Fantasia Poolhouse

Sint Annalaan 3-A, Maastricht

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RU DA - vor 2 Monaten
Very nice staff and stuff
John Kuzelj - vor 2 Monaten
Best Shop in town
Max Veenhof - vor 2 Monaten
Nice staff, good stuff, nice atmosphere!
Dave Kempeners - vor 2 Monaten
good vibe! quality was amazing!
T T - vor 1 Jahr
Last time €14,- Am quality like 4/10
AndreaBacardi Pirate Italian Chef - vor 1 Jahr
I did miss the stuff I was looking for. But I’ve got a very competent guy suggest to try something else cheaper and tasty. Great weed indeed. Cozy and well equipped.
Daniel Kilpatrick - vor 2 Jahren
Best place with the best staff
cixx 6211 - vor 3 Jahren
Good place to chill and relax, service a bit slow, it's not properly a poolhouse.
Michael Lakomy - vor 3 Jahren
Nice ppl Good product
Nova Vissers - vor 6 Jahren
True Smoker - vor 6 Jahren
The shop is like an aquarium with low quality weed... The pooltables are Nice but the drinks are expensive, personally i'd wouldn't go there again....
A Google User - vor 10 Jahren
This place is more of a coffee shop than a pool house, although they do have a table in the dealers room. Hit and miss with their weed/hash products quality though, sometimes its average others its awesome...

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