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420 CAFE
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Oudebrugsteeg 27, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 01:00
    Friday 09:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 09:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.420cafe.com/
  • +31 20 623 4848


Ann Marie Kurasz - 1 month ago

Where else on 4-20-2023 at 4:20 p.m. than the 420 coffee shop? Great time.! Met some very nice people and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Wisers “WisersPeach” Peach - 2 months ago

Appreciated the honest answers, kindness, and simple friendlyness. Which allowed for a fantastic day loaded with space cake and amazing smoke that made our day just as nice as it could have been. Quite place. Perfect for a chilled out experience for newbies or more experienced smokers.

Melisa Ordoñez - 2 months ago

I visited this coffee shop yesterday with my friend and we had one slide of brownie for the two of us,, we where just wanting to have a little bit of fun but then we didn’t expected that this Space cake was wonna be that strong at the point that I started feeling really bad that i passed out and I ended up in the emergency room in a hospital … wasn’t really the best experience.

Antoni Zielinski - 2 months ago

Incredible wee coffeeshop with a very chill and vintage interior look, I really thoroughly enjoy every visit to 420 when in Amsterdam and an added bonus was definitely the gift of rolling paper, grinder and tips on my last trip during my birthday. Incredible kindness and very friendly staff, can't wait to visit again soon!

Lou Alain - 3 months ago

Great vibes, with The Doors music as a background and nice decor. The only downside is the staff starting wrapping up (very loudly and theatrically) about 00:45 am. Fair enough, they want to close, but it spoiled the atmosphere a bit.

Kevin Stevens - 3 months ago

This is another one of those reviews where the people really make the experience, can't say enough about the staff there. They were just amazing, friendly, welcoming, just wonderful people

Daniel Morgan - 4 months ago

Awesome little shmokey coffee shop! Would definitely recommend. Good buds. Good drinks. Really helpful and friendly staff. Loved the Chocomel. Enjoyed a pre-rolled joint as didn't have any of my rolling supply's. Only €4. Atmosphere was lovely. Not problems and gentle feel even at 7-8pm. Would definitely recommend if looking for a spot to smoke.

Darren Bywaters - 5 months ago

Been here a few times now and always have a great time, the staff are really friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is really nice and relaxed, can't wait to visit again.

Frankie Rose - 7 months ago

My favourite coffee shop in Dam! The staff were friendly and knowledgable, the vibe was elite and the coffee was delicious. Definitely better than some of the other well recommended coffee shops in my opinion!

Daniel Doherty - 7 months ago

Awesome little cafe with a good choice of foods, drinks and well.. other stuff too! relaxed atmosphere and close to major transport links makes this a must visit top 5 thing to do in Amsterdam, the staff are fantastic and speak great English... I know' I did make the effort but my Dutch is terrible and they just laughed at me and responded in English :) phew Had a great laugh in here with some of the other customers, some locals and a few Germans on a day trip, brilliant memories can't wait to go back.

Hüseyin Peçenek - 8 months ago

Very friendly place and amazing choice of music.

Carmen Lebron - 9 months ago

Best in this side of town. Ample space, assorted drinks. No alcohol (well not in a Thursday). Awesome personnel. Prices are a bit better a bit away but the ambiance is not as nice.

Ella Kistner - 9 months ago

Currently sat in 420 Cafe, most friendly well run coffeshop in Central Amsterdam. All the staff are wonderful, drinks are very reasonable in price. They offer a nice small menu with access to bongs. They provide papers grinders etc everything you need. Would highly recommend this place for the vibe and staff alone From Ella and Connor, your locals whenever in the city

Josh Marsden - 10 months ago

This café helped me tick a box on my bucket list. I spent a small majority of my day here and used it as a "pit stop" while shopping around downtown Amsterdam. The staff were friendly upon first arrival and were happy to engage in some banter and answer any queries about their products. The coffee was to die for. Amazing value too. It's a great place to relax, perhaps have a friendly chat with like-minded people and self reflect. Other soft drinks are available. They have prerolls available (if you're stuck for time like me) or a small variety of strains. Everything else you'd need is available at the bar, as well as a cleaning station for equipment. Toilets were a bonus. Very well kept. I'll definitely be returning when I return to dam.

