Coffeeshop Rivia

Steynlaan 90, Zeist

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Nikaa - vor 2 Monaten
Very good Hybrid
vano - vor 3 Monaten
U can't pay by card
Na Zicher - vor 4 Monaten
Very nice service :D
BulbaK - vor 8 Monaten
The worst coff in Netherlands
Jonathan Benaksas - vor 11 Monaten
After a few times visiting the shop, Have to admit it is a WICKED place ! The weed is TOP , the guy that works there is super kind
Martijn van Trier - vor 11 Monaten
Had to pay in cash, good weed tho
Alex “Ryso” Quartz - vor 1 Jahr
After buying 50 euros worth of weed I asked for the complimentary papers and filters that I would receive in ANY other coffeshop in the Netherlands, but I was refused and made to pay for them. And no, your prices are not any lower than many places ive been. There is no parking spot anywhere near the coffeeshop. You have to pay for parking which is 5 min away. They don't accept card/ There is no ATM ANYWHERE. I had to go to Jumbo 15 min away and ask the cachier. I was reading the Google reviews of the place (in English) and the owner only answers them in Dutch. Disrespectful. No care for customer comfort and satisfaction. Please don't bother replying to me in Dutch, like you did to the others, thanks.
MironTu - vor 1 Jahr
Small grams ...heavy weed or what the f, price is not its no like quality. King regards Miron.
Edward lee - vor 2 Jahren
This place is so amazing! I was before many time in coffeeshop in the Netherlands. For a small town they have a lot of different kind of weed and the value for money is perfect. I wil definitely come back when i am in the area
Viva Energia - vor 2 Jahren
The best coffee , it's my favorite in Zeist.
Ovidiu Candoi - vor 2 Jahren
The perfect place ☺️
Joker Eleven - vor 2 Jahren
Quality very good ...
Tech Ferdi - vor 2 Jahren
Great place to get as high as the clouds
djmanyek - vor 2 Jahren
Good stuff
Ryszard Piotr Rybaczuk - vor 2 Jahren
Fortunately friendly coffeshop :p most important?...good quality !!!
mark greven - vor 5 Jahren
Altijd de beste lemon /Silver Haze !!!!
lolek m - vor 6 Jahren
Super lemon haze
Yaman Kassabbashi - vor 6 Jahren
V.good place
sven van de wardt - vor 7 Jahren
Tent mag wel iets opgeleukt worden en er mag wel iets vriendelijker omgegaan worden met de klant verder best oké spul
A Google User - vor 9 Jahren
Shabby place, run by arrogant and unfriendly Moroccans. Best go elsewhere.

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