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Coffeeshop The Stud
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Molukkenstraat 581, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Oost)

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  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • https://thestud.nl/
  • +31 20 694 0983


Ignacious - 1 maand geleden

The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! Friendly, good atmosphere, relaxed and laid back with a sense of community. Only popped in for a quick visit but we'll will be back again

Tony Currà - 2 maanden geleden

Place is very organised with a lot of choices. There are tablets that shows all the available products with price, description and percentage of THC, as well as indica or sativa. Compared to other coffeeshops in the city, the products are good. A little dry, smells like fertilizer, and the high feels tense. Overall better performance than other coffeeshops. Service is fast, and there are smoking papers available for free. So far the best coffeeshop I've visited in the city

Rufus Tolbert 3rd - 3 maanden geleden

I love this place

unknown person - 4 maanden geleden

Representative was really nice and allowed me to have a look. They don’t have anything sativa pre rolls without tobacco which I didn’t like about. Overall a very friendly store. Love the cupcakes.

Bong Fu Fighter - 4 maanden geleden

Little Shop outside of the Center. Overall good quality but prebaged. Prices are cheaper then in Most Shops.

Cuba Libre - 4 maanden geleden

Good menu and very good prices. Weed and hash are already packed in 10 and 20 EUR bags. 5g bags are unavailable and this is a bad point. Quality is good for low prices.

Edward Charles - 4 maanden geleden

My favourite shop in Amsterdam by far, nicer atmosphere, great locals willing to share their favourite destinations and restaurants for cheap. Freebies from staff who are happy to give some information on their favourite strains and things to try, good quality of cannabis for a great price, would love to go again

Tony Thijs - 5 maanden geleden

Lovely place, an example of good, clean and enjoyable environment. Actually, more like a traditional and friendly family business with lots of regular customers.

Patrick Hodgkinson - 5 maanden geleden

Best value for money smoke in Dam by far, gift shop is good aswell. Bit out the centre but shop is really nice to chill, comfortable smoking area with an awesome fan and tvs. The donny burger was

Vivienne - 6 maanden geleden

The best of the best! Very friendly staff, the stuff is very nice and has a bunch of good selection. The price is also very legitimate. A must for a visit!

BUFF BILL - 6 maanden geleden

I have been visiting Amsterdam for nearly 30 years & the stud is by far the friendliest coffeshop I have ever visited. We were greeted by one of the hosts John, who found us a seat in the smoking area & provided us with rolling papers, tray etc & made us feel at home. After seeing my son was wearing an Ajax shirt John & the locals told us a bit about the club & showed us the ajax memorabilia on the walls. The smoking area is nice and cosy with a computer & volcano vaporiser you can use. The quality of the weed here is top notch & is amongst the finest I have ever smoked in Amsterdam, the prices are very good & must surely be amongst the cheapest in town. The Ice cream cookies, Cherry gelato, & Enemy of the state we're very nice. I highly recommend the Golden Tarantula pre-roll (it's a work of art) smoke this bad boy with caution though as it can destroy even the most hardened toker

Iris Homer - 7 maanden geleden

Love this coffeeshop. For one, this is one of the only coffeeshops in Amsterdam I would say buying a preroll is worth it. They got great prices otherwise and I really like their gruis.

aliy1690 - 7 maanden geleden

great place outside the busy centre, only a short trip on the tram

Alex Cook - 8 maanden geleden

All of the shops in Amsterdam sell fake pre-roll joints filled with at least 50% tobacco. Their prices are also insane in comparison to USA recreational shops. We got a recommendation to go to this shop for much more fair prices. However, we felt like one of the staff was pretty rude and not welcoming to our party today when we visited. My friend walked in and asked if the shop was open because next door the other part of the business had the blinds pulled and was clearly closed. One of the younger staff members said, when my friend asked if they were open, "Yes, we're open can't you see that the door is open?" or something to that effect. The rest of our interactions were fairly normal with another, older employee at the shop but overall we didn't feel welcome.

