The Bulldog

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Shane Moseley - 1 month ago
There is deep rich history as you enter then doors of the FIRST coffee shop in Amsterdam that was brave enough to operate and allow smokers to visit the basement! The various displays show information on times past and the upstairs coffee is absolutely delicious!!! Duck your head below the atarircase ceiling and climb downstairs and enjoy a fresh smoke!!! There is various mementos for sale throughout the store and the atmosphere is fantastic!!! I would like to visit the other locations around the world sometime!
Nic Esp - 2 months ago
The rudeness of the bald old man with glasses at the cash desk does not go unnoticed. The coffee shop is mainly frequented by tourists. There are many others less known but more comfortable.
Guillermo Balboa - 2 months ago
Extremely rude staff. They were extremely disrespectful to my mother, who was eager to try one of their edibles as she was a first time user. The staff uses dutch directness as an excuse for blunt rudeness. They only wanted to rush them along the purchase. Zero patience, zero empathy, zero customer centric attitude, even for the already low dutch service standards. There are many more friendlier coffeeshops around. Don't waste your money here.
Humberto Sauri Brown - 3 months ago
The first coffeeshop in Amsterdam, and the world. I didn't tried their "coffee", but being there grabbing a drink (non-alcoholic) and having a good time is recommended. The music and the whole vibe of the place is amazing.
Giu - 3 months ago
I went there three times and it was always a good experience. There friendly and the bouncers are always funny. I felt welcomed as a solo female traveler. The edibles are yummy and definitely make you feel good. The sativa will give you the best high. They give you 4 prerolleds for like 14 € and half was enough for me and other light weights. But please don’t go there for your first high and expect anything majorly. Nonetheless the muffins are nice for beginners
Helen Bui - 3 months ago
Best cafe by the canal. It has an amazing vibe with smiley and friendly members of staff. We came here twice, once to pick up and another to sit in to hang out with some sweets and drinks. I would highly recommend as you’ll have a great time!
Archo - 4 months ago
It had a really nice atmosphere and design but, a lady behind the bar almost turned on all the tourist, verbally abusing them, being unnecessarily rude to them. She shouted out someone’s order and then followed up with “if you think I’m bringing it over, think again” So out of interest, I looked up the Bulldog’s reviews and she is mentioned multiple for being bad staff! She was horrible and has stained my image of a lovely coffee. I will not be going back and I’ll be making sure to tell people about my experience before they go. The Bulldog, go it you want to be made uncomfortable!
Elisavet Savv. - 5 months ago
Cozy coffee shop if u r lucky enough to find a table inside. Good quality weed. A "must go" if u r visiting Amsterdam.
podi - 6 months ago
Visited this shop while being in transit. The lady at the bar was sooooo rude for no identified reasons. It was insane. 1) We got in the bar, were barely said hello bu told straight away to sit immediately and stay at our table. I was specifically told to only consult the menu at my table, not at the bar, eventhough orders were possible at the bar (we saw it). We did not say anything but thought it was strange. 2) We asked for a long black coffee- were told its not available so we asked for additional hot water if it was possible and were almost scold because it would be charged extra - double the price actually- fine with us, we said. We still did not say anything. 3) Asked for a glass of water: response: not available, only in a bottle - fine with us - at that point, she did not let us finish our order, turned back upset and brought back an already open water bottle - my boyfriend tasted it and advised not to drink it because the taste was off - we suspect she might have put something in it. I dont understand why some people feel they can be mean and nasty to people, just because they feel like it. Its crazy.
Shimo Meariki - 8 months ago
Recommended if you have too much money. They sell original 100% true and only tobacco joints
Tommy White - 8 months ago
People were super nice and had pressure. Very helpful and loaned grinders, cones and papers. Not a tourist trap
Katia Flores - 8 months ago
Low quality products. Tourist trap and the mostly rude staff. There are many other coffee shops in Amsterdam that offer better products, friendly staff and fair price.
