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Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat 43, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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A. S. - 3 weeks ago
Rudest service I ever experienced & let me tell you, I live in Berlin & am used to rudeness, but that was another level. Fair prices tho, wouldn’t visit again because baaaaad vibes
Oscar Pino Albareda - 1 month ago
Never felt treated so badly in my life. The young blonde woman that works there is the rudest person on earth... won't come back ever again. Don't know who owns the business but she is ruining it. Good luck
Philipp Beach - 1 month ago
Been to Amsterdam a few Times and I‘m very surprised I never heard about this place! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Cali prices are like in every shop around 30. but with they also have some crazy good dutch grown Cali with affordable prices. Damn that was good! Highly recommend the blue gelato! Nice living room atmosphere in the smokearea and the bar in the front looks pretty high class! I will definitely come back to this shop! Thank you!
Gaidis Silevičs - 1 month ago
Friendly staff. Really liked the vibe. Big seating area. Good selection, great prices. Recomended
Andrea Sartorio - 2 months ago
Prices high but very good strains if you have the eye
john doe - 2 months ago
Rude girl working when I went. I was polite and just got attitude plus they don’t want anybody coming in. This I be another to shut soon.
Alex Bartolini - 2 months ago
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. One of the best selections I've seen in Dam. Highly recommend and will definitely be returning.
FlHuncho - 6 months ago
Amazing Cookie Kush at the moment !!
A Google user - 7 months ago
Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam, after you can get a pizza at New York pizza just 5 minutes away..
92 XX - 11 months ago
One of the best coffeeshop of Amsterdam in terms of quality of the products and the team is nice !
francesco lanzillo - 1 year ago
Worst quality you could get
Edv Vardo - 1 year ago
Nice woman cassier. Knows what shes selling + borrow me lighter. It very rare those times
Matīss Gluzgis - 1 year ago
The best.
ryan perry - 1 year ago
Best dutch strains around for a decent price.
Malo Bail - 1 year ago
Great place, great staff, great weed, great drinks = great time!!!
Anna Hiska - 1 year ago
Great place!
Dominik Deckert - 2 years ago
The best Mango Haze in Town and a realy goed Service
Manos Fls - 2 years ago
The room inside is very cosy, The prices are very good compared to other places in the city, amazing green apple and purple mix - 5 € per Gram / with leftovers of other good weeds The staff is helpful and friendly, The mint tea - try it with your joint - is amazing and well prepared (I mixed it with fresh water and tasted great) Overall it's a 4 star, but I'll give it 5 cause I had a good time
cameron wynne - 2 years ago
Awesome coffeeshop, decent selection of product including hash and moonrock
Farid Nasiry - 2 years ago
One of the Best Coffeeshop all over the World (For me the best One)
f4k34cc - 2 years ago
At least the Sour Apple Haze flavor is not natural. More like Shisha flavor. But still strong Weed and the other Strains were good.
Jiří Genkov - 2 years ago
Tasty herbs and coffee, great people, nice staff! Was on my way to the centre and this is the first coffeeshop I have visited. Staff is one of the friendliest I have came across. Place to visit again soon!
P TZAMBAZLIS - 2 years ago
Nice place to chill... recommend the carmona crazy haze!
Ian - 2 years ago
Ok I think a lot of people are missing out on this place honestly !! It is by far the best cs in Amsterdam friendly when u come in and the choice of flower and hash are quality!! Now on to the smoke hands down the best the strawberry haze taist like red starburst✋!! Mango haze maybe even fruityer ..people have stopped and asked what I'm smoking random people just over the pure sweet smell of goodness ..going back today for sure ...also prices will not be beaten fact ! Absulute gem of a CS you have to check it out can't wait to go back ☘
Helen Harding - 2 years ago
Relaxing good atmosphere. Banging smoke
jim kries - 3 years ago
Very friendly people, super strong stuff (sour apple), i always go back there, defently a MUST for stoners. Much fun because of a lot of games (digital and boardgames). And lots of pipes and bongos to try.
Jed Tinsley - 3 years ago
Very friendly staff, nice relaxed atmosphere inside. Didn't feel unwelcoming or exclusive like a lot of Dutch coffeeshops try to be. Open to a wide array of customers and not in Amsterdam's tourism central which is nice.
anthne - 3 years ago
This has to be THE BEST coffee shop, very friendly staff I recommend this, I will definitely be coming back very soon weed is also Quality
ferdinando iannelli - 3 years ago
Coffeeshop number one in Amsterdam! Very nice end unique situation.. Top!!!
Lucas Cooper - 3 years ago
Great coffeeshop, nice strong coffee and great herb sat here chilling before we go home.
Juan Alberto Porras María - 3 years ago
Best flavour's weed in Amsterdam, i have been there twice and i will come back
Francis Carroll - 3 years ago
Been to carmona a few times, a good place to chill as it's close to where I stay and I try to visit if I'm local or passing. In fact I.ll be visiting next week. Good choices and strains and never had a problem.
DopeBoyUk187 - 6 years ago
Great coffee shop. Check out the sour apple haze for potency and flavour it's amazing. Nice relaxed atmosphere with great music, wifi access and TVs.
Laurence Barnard - 6 years ago
Stoner cat sat in my lap and stared at my knees for 2 hours. 10/10 would smoke there again.
Samuel Snorreson - 6 years ago
Sour Apple Haze!!!! The best weed in amsterdam with a incredible taste!
Webster - 7 years ago
Worst space cake, dry and had dry herb in it tasted bad. Bad customer service, asked how much was in the cake and got 'dont know they are all different' meaning i do not even know how much THC i am ingesting. Could be 0.1g for all i know...
Yevgeny Bendersky - 7 years ago
Cozy, usually not populous, has a cute cat 5 out of 5 Would smoke again
Harvey Specter - 7 years ago
Small, too small. Creepy dodgy trance music inadequate for the space, a funny cat walking around, beautiful girl selling the joints. My stars go only to her. A bit claustrophobic spot and only with big tables wich makes unwelcome guests to seet next to you.

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