Spiegelbeeld Vlaardingen

Hoogstraat, Vlaardingen

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Dżewelajna Dżewelajna - vor 3 Wochen
That is 2 gr ? Alywes they give less gr ,that is not first time .I will alywes make foto after buy and put here to people see clear that is not 2 Gr correctly
Toms Kārklevalks - vor 1 Monat
Do not buy jointa there. Even pure joints for 7euro dont buy there. Buyed 1 pure joint. Tried a bit. A throw it out. It was unsmoke able joint. 7 euros wasted for worst joint ive got so far. And if talking about weed. If best its avarage. Same old strands. Nothing new basicly. And prices arent bad. But the quality needs to be lot better. From 3 different coffeshop this one has the worst amnesia in vlaardingen
Antonio marautti - vor 2 Monaten
The lady hit black hair inside is always smile and good service good English and she make nice atmosfera ....
Better Shwerpy - vor 4 Monaten
Great quality weed, good prices and staff is helpful with choosing
Davids Kolosovs - vor 6 Monaten
Good Haze for a good price, I don't try anything else yet, but pretty sure the rest stuff is good aswell.
ray - vor 1 Jahr
Good staff nice experience
ada260 - vor 1 Jahr
Nice place for walk
Dav Ido - vor 2 Jahren
Fer Luijten - vor 2 Jahren
Joao Oliveira - vor 3 Jahren
good location with good service
Reversed Hub - vor 3 Jahren
By far my favourite as of yet. In my years coming here I've only had a bad batch once or twice. The weed is high quality and most of the staff will always have a talk with you once they know your name. Though i haven't tried their hasj menu all the bud and joints are good quality.
Mate Klindic - vor 3 Jahren
Very good.. Nice

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