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Coffeeshop DNA

Achillesstraat 104, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 01:00
    Friday 09:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 09:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • https://shopdna.weebly.com/
  • +31 20 664 8279



silvio d'alessandro - 1 week ago

This is a very good coffe shop. The people who work here are always nice with customers and also the products are really interesting

Adnan Khan - 1 week ago

Very expensive and very bad quality. Staff is very very very unfriendly and aggressive. ridiculous house rules that make no sense. They are mafias. The person who stand outside he thinks that he is the boss of whole street. He decide where you have to park your car. Unbelievable. I will not recommend this place. There are so many Coffeeshop in Amsterdam who are cheaper and quality wise very good.

Inwialgu Shallah - 3 weeks ago

Heavy wet Weed. Not nice to smoke. Cant recommend this Shop.

Ivan Biljan - 2 months ago

Went there to get a dessert and was impressed with the look and the professionalism of the staff. Looks way more friendly than similar shops downtown.

Börü ┼×anl─▒bayrak - 5 months ago

Number one, friendly workers! it s like the xxx genetics for a better price.

david campbell - 6 months ago

Only nipped in briefly to buy a couple of joints, but service was good, staff seemed friendly enough, no smoking area though so we just took what we bought and went down to De Kade

Matteo Tronchetti - 6 months ago

So far the place in Amsterdam where I got the most advices and interaction with the staff, the guys actually took time to explain us differences and giving advices. I would recommend it to a friend.

gro - 6 months ago

Good products and place, unfortunately no smoking inside. It is in another place, not the address suggests by google maps. Just going around the corner

Never Again - 10 months ago

Great service, quality products, and they even gave me a grinder on the house since I forgot one. Great shop.

Amit Bhat - 10 months ago

Quick service, precise information, right price.

Amo Sloot - 10 months ago

Good weed and kind staff one of the best shops of Amsterdam zuid in my humble opinion

Randy Collier - 11 months ago

Didn't realize as a tourist that pre rolls are tobacco with cannabis names. The flower is good!!

Dmitry S. - 11 months ago

Great local shop, with nice products, various menu and helpful staff

GoodSick (GoodSickMusic) - 1 year ago

Good stuff, nice staff, good prices

Juan Francisco Fernández - 1 year ago

Good weed, relatively cheap. I always buy there although it appears the staff is rude and impolite if you are not Dutch.

Jack Griffiths - 1 year ago

Great place, not too expensive and really good service

J K - 1 year ago

Great place, great staff, great stuff. What else could you ask for.

Bart - 1 year ago

The weed here is first class. The staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The shop itself is well lit and looks more like a bank than a coffeeshop, so it doesn’t feel sketchy at all. There is a wide variety of products to choose from and 1g of loose leaf costs about €10 so it’s a typical market price but cheaper compared to central locations that cater mostly for first-timers and tourists. Try the hybrid mango bud and have a blast - it’s strong, sticky, no seeds and smells legit like baby mangoes.

lenny toeslan - 1 year ago

nice to drinks n sit there with friend ... cozy place ...

Bpoint - 1 year ago

Try L.A. Confidential!!! You get the best quality in town

Michael Attas - 1 year ago

Top quality go check it out

Roman Schäfer - 1 year ago

Good price, great quality and nice staff! There is superb hash, can recommend the hand pre-rolled hash joint. Super silver also great

Mário Aguiar - 2 years ago

Employees are amazing and very good quality merchandise ihihihi

Max oconnor - 2 years ago

Coming here for nearly 2 - 3 years, honestly, I've spent so much money here and they know me, but the manager whos really short has a massive ego problem that me as a customer has noticed. Rude, not friendly and I'd avoid coming here all together if you see him working, he will even take his anger out on what you bought. im not joking. STICKS STICKS STICKS when you go to this guy. (small dutch blond manager mid 40's) Go to coffeeshop De Kade its right round the corner 3 minute walk, much more polite and better bang for your buck. P.S. didn't want to leave a review but he is so rude and disrespectful I couldn't help it anymore. I WOULDNT EVEN GIVE IT 1 STAR

Mr Homeless 29 - 2 years ago

Good stuff to get from there Follow me on facebook .. instagram. And youtube on :mr. Homeless29

Shirley B - 2 years ago

Great location, fast service, good menu/products and friendly people. Everyone is chill, kind, and helpful. Corona measures are guaranteed for your safe experience, and even with a waiting line outside I still am always in and out in two minutes tops! This place is very popular, that should tell you something about the quality of their products. ;) Also appreciate their opening times and days. I work office hours and still have plenty of time to visit when I need to.

