Coffeeshop D & L
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Govert Flinckstraat 323, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Dominic Cassidy - 7 months ago
Great coffeeshop, a lot less touristy than some. Staff are helpful and the prices are very good, 5 white widow or haze joints for €10. Nice atmosphere inside too, there's even a cat.
Frank Dreado - 9 months ago
Became my favourite! Sweet silver haze (5g 32.5euro!!!) And top hasish general this place have high quality things. Kind and trained staff.
Abdel El haddar - 9 months ago
Best maroccain Hasj en good quality weed. Very good service to.
jesse wheeler - 9 months ago
Perfect service, one of the best in Amsterdam. Good prices, quality and great specials (Especially joint specials.)
Edv Vardo - 10 months ago
Very friendly guy, the minimum is 5eu, can pay mastercard, recieved papers for free! Space to seat, normal prices. Comparing to location high standard
Aditya Vishwanath - 11 months ago
Very informal and relaxed place to smoke/buy and chill. Reggae music and hookah additionally. A slice of Morocco in Amsterdam. Shukran habibi !
Alvaro Di Cesare - 11 months ago
Best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Best prices and very good people, the music is also very good to smoke inside and feel glad!
Eran Schori - 1 year ago
Nice staff, very friendly. Best prices around. Check the peak hours.
Tejeev Patel - 1 year ago
Take card, are friendly and helpful, and even better prices than some others with "better" locations. Good people from my brief interaction
m kay - 1 year ago
Very nice people friendly kind they gave me free paper !
Christian Scavo - 1 year ago
Good, friendly staff. The flower is reasonably priced and good quality!
August Ducharme - 1 year ago
Great place to chill and also has some good choices. Guys were super friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend.
Eitanno Darkredhel - 2 years ago
Very friendly host and a very cute cat. Good prices for the joints!
Игорь Лебедев - 2 years ago
This coffeeshop very good. Weed price is quiet balanced for quality and bartenders is good fellas, they don't look at you as a cashbags, they didn't sell you overpriced stuff just because you're noob or speaking bad in english (btw, sorry about that) Love this place.
Tom Fowler - 2 years ago
Cool place with a chilled vibe. Plenty of seats and a great menu. The staff are friendly, chatty and helpful while the prices are really reasonable. They have a TV where you can select what's on which is pretty cool. There's a cat also so you can't go wrong.
Taxi Heerhugowaard - 2 years ago
My opnion the best stuff and coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Very fair price. Nice cakes 2 ✌️
Idons Monark - 2 years ago
Quiet coffeeshop with the best prices in Amsterdam for the quality, featuring the "D&L Special" for 10/g which was amazing, and I highly recommend. Shop owner is very nice and open to conversation. Inside is very relaxed with an AC fan. Music isn't too loud either, allowing conversation. Best part about the shop though is Mimi! Mimi is one of the owners cats living at the shop, who will occasionally walk right in and plop down on a couch. Come for the weed, stay for the cat!
ISS TS75363969 - 3 years ago
Andy B - 4 years ago
Decent Coffeeshop reasonably priced weed
DopeBoyUk187 - 4 years ago
Silver haze packs out zoots nicely for a nice price!! Nice hooka lounge vibe and friendly atmosphere. Not an all day spot but nice wnb.
Veo Cotino - 4 years ago
Silver haze ! ! ! If you like to get medium high. Nice price the Silver Haze ☺
Indigo Psy - 4 years ago
Best coffeeshop. ny diesel rules

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