Roseanne Sinfield - 10 months ago

This cafe is so warm and friendly and cosy, I make it a point to come every time I come to Amsterdam. The crew are all lovely. Shout out to Jamie who made me feel so comfortable

Bety Feinermannová - 11 months ago

This coffeeshop is a heaven on Earth!!! I absolutely loved it here! The weed, the music, the vibe, just everything!! And also the staff was sooo friendly and helpful!

Paul Walker - 11 months ago

Great spot with a great atmosphere and very knowledgeable staff. This was our first time so we were a little hesitant but they helped guide us towards the right stuff. Unfortunately (as some times happens) my girlfriend took a turn for the worse (effecticly a sugar crash), but the staff immediately jumped into action and helped her recover and gave plenty of free cola and water to help. I would highly recommend for any first timer or more experienced user.

Eric - 11 months ago

Does the famous 420 really need a review? This coffee shop is that meaningful, I carry a lighter bearing their name on me all the time.

Alex Schwab - 11 months ago

Really laid back vibes. They got nice strains that will definitely get you high but not knock you out. The fact that you can play chess here really added to the experience.

Kate Florek - 11 months ago

Beautiful spot! Amazing music, the rooms are really well decorated and the staff is incredible. A special thanks to Nicolò from Florence! Best day :)

Alex Chan - 1 year ago

Good prices, fantastic location, and super friendly staff. The shop had a fantastic atmosphere with Planet Earth playing on the TV and chess boards available. Highly recommend visiting.

shane tuite - 1 year ago

Quality menu and price, staff are always polite and smiling, makes you feel welcome! My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Katarina - 1 year ago

Amazing place. Good staff for good price. Perfect atmosphere, good music and very friendly staff. Recommend to visit.

Ronald Roberts - 1 year ago

This is my first time here and I love it! They actually play good music and the staff is super friendly.

Berry - 1 year ago

Nice place in the city center. Comfortable and friendly environment

Chloe - 1 year ago

Our favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam!!! It's always our first and last stop and always feels so welcoming and cosy. It's so nice to be back and see that they're still here and nothing has changed...don't ever change 420!

Daniel Escalante - 1 year ago

Awesome place! Each table is a different world, specially when you try some of their stuff of course. Definitely going back there when I'm in Amsterdam again.

Kyle O'Keeffe - 1 year ago

Great staff, strict on ID so be prepared to show passport/drivers liscence. Products available are vast, giving the customer lots of choice. Cafe is very chill, selling great coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks. Lovely little spot if you’re looking to stay central and be close to everything but not somewhere absolutely packed!

Julie Aguiar - 1 year ago

There is a lady there who was so impolite with me. But, in the morning I ordered with a guys and they were very nice. She should talk better with their costumers

Soulie Achille - 1 year ago

Space cakes had no effects and we are not used to smoke or else, do not go there for them

Fiona - 1 year ago

Love the variety of weed on offer. Nice relaxing environment. Not as smokey as it used to be.

virginia garrancho - 1 year ago

very nice italian waiters, Noemi and Nico! Thank for the great time

aymen mekni - 1 year ago

Perfect location and atmosphere, nice and friendly staff, good prices. In my opinion, the best in Amsterdam.

Philipp P. - 1 year ago

Very comfortable cafe right in the centrum of Amsterdam! Nice moody lights, paired with nice and helpful employees make this place so lovely. Price for some snacks and drinks are very good. Around 2€ for a coffee could be much worse in this area. It's a go to place for me Personally Everytime I am here

Mitsos Frixou - 1 year ago

One of the warmest coffee shops in Amsterdam. In terms of friendliness the staff are spot on. Lovely atmosphere and great pricing only 2 euros for coffee.

Re no - 1 year ago

The friendliest coffeeshop in all of Amsterdam. @Staff: It was very nice with you. thank you for your hospitality :)

Huwei Toast Kawaii :3 - 1 year ago

The staff is super nice, the atmosphere is amazing as well. I even got some inspiration to draw some stuff. Definitely recommend it!