Mullie Makam - 8 maanden geleden

Really clean place and helpful staff ☀️ Got something for free. Go check it out! It’s far away from central station but not difficult to get here with public transportation. The location is near by a great park! Worth visiting when in Amsterdam Oost ❤️

Jason Da Silva - 8 maanden geleden

I'd say the chronic was the best part but the hospitality takes it to another level. Every strain we tried just outperformed the last. Coming from a canadian this weed was amazing to par and some better. The hosts were friendly. Coffee delicious. MJ gave us killer recommendations on bud, places to go, and things to do.

john doe - 9 maanden geleden

They treated me very well. Probably the most friendly place I went that whole trip. Good prices good weed and nice smoking room it’s not packed either.

Данияр Досбаев - 9 maanden geleden

The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Amazing, cheerful and helpful personnel - whenever I go there, I feel myself quite cozy and at home :) the cannabis itself is never disappointing - the quality/quantity surely stands out and distinguishes among the others. Quite a pleasant atmosphere to lean over the sitting place & dive into the clouds of smoke - surely my #1 coffeeshop in all of the city!

Mel Ano - 10 maanden geleden

4,7 stars? I would give zero if I could. The bouncer is a wanna be German in uniform with rude behaviour. I didn't like the vibes at all. It was the very first time in my several stays in Amsterdam that I met such an unfriendly person. Would recommend to re-think for the owner what bouncer he is paying for representing his shop to the outside. There are so many more coffeeshops which are way better and friendlier than this is!!!

Samuel Campbell - 10 maanden geleden

It's where the locals go & there was a queue to get in. Well happy with my purchases

Harshita Wadera - 11 maanden geleden

Wonderful place tucked away from the hustle bustle of centrum. The staff is super friendly. We had covered most of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam and can say this was the best! They also have a computer installed where you can play whatever music you like. Can't wait to visit them again.

David Gibb - 11 maanden geleden

Best Shop In The Dam

martin ward - 11 maanden geleden

Great coffee shop abit out the way but easy by tram to get to He even opened up the shop for me next door as I wanted to buy some merchandise as we was a bit early would definitely be back !

K. Koedam - 11 maanden geleden

One of the best shops in Amsterdam! I really like the muscled tattoed guy, always giving positive vibes. Everytime it's an honor to be back at the shop :D

Wargliis - 1 jaar geleden

One of my top coffeeshops so far in Amsterdam, also cool souvenir shop. ;)

Artur von dem Hagen - 1 jaar geleden

Owners are so nice, would definitely recommend stopping by this place if you're nearby!

Plyfa I. - 1 jaar geleden

We took a trip to Amsterdam from Belgium and my boyfriend always wants to go to this shop! This shop is his favorite place In Amsterdam. The vibe was good the staff was nice. Also the old guy with the suit I don't know if he's the owner or not but he was soooooo nice and friendly! All the stuff here are nice also the price is the best hahahaha really recommended this place!

Philip Heffernan - 1 jaar geleden

I'm really sorry but I had to leave a review, the guy that works behind the counter was not very nice to me, also I must be honest the quality of the cannabis I bought wasn't very good(white widow), I bought some canna hashish (skywalker og) and It was very high quality. My experience = rude staff and the weed was just ok, the canna hash was 10/10 gotta be honest !

Julian - 1 jaar geleden

Best weed store in Holland imo, very nice lady behind the counter aswell

tuki koko - 1 jaar geleden

The best shop on my 4month Amsterdam tour i m thankful for vibe they give Ps try Bruce Banner

souljacker3 - 1 jaar geleden

WOW!Superb and well run estasblishment..The service is impeccable,first rate buds,friendly welcoming people....Forget the town centre,come To The Stud...Pure Quality....See you on my next visit.

Solène Vouriot - 1 jaar geleden

It makes years now, but this place is the best, can't wait to come back !!!!! Them ppl will explain you everything you need to know. Quality for decent prices and most of all really generous Staff.

Friedrich Kohl - 1 jaar geleden

Best shop we've been to. Prices are amazing, products seem really great and had the most distinguish-able flavor of all the plants we've bought this trip. -1 Star because the staff could not give us recommendations and seemed more like a normal seller, than someone who is passionate about their job (or even wants to present basic knowledge). Maybe he had a bad day. Still fully recommended and sad that we only managed to stop here one time!.

