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High Tea Coffeeshop

Noordsingel 201, Rotterdam (Noord)

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Kirill Shtorm - vor 1 Monat

Although range of products is wide, I am pretty annoyed by couple things. They denied me to charge e-bike which is OK - this is inconvenient and not kind. But they forbid also to fill up pipe inside while outside was raining. Why? I am customer, and I was not going to smoke inside. After this unlikely I will come again soon

Martin Orange - vor 2 Monaten

The best selection in town.

Luz R - vor 4 Monaten

I just want to say it s my favorite coffeeshop…I am customer over a year and all the time I get home high

Jurij Savliuk - vor 4 Monaten

Good place, service,quality, worth to come in if you around!!!

1 free2rec - vor 6 Monaten

Nice, friendly coffeshop.

Sickuns Boyane - vor 7 Monaten

Cheaters! The best word describing that coffeeshop.

Artur Ralski - vor 8 Monaten

U can find everything here the Best coffi i have been Muffins very good Stuff very good Sativa the Best but i didnt try indica. Hybrid worth try. Easy acces and easy parking spots

Šventas Bravo - vor 11 Monaten

Bought 5 grams of gorilla glue today, instead i got 4.7 grams. The staff are getting high by stealing from the customers. Avoid this place

ayham adra - vor 1 Jahr

Nice store, also the staff

Krich - vor 1 Jahr

Good quality, a lot of choices. Friendly and nice staff !! Always clean shop !!

Antonio marautti - vor 1 Jahr

Amazing weed ...amezing staff

Grzegorz Polczyk - vor 1 Jahr

Happy ....Nice coffeeshop..,

Dersim Cakmak (DC) - vor 1 Jahr


Norbert Nowak - vor 1 Jahr

I bought four grams of weed. Was expecting something good. Im very disappointed. Really low quality. Its easier to get better thing on the street. Lol. Paid 13€/g for fruit haze and buddha cheese. I cant get stoned with this stuff. My first and last visit at this coffeshop. Sad to say

Fabio Moura - vor 1 Jahr

Nice staff and good product ☠☠☠☠

Ed XX - vor 1 Jahr

The muffins here are very weak, pretty much nothing out of it. I had better joints in my home country, which is pretty sad, all things considered. No next time for me in this coffee shop.

Miklós Takács - vor 2 Jahren

My girlfriend received a moldy Spacecake, we had to trash it

QAQ - vor 2 Jahren

they have a huge issue with weighing their products. I come here a lot thinking next time they might be more careful or more respectful. But after a few months of visiting this place... it's just starting to feel like a scam.. Staff are friendly, quality is also good but they will DEFINITELY not give you the amount that you pay for..

Danny Phillips - vor 2 Jahren

These guys are pros. They are really nice to my dog when ever we come in. They take pin which is helpful and they are good about keeping distance during COVID. Sometimes the line can get long so get there earlier than later.

Ibra Sayyad - vor 2 Jahren

Nice place, kind staff and good quality and prices. My favourite coffee in the city at the moment.

Márió Pecsét - vor 2 Jahren

Mexican haze perfect!! price is good

Michael S. - vor 2 Jahren

I usually stay away from pre-rolled but high tea seems to nail it. A 6-pack for 15€ is not bad either. Renovations look great too!

Mohammed Abbasi - vor 3 Jahren

High tea

Maja Čolić - vor 3 Jahren

Very friendly people and nice place to have a cup of coffee.

Careline Hermelijn - vor 3 Jahren

Smoke and drink good coffee. Friendly staff and entrance without ID!

mon ami assisi - vor 3 Jahren

I was an older (than average) non-local, on my own, and encountered no grief at all. I was given suggestions and advice in a very pleasant manner. I would say €2.50 for an orange drink is a *bit* on the steep side but...it's a minor "issue" to be able to use the premises for a while. I enjoyed being able to sit for a break from being "touristy" in a quiet and bright space...and watch R'dam everyday life go by outside. Very good product that suited me down to the ground! If I go to Rotterdam again (and I hope I do!) this is the shop for me! :- )

Ethan Hawk - vor 3 Jahren

Having comparing them to all the other coffee shops in Rotterdam they're quite good, considering I've been to hundreds to find a good lemon haze that doesn't taste like chemicals is a rare find. At first you'll be greeted by an door ID check and will have to remove hoods/hats which is complying with the law and ensuring minors don't buy it, trying to hide their older brothers looks for their own. The inside of the store is medium, glass to show the world what you're doing hence the star loss, warning bags come in 1.4 s, 2.8s and recently with advisement 1s so just stay safe and enjoy your smoke!

Brian Ngugi - vor 3 Jahren

Great customer service I was informed by some of the locals that they were priced a little higher on there products compared to other joints but the ambience there was Worth it in my opinion. Great and customer oriented personal working there.

Robert Iddon - vor 4 Jahren

Good weed, Nice Bubble Sativa and coffee to get you set right for the day


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