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Coffeeshop Nogal Wiedes
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Czaar Peterstraat 122, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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ruscus picus - 3 months ago

Strawberry dream was fake. It had some added fake smell added to it. Amnesia was dead. Not good weed

Jacob Kelly - 6 months ago

Friendly staff. Bought a bunch of different joints and was not aware they all had tobacco in them. Got super sick. Would've been nice to know beforehand. Separated the hash from the tobacco out of 3 joints and came up with less than a gram of hash. Very disappointed

Texas Storm - 7 months ago

Giving a three to be nice. Maybe because cultural differences. Otherwise it would get a 1. Would be nice to have a table or two inside for consumption. When inquired told to walk 30 minutes to city center. That is kind of foolish when the bus and tram are faster. I understand you don’t want idiot tourists smoking and smudging brownies all over the place, but they’ll just ruin their hotels if they think they have no choice. (Hint: good places like mine - sorry - have this behavior on lock.) I have my own little (respectful) plan. This is a very nice neighborhood far from the garbage. That’s why I like it. I also understand the American hotel chain Hampton moved in. Not to worry, they sent everyone to Centraal Station via the underground 26 (lol) and I even think I saw an airport bus stop

Branka Domazet - 7 months ago

Nice coffeshop in oost. Friendly staff. I always have a good laugh with a long haired guy

Anuraag Basu - 9 months ago

If your in east and urgently in need of a coffee shop, do not miss this one open until 1am

Bas Koning Financial Advice - 1 year ago

Bamm this is very good store!! one hunderd points

Alyvampcat - 1 year ago

Super reliable! Great service! My favorite place to go!

Rafal Kmieciak - 1 year ago

Maybe it's a small place but for sure with great weed and nice staff

Basti Zimmer - 2 years ago

Fiendly Guy, just go in and buy. its simple and god. Attention: No Credit Cards will be accepted.

Basti Zimmer - 2 years ago

Fiendly Guy, just go in and buy. its simple and god. Attention: No Credit Cards will be accepted.

Sara la Mygale - 3 years ago

weird vibes with the staff. felt kinda dodgy. I would totally avoid this place, especially if you're a woman!

Kelly Davidson - 3 years ago

Super easy and discreet. Walk in. Choose. Pay. Go on your way. Good selection. Great prices!

L. N. - 3 years ago

Friendly and rolls a lovely skunk joint for the lazy

black berry - 4 years ago

nice stuff to smoke ... but is not really cousy place .. sometimes is even scary

Kris V - 4 years ago

Absolute rubbish and rip off. Stopped and bought 3 strains, all of which turned out to be the same cheap stuff, mixed with different flavored e cigarette chemicals to flavor them. Not to mention the unfriendly staff and dirty unwelcoming place. Keep away.

Amor Muto - 4 years ago

Great chocolope here!


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