Kiera Botha - 1 year ago

It is a very nice place to sit and smoke with friends. It is well priced and has a good atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and helpful.

Domina Mia Wallace - 1 year ago

Nice place, nice selection and the staff was very helpful and polite

Alice Bartels - 1 year ago

Amazing, love the ambience, love the products. I mean aesthetic shouldn't matter here, but the rolling of the joints and the tubes they come in was my absolute highlight. Also the tobacco alternative on the table (tea it was I think) was quite enjoyable.

sumita shaw - 1 year ago

I bought two edibles lemon and chocolate cake. As per instructions one slice per person. I ate both the slices one hour interval and guess what nothing happened. 14 Euros wasted. Don’t buy edibles. Period.

Jan W - 2 years ago

This is one of my favourite cofeshops in Amsterdam to get weed, hang out a bit and meet new people. I love the 420 Haze in here and in general everything you can smoke. The edibles can be improved a lot in my opinion on the other hand. They appear to me to not be dosed very well. I usualy do not really get high from eating a complete piece. Anyway ones I had a strong high on them. Similar situation when I didn't feel much but my girlfriend had even a bit too strong effect and we both have the same experience with edibles.

Leandi Jane Van Staden - 2 years ago

This was my first time that I went to a coffee shop. I really liked it. It was very clean inside and the service was really good. It was also not to crowded. I went with my love off my life and this is one off my best memories in my life.

Coffee n’ Peanuts - 2 years ago

When you see the sign, you maybe like who thought of this wonderful name? Great history behind the 420 story. Check it out. Nice bar lit place. Staff was kind. You need your fix? Go there. Moderate prices. Tasty flavors to choose from!

Wayne Beale - 2 years ago

When you see the sign, you maybe like who thought of this wonderful name? Great history behind the 420 story. Check it out. Nice bar lit place. Staff was kind. You need your fix? Go there. Moderate prices. Tasty flavors to choose from!

Štěpán Škrach - 2 years ago

My favourite coffee shop in the city centre. I have never been disappointed with what I acquired there. The atmosphere is also pretty chill when you decide to sit in. Their staff is always happy to help and prices favourable. Highly recommended.

Robert Trzebiński - 2 years ago

awesome people work there

Nikhil Khanna - 2 years ago

Best place to chill

Julian Young - 2 years ago

A great little place, nice modest menu, good, cheerful staff, Yorkshire tea and real actual coffee

Jan Laufing - 2 years ago

Amazing place. Feels like home when entering the cafe! Good prices for great smoke. Cheers guys for having a great time

Nathan Guilbaud - 2 years ago

Lovely coffee shop, if you like a 80's vibe it's wonderful Staff is welcoming Be careful tho, it is a bit small

Shakti Murals - 2 years ago

i earned a souvenir from cafe 420 - great place near by the AMS central - pure stuff and great coffee.. must must MUST MUST visit place...

Rubin Patel - 2 years ago

lucky to get souvenir from cafe 420 - god bless the luckiest employees and employer both.. great place near by the AMS central - pure stuff and great coffee..

Rev Fv - 2 years ago

Loved the atmosphere and the music.. 100% recommend if you just wanna chill and have a good time.

Lorena Sacramento - 2 years ago

Good stuff, good prices and super nice staff!!

Sue Clayton - 3 years ago

Not accustomed to coffee shops, we popped in here to experience the merchandise. Very helpful staff, explained everything to us before we purchased and fully prepared us for the negatives as well as the positives. Obviously a pungent smell of weed in the air and it was very busy and crowded, we assumed it was a popular reputable establishment . Was happy with our outcome, ticked it off the bucket list. Probably wouldn't come back here but that's our choice, nothing to do with the place itself.

Sam Bristow - 3 years ago

Really nice place, good weed good prices. If your a brit they have Yorkshire tea available for 1.50 which is about the best price your get for a hot drink. Nice bar area for solo visitors along with seating for groups. Not massive but plenty big enough. Staff are really nice too.

