Coffeeshop De Poort

Verlaat 5, Enkhuizen

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Kuba Kuba - vor 2 Wochen
Staff had problems to communicate in English but finally we got to the point. Pretty good menu but some strains much overpriced. I recommend their silver haze.
Alexander Milovanov - vor 1 Monat
nice place, good weed, starting from 6.5 € - but why they open so late? and close so early!
Wszystko co Najlepsze - vor 6 Monaten
Wonderful five of Jack with slim papers added .. Thank you De Poort
DJ WHITEZZ - vor 8 Monaten
Yes one of the top quality buds there, juicy
Delikat . - vor 1 Jahr
Best coffeshop
Delikat - vor 1 Jahr
Best coffeshop
Jeff Anderson - vor 1 Jahr
Always friendly staff and quality products
Crypto Bro - vor 1 Jahr
Great coffee shop onlyone in the area nice strains good price modern inside alot of room to sit .loved it
KenioOo - vor 2 Jahren
Good weed . Good choose . :)
Tomasz Kurek - vor 2 Jahren
Best place in world
Manuel Petrovic - vor 2 Jahren
Wery beautiful coffee shop with good and quality stuff!! The girls are very nice and the enkhuizen is beautiful small town with relaxing atmosphere!! I just love Holland!! Prices are from 6-12 € for Gramm and very good :) Working hours are from 16 every day :)
Mark Hampson - vor 2 Jahren
Small but quant. Local place no tourists to bug u
J K - vor 2 Jahren
Its a cool place, only Hybrid weed but strong, good Hash and free rolling pap's and filter tips which is alwaays aplriciated. Has drinks such as cola and coffee and snacks such as mars and twix. Great place overall, needs more seating area! Almost always full!

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