Conan Scholl - 9 months ago
A classic, but often crowded due to its great location. On our last visit, the music was annoyingly loud, which was a bit of a shame. Otherwise, you are served here friendly and the staff is happy to give professional information. Certainly a tourist magnet, which one can visit. But there are also other great places in the city.
Tatiana M - 9 months ago
My favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Simply the best. Great iced coffee and hot cocoa
Natalie Turley - 11 months ago
very cute little shop! very cute decor and hand painted walls that you can stare at forever snd see something new each time. nice menu selection (cheapest I have been able to find in Amsterdam as well), very friendly security and staff that will help with any questions. would recommend!!
Oliver Hoffmann - 11 months ago
Wow. Every day you will come the shop is full of people. But where you are. The service always handled it with respect and knowledge. Wait 5 minute and you got more that you expected. Really good shop over years. And thanks for the girl of the bar for coffee and cleaning skills ✊
Abhishek Holla - 1 year ago
This particular Bulldog cafe didn't feel hospitable enough with that lady bully walking around. I think the place and remaining staff around are chill, but never got so mistreated in Netherlands in my 2 years as this waitress. Give her a smoke and ask her to peace the f out please.
Krisztián Kreiner - 1 year ago
Very old place. Upstairs the coffee downstairs "the shop" unfortunately on the already rolled "cigarettes" do not have any details about the ingredients. Some of them have tabac in it but it is not palpably marked. Both the coffee and the shop are on good level of price and quality.
Wassim Siegel - 1 year ago
Yesterday I went to Bulldog Coffeshop with a friend in Amsterdam, the service is great, everything else too!
Creazy - 1 year ago
The services was great, and the quality of product too, but I'm little bit sad about taste of hash
Nenad Dobrić - 1 year ago
Nice coffe. Nice atmosphere. Music is great. Altough the outside terrace is a bit small
Alex Allen - 1 year ago
This chain of coffee shops are one of the best in Amsterdam it's ideal for tourists, a lot of locals visit these coffee shops and there are few dotted about all over. They have different styles and different types of music and the one in the red light area was the very first coffee shop to open in Amsterdam.
S. Parmar - 1 year ago
Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the old guy at the serving counter who many have encountered but even his negative behaviour doesn't affect custom (maybe via the substances they have short term memory loss). I went for a pre-rolled and guess what I didn't smoke any cannabis at all. I reckon he must pack them. If they want better customer relations he needs to be removed. Also Holland as a tourist board should look into this as he clearly affects the way people will see their trip to the country unlike other friendly citizens.
its dini - 1 year ago
Toilets were absolutely disgusting. The bartender was nice but slow. Food was overpriced. I'd definitely suggest to go for Bulldog palace instead. It's not as small.
Vicky&Ted “Assistant In Training” Eckstein - 1 year ago
Fab place to go chill to out have smoke
Allen Neil - 1 year ago
Cool place but bad service
Nunzio Rubino - 1 year ago
Never been handled like this, so unfriendly.
Zio Frate - 1 year ago
Never been handled like this, so unfriendly.
Jan Zámečník - 1 year ago
A really nice place to enjoy some cannabis.
Damian G - 1 year ago
Cool place. Great selection... The hot cocoa is tops.
Damien Mason - 2 years ago
Nice outside plenty of tables and chairs. Socially distanced coffeeshop inside, right by the canal for a nice peaceful time would recommend
Kam Leung - 2 years ago
If you want to try cannabis or never try it the first time. Just go here and you’ll totally get sorted. From strains to types and edibles. Just a 5 star hotel for cannabis users. They even have a hall of fame collage of many stars. Just to show you they know their stuff. ☘️☘️☘️
Yankı Üçkardeşler (yank4vanquish) - 2 years ago
Great music selection, cosy atmosphere, although I would not suggest to go here during busy hours. try the milkshake(it is truly amazing)! Prices are lower than I expected considering the fame of the place but definitely not the cheapest.
