best be open at 8... You weren't. That's a huge waste of my time and a reason to take my business elsewhere
James Yank - vor 3 Jahren
I don't think that's the most coffeshop in Hoorn, but I'm glad.
Klaudia Alicja Wiktoria - vor 3 Jahren
A place perfectly located, I love the bay. And during the rain, you can sit and smoke, order hot chocolate and relax in good company:)
Gerrard P.L. Molenaar - vor 4 Jahren
Always busy. Friendly staff and customers.
Mike Katzky - vor 4 Jahren
Strong joints are not working ;p
Fudi La - vor 5 Jahren
seb font - vor 5 Jahren
If you want to be ripped off by some darkie criminals and experience their rustic attitude toward you, then go straight to this shop. They will throw the stuff you paid for like if you were a dog - don't forget to bark as a sign of gratefulness. Although the weed itself is quite good, I just can't stand these f***ing trashes standing behind the cash registers. F**k You De Boot! Never again!
Eric Schoonenwolf - vor 7 Jahren

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