Mark Lyon - 3 years ago

This is my faveroute coffee shop in Amsterdam. I have a few other places I really like, but I generally start and end my trip at 420. Why is it so good? well the music is really chilled and relaxed, gererally older rock music. The product is reliable. They have several bongs that you can borrow. Staff are really friendly. Back in the day, it also served beer and it still retains that relaxed pub atmosphere, there are even pool tables at the back. There is a large window at the front that looks out onto a reasonably busy side street and faces a really good cake shop, fab for people watching. Its also not far from the main station.

Paige Kerr - 3 years ago

Amazing Coffeeshop, fantastic atmosphere. Will be a regular visitor anytime I visit and couldn’t recommend it more. Best prices for hot drinks and joints, the bud is fantastic too. Outstanding and friendly service.

Louise Glen - 3 years ago

Go. And go down the back. Don't be put off by how it looks. Nice staff.

Paul Felix Gruber - 3 years ago

Great place! I had a little too much and had to step outside for some fresh air. Within about a minute, i had a chair to sit on, a soda in my hand and they had told my girlfriend. Excellent service and great atmosphere! 100/5 stars.

Kathleen Robertson - 3 years ago

If you like coffee (Wink) this is a great laid back coffee shop. Sit on the street sip coffee, have a smoke and watch bicyclist ride by. Nice and relaxing atmosphere! staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about what types of things they have to sell. The guy behind the counter was pretty safe and the weed here was good quality, we recommend the Gorilla Glue. The interior of the place was lovely and clean and it was a relaxed vibe.

A E - 3 years ago

As this was the first ever coffeeshop we stepped into I wanted it to have a special place in my heart, but I have to be honest the marijuana here is absolutely low-grade low-quality which is very unfortunate. However we experienced amazing service by The Woman Behind the Counter, I remember just sitting there having coffee which was €2 at the time, hopefully it still is, she was smiling looking happy and everyone was sitting down relaxed and talking and enjoying their time in that coffee shop. So if you want to go here just go and have a drink here if you want to enjoy that atmosphere which sometimes there is an atmosphere in there, and smoke weed that's been purchased from another shop.

Danielle Schmid - 3 years ago

All I can say is WOW!!! First of all, the cleanest coffee shop hands down! I requested a bong each time I went and every time I got one it looked brand new. Second, coffee, sodas and teas were only 1 euro! This was the first one I went to, went to a couple others, definitely didn't feel as comfortable as I did at 420 Cafe.

Steve - 3 years ago

I always enjoy coming here especially for the chess sets they have out. It can get quite busy but it's fun smoking and playing chess with all sorts of people. If you don't want to play chess you can just chill with a coffee or a soft drink of your choice.

Kaitlin Frank - 3 years ago

I always love this place. Every time I’m in Amsterdam I hit up this spot. The staff are always friendly and nice and you can’t go wrong with their hit chocolate

Phil V - 4 years ago

Expect it to be busy but if you are lucky and get a nice seat you will enjoy it. The staff is friendly, the coffee is good and so is the herbs. Prices are higher but it is average for the area and do not mind paying a bit extra for consistent quality

Rose W - 4 years ago

Out favorite cafe in Amsterdam. Very friendly bartender and a cozy atmosphere. Can get very very busy though. Will definitely go here again one day!

Shan P - 4 years ago

Had a nice time, was a comfortable space to enjoy a hot chocolate and a smoke. There was a incident with what appeared to be a homeless man trying to get smoke for free from a lovely couple and management noticed it quickly. Despite the man being fairly aggressive it was dealt with professionally and quickly. We then notice the owner/general manager sit down with the couple and deeply apologise and try ensure they were having a nice time. Really impressed with the staff and their customer service. Would definitely visit again.

Dávid Veszelovszki - 4 years ago

I bought a joint here, costed €4, which is a really good price I'd say. Two sips got me completely stoned, then I needed to put it out to stay alive :P I had a very happy ride back home in the train, the 15 minute ride felt like 2 hours. Really good stuff, great value. Two of us were stoned off of it for two nights. :D

Samuel Skinner - 4 years ago

Of the coffee shops I have been to in Amsterdam, this is my favourite. It's a great size for a smoke and drink. Music plays at a relaxed volume and the staff are welcoming and happy to help explain things. Prices are super slightly more than other places you can go, but if you're looking for somewhere that feels comfortable and has good quality stuff then I think it's worth going to the 420 Cafe.