Stef Cap - 1 jaar geleden

Recently I have been buying the cali connection collection and I am extremely impressed! The stud now not only provides quality bud at reasonable prices but also consistently sells rare, premium bud for prices better than anywhere else in town! Big up

Andre Fernandes - 1 jaar geleden

Great place. Friendly staff and great prices

MrKsaosh - 1 jaar geleden

Beste originele Amsterdamse coffee to go One of the first coffeeshop at Amsterdam With the best and a variety of coffee to go Price kwaliteit come to stud to see the origanal Amsterdam coffee Its not like the commercial coffeeshop that is recomendad everywhere No chemical Brothers Origanale AKA

James Southworth - 1 jaar geleden

Nice hash at good prices and opens at 7am

JOL JOL - 1 jaar geleden

Super coffeeshop,, awesome herbs.

Jason Abbenhuis - 1 jaar geleden

Thas some good stuff u got there man!

Adrian Matuszak - 1 jaar geleden

Top of the top. Quality is amazing, very wide range of strains, pricing is decent. The staff is always friendly and helpful. There is also a nice store with merch and smoking accessories. Definitely worth visiting!

Thomas Sideris - 2 jaren geleden

Always friendly environment, always with a smile on their face, they do speak English as well and about their weed... You just HAVE to pay a visit!!!!!! Absolutely great experience

Annetta Xavier - 2 jaren geleden

Top shelf strains, music, games and drinks..what else I needed to not to go back my hotel. Whole things handy and always enjoyed. Very professional and nice workers... Be high

Indrani Das - 2 jaren geleden

Thanks to my friend Ravindhirran, who suggested me this Cafe. It had been a Pleasure to have visited this Junction Cafe. Every Strain Tastes Unique! I was amazed by the hospitality and loved their friendliness. Thanks a lot and weed

Mert aladag - 2 jaren geleden

I Love this Shop! Definetly the First Stop For the next time :) Best prices and Best quality And very nice stuff, the Service Guy was very funny :D

Farry Guy - 3 jaren geleden

The Best coffee shop in Amsterdam First place in 2019. I was there in September 2018 first time and from the moment I entered there I was feeling at home. Super friendly staff and all the locals that I met there. I returned there after a year and will be in The Stud after a couple of day. The Stud is the best way to get hi in Amsterdam. Just listen for a man who has smoking weed 45 years...

Oly Edwards - 3 jaren geleden

The staff are great here, really friendly and welcoming. The prices are extraordinarily good considering the quality of the products on offer. Serious savings to be made here compared to most of Amsterdam. Seating area is a little small though, so if you're going as a large group, you may want to pick up here and then go somewhere else to smoke it. Cannot recommend it enough.

Nikolai Yosifov - 3 jaren geleden

I am very experienced user so I bought the pineapple cream cookie because I was told it is very strong. CALIWEED. And nothing at all. Just threw 15 euro to the garbage. The atmosphere is nice, but seems they don't know what they are selling.

Ravindhirran Viswalingam - 3 jaren geleden

It was one of the most amazing places to have ever visited in Amsterdam. They have a very friendly staff and one of the best places to be if you want to have cultural experience of Amsterdam up close. It's also one the best shops if it's going to be your first time marijuana experience. They will explain the strands and help you decide. Also feel free to ask the locals there for further guidance for your tour of Amsterdam. :)

Emilly Ribeiro - 3 jaren geleden

Very friendly staff and very low prices! We loved it! They gave us two coffees and a lighter for free

David B - 3 jaren geleden

Definitely not a tourist trap! I went early one weekday morning and it was like the Dutch early retiree club in the smoking room. Not a single tourist. However, their gear didn't particularly impress me.

Tom Mastin-Lee - 3 jaren geleden

Popped in to grab a cheeky after a couple beers around ten-thirtyish. Fast, attentive and friendly service. No complaints other than the product was slightly wonky - must save those for their British customers ;)

Kamy Liah - 3 jaren geleden

My favourite shop forever!!! First time I went there 2 years ago. It was cosy and friendly. Everyone is so nice! They made me feel so good i had to go back there! We just came back from our holidays and I am gutted I just went there once! I will be definitely coming back and will be spending more time over there

f4k34cc - 3 jaren geleden

The Best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam!

Ian Garland - 3 jaren geleden

Hey Silvio! I visited your amazing coffeeshop a few months ago with my girlfriend. I was the guy who got the free samples of wedding cake when you was only just talking about it.

