Skunk Roermond

Zwartbroekstraat 29, Roermond

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Maciej Opolski - vor 1 Monat
Very good. Parking may seem to be a bit of a problem. Not always you can pay with card, so make sure you have some cash on you.
HGM_TattooBoy Malowany - vor 3 Monaten
Good stuff and security git is funny
Hubert Piechowiak - vor 3 Monaten
Good stuff and security git is funny
Itachi Uchila - vor 3 Monaten
Good weed but few options
Mike Terrorista - vor 7 Monaten
Super Shop, nice people , cool security and awesome weed...
arkadiusz serlikowski - vor 9 Monaten
Cue go fast, friendly ppl working there, its nice place
Hamza Deniz - vor 10 Monaten
not a coffeeshop per se. more like a dispensary. but great quality stuff for a good price
Basel Al Ghazali - vor 1 Jahr
It is perfect. Great service and good stuff
Edward Morvan - vor 1 Jahr
Fast service, easy parking and friendly staff
Michael M. - vor 1 Jahr
Go in, get your stuff and leave as fast you can. Stuff is fine for the price! Ambiente is not that welcome.
TheNewBeginning Love - vor 1 Jahr
A grocery store of thc. I felt like i was going to jail. Full of peoples, controls. Buy and Quick go out. No chill. no smiles. Big businnes. Quality product medium
Fromu Bizness - vor 1 Jahr
Good for hasish but weed price is way too expensive
Krystian Łysiak - vor 1 Jahr
Always busy, always crowdy but that indicates a good weed quality.
U gur - vor 1 Jahr
Best Place, in the near of the outlet center. Good prices, good quality!
Daniel Leichtle - vor 2 Jahren
Nice Price. Best Quality. Most Time extreme Full. TIPP. ASK FOR A SOFTCARD.
Øbert Wemberg - vor 2 Jahren
Good selection! Bought OG Kush and Trainwreck Sourdiesel!
Marco Capo - vor 2 Jahren
Low level to be in netherlands, but it s close to german border
Lukas Malina - vor 2 Jahren
Most of the staff are slow, arogant, agressive. Yesterday a customer got beaten up by security, it was an assault and not defending anything or anyone. Weed is good only 1 out of 3. Waiting lines are not normal. I am recommending HUZUR in Venlo or PARADOX in Weert. It’s worth the 20 min drive trust me. Today great weed again in Weert
Lukasz Zaręba - vor 2 Jahren
Old guy who work in another coffeshop another time late, another time he spend too much time for selling weed. Again this guy is only talking, 6 min without any move in waiting list. Do something with him. Bless :)
Ronald Hooghart - vor 4 Jahren
Worst weed ever for 13 euro a gram!! Your "amnesia" is complete garbage. This is a shop of RIPPERS
Musab Ibn Abufahmt - vor 4 Jahren
Skunk ist immer ab 16 Uhr geöffnet aber hat wohl die selben Besitzer wie Sky. Das Angebot ist genau das selbe. Das Weed war manchmal etwas frischer dort. Ist aber Zufall. Das Hash ist auch genau das selbe wie im anderen Laden. Die Location ist schöner als das Sky. Preise und Qualität sind aber genau gleich. Leider stark unter Durschnitt. ....vor allem diese Preise. 13,85€ ?! Dafür könnt es wenigstens etwas riechen, liebe Holländer.... Das Personal würde ich nicht als unfreundlich per se hinstellen.
DzideK Rafael - vor 4 Jahren
They sell Amnesia from outdoor for 13,85€, that is fucked up.
Mark sørensen - vor 5 Jahren
After a look at the Internet, they say it open 10:45, at the shop window it's says 16:00...
killaman Don - vor 6 Jahren
Oplichters!! Bizar weinig voor je geld
Jono rion - vor 6 Jahren
they give bad service,unfriendly personel,prices that are criminal,1 grams of weed(chemicalized) for 13 euro' seeds and grow your own dont let these criminals poison you and take your money.

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