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High & Low

Croeselaan 213, Utrecht (Zuid-West)

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  • Montag 10:00 - 00:00
    Dienstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Mittwoch 10:00 - 00:00
    Donnerstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Freitag 10:00 - 00:00
    Samstag 10:00 - 00:00
    Sonntag 10:00 - 00:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • http://www.smokingclub-hi-lo.com/
  • +31 30 268 9222


Nikola Dolezalkova - vor 1 Monat

Nice people ! Very good weed ♡ my best place ..security helped me fix my bike ♡ I appreciate it

Wouter Baars - vor 2 Monaten

Hi/Lo more like mid cool interior & cheap bud HOWEVER sadly enough the bud is mid if your tolerance is not high or non existent then its an ok place

Cas Rijnierse - vor 3 Monaten

Fair prices and good quality. location is close to the train station but outside the shopping area. The price range is from €7 to €11 per gram. They also have crumbs 5g for €30 but it's in my experience always sold out. The smoking area is sadly closed. Al considered good shop

Tobias van der Plaat - vor 4 Monaten

Pretty good shop with friendly staff. The choice of weed is limited but they do have edibles.

Martín Rico - vor 6 Monaten

It was really an experience of taste and texture. It all started with a bite, man that chocolate from another world. It melted in your mouth. Un final anunciado. You could taste that green, can't explain how. From that moment on we were on vondelpark but somehow we couldn't realize how to go back. It ended up being an adventure, every single step was in slow motion. Saludos,

Jason “vYKk” Quevauvilliers - vor 7 Monaten

Very reliable place to get weed in Utrecht. The mix @ €30 for 5g is the cheapest I've found so far. The quality has always been good! I visit this shop very regularly

Gotte - vor 11 Monaten

As a tourist who likes to buy prerolleds in Amsterdam dont do it here, Scam!

master of the web - vor 11 Monaten

Almost always good, within market prices.

Richard Win - vor 11 Monaten

Quality is bad, service is bad, security is bad. Per-rolled you can not buy per item. Not recommend place.

fkstfr - vor 1 Jahr

Their pre-rolls are the most disgusting thing I've smoked in my life. Smoked a little bit of one pre-roll and decided to throw it away along with the other two.

Matthew - - vor 1 Jahr

Staff were quite rude. Pre rolls are atrocious, 90% tobacco, some tree branches and a sprinkle of bud. No pure joints available and the look like they roll them with their feet. Much better coffeeshops in Utrecht.

Armin Gips - vor 1 Jahr

Never was there. But it is unkind to speak bad about the unknown.

Elvis Presley - vor 1 Jahr

Awesome place nice crew(thanks for bicycle) I truly recommend that shop and Dutch dragon of course

Vincent Azavedo - vor 1 Jahr

Bad-to-da-bone !!! Their space chocolate.bars are.more than excellent Set me off enjoyong for 6 hours straight Love it - thanks guys *high-five*

vinieboy66 - vor 1 Jahr

Very kush many wow

Vytautas Makulavičius - vor 2 Jahren

Great place :) Frienfly and well prepared :)

Daniele Lupo - vor 2 Jahren

Nice little coffeeshop with skilled personnel

PXS - vor 2 Jahren

We took 4 joints white widdow dont take it. It was so bad rolled, full with tobacco its like only 0,2 0,3 weed in joint and that is embarasing and a big minus. Also they dont have pure joints,shame,we'll never ever going back to this place, so much better places then this one.

Ravi Srivastava - vor 2 Jahren

They don't take cards, so only cash and have a pretty friendly guy over there. Nice to visit

Zigster Taylor - vor 2 Jahren

I asked for a white widow but this young guy gave me some cbd weed with no thc at all

Alex “Ryso” Quartz - vor 2 Jahren

Its a nice coffee shop with good variety and reasonable prices. Staff is nice too mostly. The only downside is that u have to pay cash and there are no nearby ATMs.

Alex Quartz - vor 2 Jahren

Its a nice coffee shop with good variety and reasonable prices. Staff is nice too mostly. The only downside is that u have to pay cash and there are no nearby ATMs.