Robin Stahl - 2 years ago

awesome weed, awesome staff, awesome prices! Except that slightly overweight gentleman with the glasses and beard who always seems to be mad\annoyed towards me. I dont know if this specifically relates to me, but if he acts that annoyed and unenthusiastic to everyone, then maybe he shouldn't be behind a counter. While I was fumbling with change he told me today, quite annoyed: "Can you hurry up, you got people waiting behind you". After dropping my change and stressing, I saw that there was only one person behind me while four other counters were open. So I guess he just wanted me to stress? Or he just wanted that I go away as quickly as possible? I feel uncomfortable buying when hes there. Not my first negative experience with him. this one star rating is on him. edit: been a regular customer for over 2 years

sam wegener - 2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful staff and they only sell the best of the best quality! I recommend always asking what they recommend, and telling them what you prefer so they can make sure you buy something you actually like!! :D

Edv Vardo - 2 years ago

Excellent coffeeshop should not only have the best weed in a town, but also be an example, and provide high standard service. How it looks in DNA?! I spend there couple of thousands past two years in this place. Finally they made a mistake. I was there to explain situation, they kicked Me out using bodyguard. Humiliate on eyes of everyone in shop

Ellee Mihajlovich - 2 years ago

The peeps there were very friendly, especially the guy standing outside to warn us about the police that make trouble if u stop on the street and wait in the car. Apart that... the space cookie not my taste. But the package very sophisticated :))

Johanna Raden - 2 years ago

My favorite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The staff is always very friendly and they have a great selection for good price. Even the pre-rolls are very good!

T Fayo - 2 years ago

Nice place to get some fresh green staff and lovely team

P - 2 years ago

Fantastic place, shame you can't sit but the staff are very welcoming and friendly, also very well dressed. Social distancing rules apply and many Corona protections are in place to make it safe. Staff are knowledgeable, prices are decent and the strength of the product is good. 5/5

Matt Crothe - 2 years ago

Great bud for great prices, it is a shame the smoking area is currently unavailable but that is due to no fault of their own. I've got to say the hash here is tremendous, a leap above many other coffeeshops I have visited.

Steven Bo Rausch - 2 years ago

Really Nice Staff. Clean and stylish. Looks like an old Bank

Sn00ppy D0g - 2 years ago

Good place , very good space cake !

Eugenia Sergeevcheva - 2 years ago

I advise everyone pure AK-20 joint.

john hayward - 2 years ago

Surprised to see complaint about staff,I have found staff very helpfull always.remember guys atm we are very lucky that these guys are open to help us get our goodies during this COVID outbreak,I personally want to thank them all for keeping us with something to help make dark times lighter. Thanks to all staff at DNA ...

Asger Anderton - 3 years ago

High quality, in a nice neighbourhood by the metro and tram so with 5/10 minutes walk it is easy to get to. Never too busy and reasonable prices.

Fraben Spotting - 3 years ago

Always loved it, until the heavier guy with the beard (glasses as well perhaps?) was really rude with a friend, for no reason whatsoever, just for being waiting slightly next to the queue line..

khin tran - 3 years ago

Best coffeeshop in dam in terms off cannabis. Price is great (local prices) and always have a variety off strains.

Samuel Wegener - 3 years ago

Nice atmosphere nice staff and a beautiful coffeeshop of it's self. But far most important their weed and hashish is amazingly good for an affordable price!! Would REALLY recommend going there if you happen to visit de Zuidas in Amsterdam

Daniela Elena - 3 years ago

Great service, excellent weed and hashish but cosy and small place to smoke

Kamy Liah - 3 years ago

Really nice little shop. Very nice staff and very helpful. Had a great expierience and will be coming back!

Kamyliah U - 3 years ago

Really nice little shop. Very nice staff and very helpful. Had a great expierience and will be coming back!

Kamila Urbanska - 3 years ago

Really nice little shop. Very nice staff and very helpful. Had a great expierience and will be coming back!

Michael Dolan - 3 years ago

Best shop I've found in the city. The edibles are actually good and quite potent, which is a rarity.

fairy opi - 3 years ago

If it's suppliers are Amsterdam Genetics you can't go wrong. Lovely quality of weed and great selection. Never had an issue with any of the staff either.

Tim Ringdal - 4 years ago

Good flushed, potent weed with nice prices. Wery nice strains,.and the cakes are tasty, and what they promised to be. Also the pre-rolled is awesome !! It's literally the best coffee shop in my opinion..thx for excellent and always good service. You gyes make it pleasent to go there:-) . My favourite by far!

Rimovanax zmije - 4 years ago

Perfect hasj and weed maybe this place is a higher level coffee shop. they have a wide variety of the goods. it's a recommended place to go if you look for something special.

Balázs Tiszai - 4 years ago

Literally the best coffeeshop I've ever been to. Prices are amazingly low (killer hasish joint for 4 Euros), wide range of products and nice workers. I recommend the cake - tastes great, and its totally a deal ;)

Mahony1922 Mahony1922 - 4 years ago

Professional Service in lovely shop!!! Good stuff and price. Thanks

Ramy G - 4 years ago

Staff here are the best. Very helpful and friendly. Prices are average. The smoking area is a small, quiet box that fits very few people for a quick smoke.