Bluebe - 3 jaren geleden

Reasonably priced coffeeshop, but check the bags they offer you if you want the best you can get. Friendly staff, but intimidating regulars.. the smoke room did not feel very welcome, but offers a warm place to smoke in the winter

Annony mouse - 3 jaren geleden

Very close to camping Zeburg. My own personal favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very friendly atmosphere and out of town prices. Top class menu.

Warren Minns - 3 jaren geleden

Won't let you sit without buying weed from them. I just wanted to buy a coffee and smoke my own, but wasn't allowed. Probably because im English. I have been to Amsterdam 16 times over the last 15 years and visited over 100 coffeeshops, this is only the second one that makes you buy weed to enter (99% only expect you; and rightly so, to buy drinks).

Blast Harder - 4 jaren geleden

A bit out from the centre but you can hop onto a 14 tram from central sells cali weed a lot cheaper than coffee shops in the dam over half the price cheaper. Small place with no seating. Get your weed and roll a joint then go and enjoy Amsterdam.

Steven C - 4 jaren geleden

This is, so far, the best #cannabis shop I've found in the Netherlands (and I've been to a lot of shops all over). I live in the south and drive regularly to the Stud to get some high quality weed. Definitely recommended.

Steven van C - 4 jaren geleden

This is, so far, the best #cannabis shop I've found in the Netherlands (and I've been to a lot of shops all over). I live in the south and drive regularly to the Stud to get some high quality weed. Definitely recommended.

LuK L'Improbable - 4 jaren geleden

As good as the reviews suggest if not better. One of the best. Very Friendly and respectful, professional though cool staff, great interactive menu with thorough descriptions, nice smokeroom, well ventilated, free to use board games, cool music, free leaves of all types and good atmosphere. The smoke room is not too big so It might be pretty packed but it's a bit out of ways of the big avenues so not too crowded usually. Loved it!

Tobii Van der Poelio - 4 jaren geleden

Definitely one of the best coffeeshops if I do say so myself. Has a great refreshing menu from time to time and the people are mostly very friendly and helpful. Only thing is that some strains or hash are kinda expensive, but I have to say, you are getting quality so it's worth it

Harleen Quinzel - 4 jaren geleden

So this is the first coffeeshop I went to in Amsterdam. The staff was really nice and helpful, the vibe was also very welcoming and the weed was great! (I had silver). Rich menu and good prices. There's a computer for who wants to use it and there's boardgames laying around, in short; I had an awesome experience here! Definitely will come back!

kevin smith - 4 jaren geleden

Quite far out, but we'll worth the walk. Great, clean bud. Nice and friendly staff. Can't wait to go back

Marco Cavallari - 4 jaren geleden

One of the best in town! Ran by a very very friendly staff, The Stud is a lovely place provided with a computer where you can play some YouTube, and a volcano vaporizer. Also, there is a nice variety of strains in the menu.

Lara - 4 jaren geleden

Best coffe shop in Amsterdam and still in 2018 the best! Very nice People work here also!

Enor Alexander Meggison - 4 jaren geleden

Comfortable place. Incredible nice staff. Fresh weed for a good price. Best regards from Norway :)

dazatron banan - 4 jaren geleden

Very good place for a smoke. Very good prices and very good quality produce. Helpful staff, and in a quiet area on the outer parts of the city.

appelzei - 4 jaren geleden

average quality and normal-good prices but nothing special at all. Positive aspect definitely is the customer service. The people that work here try to help you and are very friendly indeed. I think I am just too spoilt with extremely good quality pot, therefore I give an average rating.

A Google User - 4 jaren geleden

So We have been to Amsterdam many times and love it but how we have never found this place I don’t know !!!! The menu is amazing , the prices can not be beaten and the staff , well they couldn’t do any more for you if they tried. Cheese and ham toasties at 2€ !! I would go back just for that! Also have Cali weed at normal prices ! Instead of charging you per gram they tell you what you get for 5€ 10€ and 20€ I much prefer this because then you can try much more

rach shandy - 4 jaren geleden

So We have been to Amsterdam many times and love it but how we have never found this place I don’t know !!!! The menu is amazing , the prices can not be beaten and the staff , well they couldn’t do any more for you if they tried. Cheese and ham toasties at 2€ !! I would go back just for that! Also have Cali weed at normal prices ! Instead of charging you per gram they tell you what you get for 5€ 10€ and 20€ I much prefer this because then you can try much more

paul a v sabido - 5 jaren geleden

I have been to three coffeeshops during our stay in Amsterdam. But The Stud, which is way off the beaten path, is the perfect joint to chill and relax. A lot of locals hang out here and it is totally a must-see place if you are after the excellent stash at reasonable prize. I highly recommend the Haze (3X Cup Winner). More power to the friendly staff! We will be back the next time we're in Holland. -PINOY full-blood ????????????