Chloe Clancy - vor 3 Jahren

Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. Extremely nice men behind the counter, they were very helpful and welcoming. They have a great selection of weed, hash and cakes. We tried it's all haha!! The upstairs was amazingly decorated and bright, and the downstairs is dark lighting with cozy seating areas. Music was so chill you forget it's even playing! I honestly couldn't recommend highly enough! We will definitely be back

Bilbo Baggins - vor 3 Jahren

Hands down the best coffee shop in Utrecht in terms of ambience. The downstairs space is great! Weed quality is solid. You can also get weed trimmings for quite cheap if you ask for them at the end of the day.

Leonie Berner - vor 3 Jahren

Ladies, be aware! There is no possibility to look the toilet! Instead of it I used the papaer can to close the door. When you open the door there is a mirror. So you can directly see the person on the toilet. This is why this place will never see me again.

Daniel Kelleher - vor 3 Jahren

Awesome spot. Good variety, good quality. Highly recommend (pun intended)

J K - vor 3 Jahren

#1 Tip: CASH ONLY - Bring lots #2 Tip: Seating 21+ years only #3 Tip: Decent strains, nothing too special #4 Tip: Medium to high price for quality #5 Tip: Airco so good you need a sweater This is a beautiful place to sit, if 21 or older, the music is nice and staff is ok, mostly managing the front. The smokers area is by far the best in all of Utrecht in terms of size, vibes and seating arrangements. There is one drawback to this store. Because of the size of the shop and it's location, you should expect to pay a slight premium on your order and a big premium on drinks. The biggest issue with this shop however is that it's Cash Only, and the nearest ATM's are all the way back inside the station. Which means if you run out of cash you might as well leave. At the time I visited the upstairs room was quite cold because the air is ventilated very well, great if you have people with you that mind the smoke but not so great for those that easily get cold. Another slight thing was the fact the Wi-Fi was not functioning when I visited, but it's a coffeeshop not an internet cafe. Overall there are improvements possible, but a good shop.

leon simpson - vor 3 Jahren

Visited here on a day visit to Ultrect during our holiday in Vinkeveense Plassen. We'd already tried the coffee shops in Amsterdam and were interested to compare. Very low key place from the outside. A clean almost futuristic feel inside. Great customer service. Prices were much cheaper than Amsterdam. 4 joints of white widow for just 10€. And my word it was very high quality. We went downstairs where it had an almost Arabian or North African feel. Shoes off and onto the huge chill area full of scatter cushions for a very relaxed few hours. Excellent place HiLo. I'll be back

Alison Simpson - vor 3 Jahren

As you approach the coffee shop it's not what you expect, it's discreet. Very clean and clinical looking at the checkout. There are 3 separate floor's to suit your mood. The choice of product is good. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Adam Langer - vor 3 Jahren

Brilliant place! It is like a dream, very professional, most reasonably priced I've yet seen today and most creatively and tastefully finished inside. Perfect tone and pace of jazz music, respectful and friendly atmosphere and friendly staff. High class place, a must visit!! Like stepping in the future.

Peter Müller - vor 3 Jahren

Very nice Coffee Shop in Utrecht. You can smoke your strains indoor. The basement has nice couches where you can lie down when you are stoned! Really comfortable place to hang around with your friends. I really recommend it to go there!

Vincent van Deudekom - vor 3 Jahren

Indoor seating and design is something special. Staff is nice, also inside is 21 plus which is good. Product information could be better in my opinion.

S D - vor 4 Jahren

Chill atmosphere. If you want to clear your head and relax this is "The Spot"

Paula Początek - vor 4 Jahren

Fancy design - hi-candy/lo- moroccan kush

Kees Jansen - vor 4 Jahren

Very cool downstairs! You really can chill and enjoy! And the space cake is so good!

