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Achter de Arnhemse Poortwal 55, Amersfoort (Stadskern)

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Nacho CheeZ - 5 months ago
Great shop
Hassan Albakri - 8 months ago
Amazing team and product, and i miss this guy
Oskar Magulski - 10 months ago
Good weed and service
VØN ZÖRG - 1 year ago
Blondy was very nice.
Mark C. - 1 year ago
Friendly, quiet location, Excellent product! Will return for sure.
Zio Trench - 1 year ago
Change the staff of this place please, there's a short blonde hair woman working there who is more than rude. She offended me after I simply asked for a grinder. If you are stressed I can understand, but you have no permission to offend and treat a client like this.
Tom Veeneman - 1 year ago
Good coffeeshop vibe, alright products and a nice small area to light up. Definitely a good candidate for a quick purchase, not so much to spend your entire evening.
Johnny Castro - 2 years ago
Pure tabak for €3 and they will send you away if you light up a jount in front of the shop
Carl Rutter - 2 years ago
Reasonable product. Guy on the door was funny and pleasant. Guy who had to stop eating his food to serve me was a moron. Asked to look at and smell one or two strains and he acted like I'd asked him to quickly pop half way around the world. Felt Cheese looked the nicest. Went for a gram, that was nowhere close to gram. Got all the small, stalky bits. Definitely too damp for my liking. Smoking room tiny and really badly set out. Wouldn't recommend.
Riewing Brakke - 2 years ago
Nice shop, not a lot of room, good weed, best coffeeshop when it comes to variety in weed, people who treat you well. Can't pay by card for tobacco
Andrei Mogyoros - 2 years ago
It has all the in's and out's of a comfortable coffee shop near the old Town center of Amersfoort.
Łukasz Szymański - 2 years ago
Respect! I recommend that place
Rick De Jong - 3 years ago
Me and my girl got some stuff from here, only to find out it was laced with something, gave us headaches every-time we smoked it. Save your money and health and go to another place, they clearly don't care what they sell to people.
Lee Gee - 3 years ago
A rude old-aged doorman wouldn't let me in without ID. Horrible. Went to my usual instead.
ik - 3 years ago
Heavily overpriced weed that is way too moist! Go to the Zoo!!!
Aurelie Bronner - 3 years ago
Good smoke with friendly staff and a cosy little smoking area. It is hidden in a cul de sac between shopping streets so don't despair and do use Google maps!
Gabriel T. Gosa - 3 years ago
One of the best store I ever found in Nederlands. Top quality grass.
Adam LANCASTER - 3 years ago
Friendly staff, great buds!! Dr Grinspoon is recommended if available.
Khaled Al Safadi - 5 years ago
The hash there is not good and old Never tried weed
Cold Cali - 5 years ago
Kleine coffeeshop niet zoveel opties, wiet is helaas niet zo bijzonder. Kreeg geld teveel terug, en gaf aan dat ik teveel kreeg en ik mocht het gewoon houden dus top Als die stonede meneer daar is kom ik zeker terug. vandaar ipv 1 ster 2 stuks!
Samir Sbai - 5 years ago
hoge prijs ,slechte kwaliteit heb betere buitenwiet gezien zware afrader
Joaquin Pijnenburg - 5 years ago
Oplichters... 14euro 1gram rommel. Schaam jullie eige.. Jullie make de naam van de shop kapot. Hatelijk!!
A Google User - 10 years ago

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