Loamy Loamy - 4 years ago

One of my favourite places to smoke in Amsterdam! Really relaxed vibe, with nature documentaries on repeat! Also a real mean latte for a mere €2

Luke James - 4 years ago

Great place packed every night. We were not lucky enough to find a seat to stay and hang out. The to go packages were enjoyed down the street.

Peter Leonard - 4 years ago

Really chill clean atmosphere, not busy, amazing quality products & service. Friendly staff & free herb mix much better than tobacco. Thanks for the great time! :).

Alan Lee - 4 years ago

Visited April 2016. Bought a pre-roll and smoked it there which was pretty potent. Nice cups of coffee. Staff were not particularly friendly.

Isabelle Hufty - 4 years ago

Fantastic place ! By far our favourite coffee in the center. Super adorable staff, and the prices are quite low for the area (cheapest teas we've seen around, at 1.50€). Bongs are easily available (but maybe a bit too big) and the weed is very good, not too pricey. The music is constantly AMAZING (mainly old school rock and stuff) and the volume is good. The best thing about this place ? There's a TV (not invasive - neither huge nor loud) that's ALWAYS on the animal channel. I love seeing cute bears and listening to the Beatles while stoned. I love this coffee shop. There's lots of people sometimes though, and the space cakes are not super potent.

Leonardo Discornia - 4 years ago

This place has a cool variety of smoking accessories. We were given a free-use bong and grinder, papers and herb mix. Recommended!

Megan Ruth - 4 years ago

Started and ended the afternoon/evening. Their drink prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly and helpful. ((and you can borrow a grinder, whaaaaa, much needed)). I enjoyed the fact that there was no tobacco allowed, so that makes the air a bit better.

Jaymes O'Brien - 4 years ago

Helpful staff very friendly and funny. They just want you to enjoy your time and be assured of what you're buying. Busy location. Not in a shady area.

Naomi Villebrun - 4 years ago

Easy to get to from our hotel. Very good coffee. Nice staff. Don't smoke but enjoyed the coffee and people I met.

Ayaz Arshad - 4 years ago

Lovely place and team. Very welcoming. Just keep your ID if you look like you're under 18, lol. The weed prices range from 11 euros to 18 euros per gram depending on the type. Hash is around 5 euros - 10 euros per gram. A rolled joint is 7-8 euro. The seating is first come first serve, just grab a chair and start rolling, order hot or cold drinks if you like. No food menu.

Marcin Sadlo - 4 years ago

My sweet spot close to Central Station, I think that weed could be bit better but I like the vibe and super friendly staff, if you are new to Amsterdam pop in as you will be much less out of your depth with advice from staff and friendly people around you even if some might look bit rough... Great place to start weed adventure

Tom Walker - 4 years ago

Always a warm welcome from the staff and fellow smokers. Nice place to chill and watch nature documentaries - along with the world going by. My favourite coffeeshop!

A Sh - 4 years ago

Great cafe for the location of being so central. Staff and atmosphere very friendly, product is fairly priced but nothing special.

Secure R Us - 5 years ago

I love this place and so do all my friends that visit. It's the most welcoming coffee shop in the Dam and has been for a long time. Always great staff. Thanks you

Clare Burns - 5 years ago

My partner is all about that lemon cake, he's not a chocolate lover and to find something that wasn't just brownies was awesome. Nice variety. Awesome atmosphere, not a pressured environment just nice and laid back. Also make a very nice latte.

Michael Hetzel - 5 years ago

This place had a very cool, old bar style that’s interesting to visit. I personally had the chocolate space cake and it was really tasty. It didn’t have a strong earthy taste and the texture was great as well. The service was just fine and overall I would come back here again. It’s also conveniently located near the main central station which is great for those having to walk.


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