Alex Lesov - vor 4 Jahren

My bag was stolen there, and not inly that, but the staff was very rude to me after that. Also the owner was trying to be sexual with a wife of a friend of mine. This place is owned and run by disguisting people. The hash is cheap and strong though.

temme reitsema - vor 4 Jahren

good shop, cash only tho, but that's alright. nice and friendly people inside who know each other from visiting

Af sleh - vor 4 Jahren

Very welcoming atmosphere whether you're buying from the window or chilling inside. Great selection and you have to buy one of the edibles.

Jonathan de Visser - vor 7 Jahren

Okay weed. Only cash though. Be aware

JsJ JsJ - vor 7 Jahren

This place is by far the best Coffeeshop in Utrecht ...G-13..kicks ass all day...the interior of this place is top notch...(but be careful on way out)..as its a glass door..and when a bit stoned it's easy to forget its there....like i did..(BAAAANG)..Anyway..the upstairs is heaven and downstairs is HeLL...downstairs rocks...Morocan style seating area...and very spacious..and ever so comfortable....Staff..Are cool also..

Dimitrios Kanellopoulos - vor 7 Jahren

Have not been inside to stay but it looked clean and classy for a coffeeshop. Weed prices where logical and the minimum you could buy was 10e. You will need cash with you as they don't accept cash. Personnel was very friendly.

Mark Linkhorst - vor 8 Jahren

Wound up in Utrecht in 2007 getting off the train because I needed to validate my EU Rail Pass or pay a fine by paying the conductor. Easy choice, get off in Utrecht. During that stay, I had the privilege of spending some quality time at Sarasani and another place not too far from Hi & Lo. Neither of those places were here when I visited again in 2012. Neither was Diablo. Since then I've visited Andersom (first time this visit), Wietstock (you can buy and roll there, but can't smoke, first visit, you could smoke there in 2007), Bordeaux Rood which you can smoke in, and Black & White which you can buy, but not smoke. It almost seems like those places are the cheapest, but Bordeaux Rood has good prices too. I need to check out Cafe Freak to complete my list and t'Grasje. Yeah, so that's Utrecht. As far as Hi & Lo. Watch the door on the way in, it's tranparent green and will knock you in the head if you don't take your act right pill walking in the place. Another warning, at the basement floor, there is a 3-4cm step that I see everyone who walks down there trip over. It got me too. But watching everyone else trip over it was sweet. I wasn't able to get on the wifi here, the network appeared to be open, but it never asked for a password and couldn't connect. As for the weed. I bought some G13-Haze, something reminded me a lot of Jack Frost from my days selling herb in Berkeley at a medical club. Utrecht is perhaps one of the most underrated weed destinations in the Netherlands IMO. Hi & Lo add to that degree of must visit when in Holland. It's the classiest establishment selling cannabis that I've ever been into. My last visit here around this time last year, I was able to see into Sarasani, as the landlord was selling the place because the lease wasn't renewed on the business license. I have respect for him on that, because he didn't just up and throw them out. That place had history, and was much fun. I don't know of anything that could replicate it. As per my visit to Hi&Lo the herb was phenomenal. It wasn't drenched in resin, but it had great flavor, a super uplifting affect. It burned well, I could keep a joint lit. I sat and played some video games on my computer for a good half hour afterwords. I also bought some of the Nepal hashish. Wow, that is really something special. I might stop back there tomorrow for their high end hashish and to relax before I catch my train to Brussels. I really liked the atmosphere of this place. Double door security, plated service. Outside security. Chill rooms, study type rooms. The price is a little higher than the rest of the places I mentioned in this post, but you get what you pay for. It is also no far from the train station, and is a great stop for someone looking for a quality establishment and quality product. If you are looking for cheaper places, Andersom, and the other place that lets you smoke there not far from De Wietstock, Bordeaux Rood is very good. Good ranking for food is because the vending machine selling drinks in the basement was broke.

Buddah Lover - vor 9 Jahren

This place is probably the most amazing coffee shop I have ever walked into. I haven't been to a coffee shop like it. Make sure you walk downstairs. The best bit about this coffee-shop is that it has the best quality weed in Utrecht....


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