Abcd Efgh - 5 jaren geleden

This is a really relax coffeeashop with good staff and I met some nice locals good quality and prizes 18 plus of strains too if you in Amsterdam visit this shop you don't regrad

Paweł Ostrowski - 6 jaren geleden

Actually, my favourite. Good prices, rich menu and very nice service in multiple languages. And probably one, where joints have similar amount of material. Rich and tasty.

Jacob Watford - 6 jaren geleden

The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam! People here are so kind and professional. Loving this place so much, best weed you can get! Nice smoking area, free bongs, volcano and free wifi. The guys behind the bar gave us a free cappuccino and cola thank you guys. See you next Thursday

Franceli Milagros Lora Blanco - 6 jaren geleden

It was fine. Desserts look really good but as I went late at night, the muffin I ate was not fresh, not warmed up, nothing... kinda disappointed but the flavor was outstanding... just wish was fresh...

Blaze 81 - 6 jaren geleden

Just moved to Holland recently from England and loving it here,apart from the way over priced weed in central Amsterdam! Sooooo happy to find this place! The weed is really good And so are the prices Nothing on the menu is over €10 a gram and they have strains like critical kush,kosher kush,shoreline,el toro and super silver haze to name a few!!! It's away from the tourists and well worth a visit. It's my new local ????????????????????????

Blaze8247 - 6 jaren geleden

Great place to hang out! Some of the best quality smoke in Amsterdam too. Staff are very welcoming and friendly. Awesome awesome!!!!

Max Rodriguez - 6 jaren geleden

Great atmosphere! ! Extremely clean and comfortable. Staff was great help while at the location and knowledgeable. Definitely my favorite!

shimon232 - 6 jaren geleden

Best weed and hash in Amsterdam. The seller was lovely and helpful. He even gave us free paper and grinder. All the buying experience was great. Thanks. If you ever visit Amsterdam you should go there.

Nave Segal - 6 jaren geleden

I visit the in one of my times in amsterdam, this time I was with two friends that it was they're first visit in the city so they acted like typically tourist of course but still with all that the staff was friendly and professional as it's gets, and after a view minutes of discussion we decided what we what, the seller could see that it is our first time and he offered us a grainger free of charge because we just got in town, it was one of my best buying experience I had ever had that you the stud! Best coffeshop I'm Amsterdam! You've made our vacation thanks you! And it was really the best weed and hash we we saw in amsterdam. Definitely coming back and highly recommend for everyone who search for good quality and good atmosphere and lovely staff.

Bambos Episcopou - 6 jaren geleden

Amazing people, top product no better coffee shop in Amsterdam

Erik-jan Naftali Levi Messchaert - 7 jaren geleden

THE JACKPOT @ THE STUD after a few months of searching in Amsterdam-Noord and Amsterdam-Oost looking for a nice coffeeshop with a good quality and quantity of weed and last but not least a nice atmosphere and very friendly staff. We found THE JACKPOT @ THE STUD ; a real MUST GO for all people visiting Amsterdam. My girlfriend and me are walking out with a smile on our faces after every visit. Greetz, Free-Style Jansen

Mohamed Mohamed - 7 jaren geleden

Very nice coffee shop. Not overpriced and good quality. Met some really interesting ppl.

Amy Boyd - 7 jaren geleden

The best coffee shop in town! I suggest you try them, because you woudn't get dissapointed! Really great.

Raffaele Genovese - 8 jaren geleden

One Of The best coffee shop in the city really welcoming and accessible. The Stud the Coffe Shop is really good for those who want to find convenience and quality. Recommended by the best holiday of the city but also by many of the place they love, The The Stud, for its important characteristics.


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