Damian - 4 years ago

It's the truly the best coffeshop in Amsterdam in the terms of quality to price. The buds there just look delicious and u can be sure that they will provide you the best customer service. Smoking area is not the biggest and most comfy out of other coffeshops, but that doesn't matter because you come here for the best buds

david bontuk - 4 years ago

Worth the trip out of Central for the savings alone, no seating but has a smoking room

Dovilas Liobe - 4 years ago

Good quality, very good prices, I always want come back.

Roos Tan - 4 years ago

Very nice menu, just like the other boerejongens. The new look is great! I was a bit dissapointed that some things were sold out though, but nevertheless great hasj en weed

b short - 4 years ago

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for great weed at a low price. They have the best prices out of all the coffee shops here in my opinion and some of the best weed as well. They are still renovating their smoke lounge, but a great place to stop by and pick up.

brandon short - 4 years ago

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for great weed at a low price. They have the best prices out of all the coffee shops here in my opinion and some of the best weed as well. They are still renovating their smoke lounge, but a great place to stop by and pick up.

Paul crawshaw - 4 years ago

Not bad good friendly staff had a good time

mickey stockholm - 4 years ago

Probably the BEST coffeeshop in the world!!! Great Stuff , kind people and cool atmosphere Greetings to Soufian and the whole neighborhood

Curtis Carew - 4 years ago

Now this is a place you have to go! The quality of flowers are unreal. The price is even better . Some real high grade for sure.

William Robinson - 4 years ago

Amazing product for amazing prices not much room to relax . More of a get and go but a gotta do if your looking for top shelf

Lucαs Cαlαzαns Luz - 4 years ago

This place is in a typical building from southwest side of Amsterdam, the attendants are very friendly and helpful either if you are newbie or experienced user. They have screens that is very helpful and a bit technological with main informations and (best) price. The quality is impressive. Definitely I'm going back.

Oleh Kostrubin - 6 years ago

nice choice of spacecakes

Storm te Pas - 6 years ago

Great stuff, great prices, friendly people, edibles as well as a wide variety of strains

armstr9989 - 6 years ago

Best price/quality ratio in whole Amsterdam

Daniel Vicente - 6 years ago

The best coffeshop in amsterdam! ! The staff is very gentle and weed/hash is cool! I'll return for sure

Rodrigo Gui - 7 years ago

Caraaaa dass ..

David Annez de Taboada - 7 years ago

Simple coffee shop with the typical strains. Nice people and easily accessible.

Sophie Simonds - 7 years ago

Came here every day on my dam trip, great friendly environment and the staff are always happy to help you out with questions, places to visit etc. Best coffee shop i went to in terms of atmosphere and friendlyness

A Google User - 11 years ago

Close at midnight. But the people inside are nice and there is a pool.

A Google User - 12 years ago

I was in Amsterdam with my girlfriend in August-10, staying in Qbic hotel. Very hard to find this hotel! Finally, arriving there, we left to Jabba, witch is a kilometer away. Only with a map to help us we strolled trough parks and over canal the goal was in sight... JABBA!First coffeeshop for us! Sweat running down from our backs (it was very humid) we came to a streetcrossing and saw the sign. Had some thougst before entering but was pleasently suprised about the smell inside. Home! Two guys watching soccer, one behind the desk. Like a mobster I asked for weed. Fellow gave me the menu (it was on the desk, didnt see it at first, almost all coffeeshop act the same) i ordered White Widow and some Haze, 2 g each.They had only 2 kinds of weed and hash but we didnt even look at those (stupid of us cause you really want 2 taste some hash there). Asked the tender about drug policy, smokin in the street, how much we can buy (5 g/person) and about police intervention. The message was clear: u can smoke anywhere outside and the cops wont hassle u. Heaven!! There was a little glassed room inside the shop where u can smoke so down to bisness! First joint was WW, and after a long long waiting we were finally relaxed with this suberb herb! Guy behind desk was very polite, answering every question we had, other customers left us alone(nobody came to glassroom when we were smokin), very nice athmosphere. While sitting there locals(think so)drove their cars in front of the shop and ran inside 2 get theirs, most of them was men about 35-40, it was funny to observe! So, we got stoned(preparing to head back to hotel)we wondered in the streets(its safe to walk around, it was midnight and it is a BEAUTIFUL town.) At last got to the hotel and relaxed some more with WW and Haze( Super Silver Haze.) All and all, great coffeeshop, friendly staff, awesome WW( hits body first, then ur mind)reasonible price(10 e/g,) and some great city! Thank you Amsterdam!!!


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