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Czaar Peterstraat 122, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Basti Zimmer - 3 maanden geleden
Fiendly Guy, just go in and buy. its simple and god. Attention: No Credit Cards will be accepted.
Sara la Mygale - 1 jaar geleden
weird vibes with the staff. felt kinda dodgy. I would totally avoid this place, especially if you're a woman!
Kelly Davidson - 1 jaar geleden
Super easy and discreet. Walk in. Choose. Pay. Go on your way. Good selection. Great prices!
L. N. - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly and rolls a lovely skunk joint for the lazy
black berry - 1 jaar geleden
nice stuff to smoke ... but is not really cousy place .. sometimes is even scary
Kris V - 1 jaar geleden
Absolute rubbish and rip off. Stopped and bought 3 strains, all of which turned out to be the same cheap stuff, mixed with different flavored e cigarette chemicals to flavor them. Not to mention the unfriendly staff and dirty unwelcoming place. Keep away.
Amor Muto - 2 jaren geleden
Great chocolope here!

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