Babylon Coffeeshop
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Beursstraat 27a, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Maciej Sobczyński - 1 month ago
Good location and firendly staff. The produce was reasonably priced but lacked a bit in quality.
Bewerteur - 1 month ago
Quiet and nice atmosphere in there.
Tiva Kay - 2 months ago
Very nice shop with a really good menu!! Usually queit compared to other shops which makes it much better! Staff are friendly and helpful. Definitely will recommend and is a place I always visit when visiting Amsterdam.
shanasparks17 - 2 months ago
Very confy and cute place
Florian Moosburger - 2 months ago
Baddest preroll, the taste was realy Bad... Never again...
Kristoffer Andreassen - 3 months ago
Good stuff
Mohanad Salahat - 3 months ago
Good and relaxing place
Jon Heron - 4 months ago
Really good coffeeshop, they have their own strain of weed, called Babylon and it's really good. I tried to get some seeds off them but they were having none of it! Good weed, decent staff . .
gavin green - 5 months ago
Great coffee shop, good selection of drinks and edibles. Good selection of Dank weeds and well priced, good relaxing place and atmosphere. Very friendly staff will stop and chat with anyone. Love this place❤️
Phil Martinez - 10 months ago
A coffeeshop near Amsterdam Central. Good place to just enjoy at the end of the day. The place isn't really big but they have everything you basically need, the owners are also friendly and kind.
Nils - 10 months ago
Looks quite nice
PXS - 1 year ago
Good coffe shop, bad bubble gum but other strains are all right
Karikalan Atputhasigamany - 1 year ago
Amazing staff, cool and relaxing Lounge and most importantly good Smokes!! Will definitely be visiting here everytime I visit Amsterdam!!!
Nicola Brierley - 1 year ago
Love this place,
nicolas terres - 1 year ago
Comfortable siting . Quality m!
M Y S T H I X //DRUGTALK - 1 year ago
Baba Weed
Dean - 2 years ago
Great little find, comfortable seating, friendly staff, good product. All good
Chelsea Coetzer - 2 years ago
This place was very cool in theory but it needs better ventilation. The joints are not always pure cannabis and that means that you are sitting in tabacco smoke as well. My partner was ill from all the tabacco smoke in the room. That being said the owner was very helpful and the area to sit in was comfortable, it could have done with a bit of a clean.
M.k Hasan - 2 years ago
First of all, sitting arrangement was not so good. I Did not like the approach of the stuffs. The door is always locke and you can only enter if you must buy a drinks. Did not find the coffeshop relax enough. Thank you. Hope everything will be improved.
Hugo Djemaa - 2 years ago
Small place, but people working there are very nice.
Simon Eastwood - 2 years ago
Great coffee shop
Diranged ADC - 2 years ago
Was my favourite of the lot. Really friendly staff and really chilled vibe. Loads to choose from and plenty of refreshments .. will be visiting again
William Hutton Walker - 2 years ago
Great place to visit. Good weed , good atmosphere , good people back in april
AARON SOMMERNESS - 2 years ago
Great staff! Here for four days and only went here! Great Hash, pure joints, and the smoke room always has great people to talk to. WOW.
John Savin - 2 years ago
Nice chilled relaxed shop. Always go here when in town owners and workers so friendly and inviting
Adam O'Gorman - 3 years ago
Good quality product and a clean environment.
taylor carless - 3 years ago
you have to buy a drink to sit down but you are going to want a drink when you have a smoke here. the seating area has tables but you can not fit you knees under. it didnt bother me because the style of the place was great, the bud was great and they had toilets we could use. it can be a little hot boxed in there but if you have a drink you will survive. loved it here all the same. will visit again.
Tomas Seniut - 3 years ago
Looks dated, but prices are reasonable. Would not recommend staying in, better places around
Tom Nolan - 3 years ago
Good selection. Relaxed atmosphere. A little hidden away.
William Kent - 3 years ago
Majid made this one of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam! Highly recommend! Good prices and great atmosphere with plenty of refreshments.
A Google User - 3 years ago
Fued is the best;) great coffee shop
Thomas Pizzini - 3 years ago
Fued is the best;) great coffee shop
Rhianna Gill - 3 years ago
We got here after being directed by a barman and it Was closed, looked like it was being refurbished
Saqib Bashir - 4 years ago
Helpful staff. Decor could be better
Alex Doherty - 4 years ago
This was our first port of call for Amsterdam and whilst the smoke was decent and reasonably priced, the internals could do with a spruce up.
Daniel Kirby - 4 years ago
Small place with a nice vibe. Men's toilet is in the main room with no lock or toilet seat but apparently the ladies is much nicer. Decent music. Worth dropping by.
Scott Holder - 5 years ago
This is quite possibly the most relaxed cafe in Amsterdam. Relaxing music, relaxing atmosphere. Obviously allowed to smoke herb but not tobacco. Look before you sit as the owner has a cat and I nearly sat on her. It is the chilliest cat you've ever met ???? I highly (no pun intended) recommend this place. Not sure if herb is served here.
Andrew Bauld - 5 years ago
Best smoke shop out there.
Simon Endrovski - 5 years ago
Fast service and nice choices best little bit too crowded.
chamo angel - 5 years ago
shity shop shity weed shity service.
Rodrigo Bastias - 5 years ago
While I was traveling in Europe for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides I didnt receive the best impression. Staff are rude and not really knowledgeable about their own products. I came in and left straight away.
מור נחום - 6 years ago
The best coffee shop ever!!!!! Owners very kind good hospitalety Very good weed in good price I check all and sore i will be back to this one:)) Mor & Levona ❤ Israel
Lee Spencet - 6 years ago
Best for best. Ubb oo pooks
Finnuala Shields - 6 years ago
Our first and last stop of the day
Adam coley - 6 years ago
My favourite coffeeshop
Mark Hallam - 9 years ago
Nice place to chill

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