Michael Asheroff - 2 years ago
Very interesting visit. The places is a bit touristy because of it's location but the people watching made up for it. Prices were higher than you would find outside of the area but not outrageous. Drinks were not cheap but very large and well done. Other high quality products are readily available. Would recommend this one
Jack Winstone - 2 years ago
Very interesting spot with a bar serving some decent cold beer. There basement also has some reasonable offerings. Only downside is it can be very cramped when busy. The staff are freindly and it is an Iconic spot all round.
Sagar Patel - 2 years ago
One of many chilled coffee shops in Amsterdam. Warm, cosy environment to be with your mates. It can be quite cramped but you’ll have to go at the right time. The place has a lot of history behind it, you’d only have to look at the lamp papers to see. I would highly recommend going here.
Devarshi Choudhury - 3 years ago
Cool-ass vibes with a chill atmosphere and tripped-out music, this place is among the best if looking to smoke up indoors and getting higher than ever before. The quality of dope is sky-high and the menu is catered perfectly for them munchies. A bit pricey, but given it's location and services, it's worth it
Stefan Mitik - 3 years ago
The first and most popular coffeshop in Amsterdam. After the colorful images on the wall, you get easily attracted by the smell. Decent prices and nice staff. They offer food and beverages which are not so expensive. You can stay there for a long period of time. When it's sunny, they open up a terrace to sit outside. It is located right in the center of the city, opposite the Red Light District, so it's easily accessible by tourists. My friend goes there everytime he is in Amsterdam.
tee mupfumira - 3 years ago
really friendly staff and the service was equally as great...great selection of the product but it's a really tight squeeeze getting in...not too bad as the atmosphere isnt all that bad... id go back any day
Nikayla Tucker - 3 years ago
Love the atmosphere of this place, small and cosy. Hard to find a place to sit at times but always have good music on and really nice staff. Could spend forever looking at all the photos of celebrities who have visited. First coffeeshop in Amsterdam so I would definitely recommend visiting this place on your trip. Leave a note on a rolling paper on the ceiling!
Oana Maria Simtion - 3 years ago
The design catches your attention, right after the smell. Friendly staff, good quality, decent prices. There's a nice stop outside if you want to relax. Also there is a boat station right outside, if you are waiting for a ride, this place is a good resting spot.
Vicky Elizabeth - 3 years ago
Great place but not enough room for the amount of attention it gets... very crowded! However good vibe and nice staff :)
Rashad Bakirov - 3 years ago
The Bulldog is a Nice place in “De Wallen” heart of Amsterdam. Try go little bit early. After 20:00, you can not even move inside The Bulldog and also forgot to order something during next 20min. Actually here also coming very famous people. Sometimes they are also checking your pass to know you age. But i think i saw here also many young people
Zaren - 6 years ago
Has a good variety of smoke and is usually busy. Great place to talk to other travelers.
Matthew R - 6 years ago
Place was pretty packed when we got there, definitely not a chill atmosphere but not terrible either. We walked downstairs and grabbed a 4 pack of white widow reefers. They were well put together and had filters. I just took one or two hits as I don't smoke and was definitely feeling it. My girlfriend said she felt like she was 17 again and smoking for the first time. There are a lot of coffee shops in Amsterdam, perhaps some better and less expensive, but there's nothing wrong with the product here.
Roy Kallaye - 6 years ago
Staff are not friendly enough and, in general, the place itself is good. Crowded almost all the time.
Laurent Grima - 6 years ago
Full of tourists and unfriendly bouncers, but the place is still nice. I must say that surprisingly, the space cakes are really good at bulldogs.
Iain. Gibson - 7 years ago
Same as most of the other reviews... As a coffee shop it is a tragedy and the staff are mostly unfriendly.. The downstairs area seems to be where the happier staff are and the cannabis menu is good and well priced. Premises are way too small and the poor lay out means if there is more than 6 people in the queue the stairs and seating area are blocked off..

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