To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Coffeeshop Papillon

Van der Helstplein 8h, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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MAGACAT - 1 month ago
Great staff. Always helpful, polite and willing to answer any questions their customers ask them about their products. They are more than willing to give advice about the products they would recommend. Also are one of the few coffeeshops in the neighborhood that have the option to pay with debit cards instead of strictly cash. Unlike most other coffeeshops in the neighborhood who have no option to pay by credit or debit cards. I have been coming here for over 6 years(possibly longer) now and never felt let down or disappointed when buying my product(s) here! 5/5 stars but if I were to give the place a grade it would be an A+
Annetta Xavier - 6 months ago
A good place to stay live and high. Menu with various herbs from USA too and Spain and local Holland. Top professional coffee shop in city. Love to be part of the club
Anastasiya Nenka - 1 year ago
The choice is here, as in most coffeeshops in the country. There is a small area where you can relax with a cup of coffee. Fast service is probably a significant advantage of this place. For tourists, they are ready to find time to talk about the differences of this or that canabis.
Maya Naina - 1 year ago
Great coffeeshop, have been here a couple times before. The vibe is always super chill and the staff are very friendly and give proper advice. They recently hired some new additions, not too sure about the guy but the girl with the piercings is really sweet and took her time to give me some pretty awesome recommendations! Will definitely be returning again :)
No NI DUTCH - 1 year ago
#LetsGuide# nice for stay a while! (灬♥ω♥灬)┌∩┐(◣_◢ good hash see picture. __Two televisions!! 2 progamms same time! --friendly staff. -- good black coffee. o==[]::::::::::::::::> A lot of tourists visiting this place
Grasshopper Friends Road to Division 1 for FIFA19 - 1 year ago
If you want sit and smoke cannnabis. here is better than another Coffeeshop in De pijp. this neighborhood is local People living and Smart citizens here, that's why Customers also all respect rule. stuff always keep safety our enjoy. Furniture also nice. you will get 100% couch lock!!
Purple Green Music - 1 year ago
Very nice Place, I enjoyed it very much! Will return.
Milo Spalevi - 1 year ago
Not too big coffeeshop but has places to seat and and always friendly stuff
Kelemvor Mystra - 1 year ago
On Thursday, the guy is super cool and the quality is good. Thanks [FR / + 00h00]
Johannes S. - 2 years ago
The weed (at least the white widow, 9 euros a gram) is fine, but the space muffins are a total waste of money. The place is quite small, but the smoking room provides a good ambiance to chill and meet new people. The staff is open to your questions.
Luboš James Vičar - 2 years ago
Very chilled place with a good vibe to it. Good selection of weed and decent coffee. One of the best ones I’ve found around. Thy their “Amnesia” joint :)
Tris - 2 years ago
Nice coffee shop with good atmosphere, very clean and friendly staff. Not to expensive and smoke very good. Personal taste I didn't like the music they were playing.
Landon Cann - 2 years ago
Great little place in an amazing area of Amsterdam. Good selection and prices and friendly staff.
Karsten Baan - 2 years ago
Good service. Verry friendly
Ben Hutchinson - 2 years ago
Friendly coffeeshop seems to cater mostly for locals. Nice quiet chill spot. And the weed is quite good compared to some other coffeeshops in amsterdam
A Google User - 2 years ago
I was in Papillon in July of last year. Nice selection of strains, the staff is super-friendly, and the sitting places (the couch) is very comfortable. The place has got a really cool local vibe. Had a very nice experience last year, and, as I'll be coming to Amsterdam on Sunday, I will definitely pay Papillon a visit.
Marc Bart - 2 years ago
I was in Papillon in July of last year. Nice selection of strains, the staff is super-friendly, and the sitting places (the couch) is very comfortable. The place has got a really cool local vibe. Had a very nice experience last year, and, as I'll be coming to Amsterdam on Sunday, I will definitely pay Papillon a visit.
Marcello Musumeci - 3 years ago
Papillon was our regular haunt in Amsterdam. Our hotel was right across one of the canals from de Pijp, and it was a quick seven-minute walk to Papillon. I stopped by most mornings, and most evenings. Never crowded, always clean and comfortable. Great prices. The staff is super friendly. It's clearly a local place, not really a tourist place, and that is reflected in how comfortable the vibe is there. I will return to Amsterdam, and to Papillon.
josh melo - 3 years ago
really nice place to just chill and hang out, the two people working were friendly and answered all my questions. great stuff for decent price
Michele King - 4 years ago
Nice relaxed place with nice people behind the counter ????
B G - 4 years ago
Great coffee shop, was here last week to meet a friend. Clean, nice natural light and great coffee, snacks and other beverages too. Staff is great. Met a very cool guy Vlad from Kazakhstan and his local friend Alex. Wish I gotten either of they're contacts because I'd love to meet up again. Maybe the owner knows Alex. Anyhow super cool place in a neat area of Amsterdam.
Yassine Fenniche - 4 years ago
Was my first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and still go there times to times when I show it to somebody. Would recommend it. The staff is very friendly and it is really cosy inside :)
nic stagg - 4 years ago
Best one to visit. Really nice, comfortable and relaxing.
Duarte Fernandes - 4 years ago
I'm here right now at half nine in the morning. Coffee, muffin and a smoke, only three of us. This looks more like a lounge than a bar, I'm liking it. So nice music. Friendly, comfortable.
Laurens Nieuwendijk - 4 years ago
Good service and quality weed.
בוגדן קירילוק - 5 years ago
Quiet and clean place good stuff sold there. Although its small and maybe not that popular but has great atmosphere. Recommended!
ilias19 - 5 years ago
Nice coffeeshop with good service and good stuff, the kush Berry hasj was a awesome experience. The golden cream is also highly recommend
Christopher Henkel - 5 years ago
An awesome, little coffee shop with young and friendly service. Nice music to chill with your herbs. Good prices and the best hot chocolate in whole Amsterdam! Short: it's worth a visit! Ps: we loved the Strawberry Kush!
reem s - 5 years ago
Good stuff and When we were there it was filled with Awesome hip-hop music from the 90's

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