To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs after 5:00 PM.

Katsu Coffeeshop
Open now

Eerste van der Helststraat 70, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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Daniel Larson - 2 weeks ago
Awesome spot, busy but also a chill vibe. Great product. Enjoy the wall art and tunes.
Conan Scholl - 1 month ago
A hippie coffee shop with a special flair, something different. The quality is right and the selection is versatile. The staff was friendly and courteous.
Mr. Ekaf - 2 months ago
Bright and welcoming place, kind and prepared staff. Excellent quality of the products, I recommend the CBD pollen and the really yummy Katsu Haze!
Danielle Vergonet - 2 months ago
Love it! Our coffeeshop when we go to Amsterdam. Very at home feeling en chill. Delicious weed!
Ali Farmani - 3 months ago
A cozy nice weed&coffe shop to get good weed for good price and have a chat with nice locals. + super nice staff _ music could be better.
ariya thebook - 3 months ago
good price for very good weed. Would very much recommend their mango juice. The sales people really know their stuff and are always happy to help. Also very cute location in De Pijps center.
Translunatic_chimera - 3 months ago
If you want to go to a coffee shop where the people are actually nice, you go to Katsu. By far my favourite of any coffee shop if visited!
Fabian Ebert - 4 months ago
Nice shop, very good menue. Nice personal
Jessica Schmidt - 4 months ago
The interior is very cool. We sat near the window with the pond of fish. I can recommend it. Friendly staff.
Shubham Ganbote - 5 months ago
If you are in Amsterdam for chill out then this is the place to go. Low cost stuff and high quality. We enjoyed around 2-3 hours here. Both inside and outside sitting arrangements with same minded people. Suggestion: sit inside to feel the vibe. No alcohol and normal cigrattes allowed to smoke in the coffeeshop.
Hugo Inglez - 5 months ago
Knowing it's a tourist trap with overpriced weed and poor quality hash, I asked for just 5 euros of King Hassan - which I've already knew it was not the real King Hassan. But I was in a hurry and just needed a joint. The lady attendant said minimum was 10 euro. Ok. Then pretty boy behind the counter starts dissing in Dutch, knowing I don't speak the language. The hash was not real King Hassan, I've learned the lesson of next time going to Blue Sea which has amazing quality or Stones which has fair price, and pretty boy is a coward. Lame AF.
matt gnthr - 6 months ago
Tried the OG Kush, really nice high and price is very reasonable. One of the best places to sit and chill with a small but cozy terrace outside.
Amalie Navarro - 8 months ago
I love the Staff at Katsu. They always give me the best service in Amsterdam. Then girls work there really polite and always smiling. Me and friend from Norway will never go another then katsu. I wish had a katsu in my Town. Love from Norway and us
Michael Zet - 11 months ago
Lovely staff, very helpful. Good product for the price. Worth visiting while in Amsterdam.
J T - 1 year ago
Good Coffeeshop.. I like the atmosphere and they’re staff. The advice was very good, friendly and knowledgeable. They have a really good selection of strains. I will come here again any time with pleasure!
P K - 1 year ago
Good Coffeeshop.. I like the atmosphere and they’re staff. The advice was very good, friendly and knowledgeable. They have a really good selection of strains. I will come here again any time with pleasure!
toine groenendijk - 1 year ago
Best shop in Amsterdam, verry good quality, fair prices and good advise. Also good place to sit and drink something. Plus super friendly employees.
Wowa - 1 year ago
This was the best place on my vacation. I love it and I will come back might next Year.
vagmen hq - 1 year ago
Loved it
Davide Romeo - 1 year ago
The most beautiful place in the world, they're nice and the place is relaxing and gives good feelings
Kamel Semmar - 1 year ago
Amazing coffeeshop, the seller is very nice and has good advices for weed, also we can sit in without having to order a drink or something, very appreciated :)
Omar Khan - 1 year ago
Superb place. Love it. A must visit
Bahadır Özer - 1 year ago
One of the best coffeeshops I've been to in Amsterdam. They have great stuff and a chill place. We were kind of a big group when we got there and they had enough place to comfort us all. If you smoke cannabis or want to try it for the first time then I would strongly recommend you to check this place out. It was a great experience, personally.
Amancy Polanco - 1 year ago
Amazing!!!!! This place is decorated super cool and has gluten-free & sugar free space cakes and a great variety of American and Netherlands flower. Fairly big with plenty of tables but gets packed! I sat at the bar on a Hugh stool chair. Good enough!
Petru Croitoru - 1 year ago
Best coffee shop in Amsterdam for vegan muffins! I loved their gluten free vegan chocolate muffin so much that I returned back for them the next day. I totally would recommend this place to anyone stopping in Amsterdam.
Mohd Zakhir Mohd Zuhuri - 1 year ago
Drop by after a nearby dessert. Definitely a nice coffeeshop place with a great ambience. Very posh interior. Ask for recommendations from the bar tender. Good quality and great weed line up from this place.
Petra Kadar - 2 years ago
I've been searching everywhere in Amsterdam for gluten free vegan cakes and my friend recommended katsu. Let's just say I highly recommend it!! The coffee shop has great vibes, super friendly staff and the space cake took me on another level. I will be returning back here!
David B - 2 years ago
Not thrilled by my last visit. In the past I have always enjoyed visiting Katsu. This time, the Dutch budtender asked me if I had ever been there before and made some remark about me being a tourist. Listen, tourist euros are every bit as valuable as Dutch euros. I live in an area that attracts tourists but we welcome them and don't treat them like tourists. I think Katsu has things they can learn from us.
Melikcan Şirvan - 2 years ago
Good products, nice atmosphere. Music was also cool but the staff could have been a lot more polite. We felt like they aint like foreigners. But still they could not kill the positive vibe. When i had a look at other customer reviews, i saw the same complaint repeatedly. Think they should consider the reviews.
Lorena Montealegre - 2 years ago
The place is really nice and cool, weed is really good and prices are fare. Just be aware about the tall dark skin lady at the counter. I think she could be a lot more polite and friendly with consumers...
Danielle P - 2 years ago
They had exactly what we went in for.. a vegan edible! The coffeeshop wasn’t too busy at the time we were there, which was perfect for me. The staff were all very friendly and we loved the vibrant colors!
Jannis F - 2 years ago
Its a very nice Coffeeshop with very kind people inside. The strains they have are awesome the prices are fine. The Service there is great and the Music was just awesome. You can rent a Bong or a Crusher for Deposit and you also have the possibility to Vape because they have a very nice one. I went there like 3 days in a Row because i just love this Shop. You should really try the Super Lemon Haze it was Mind Bursting See you the next time
Tom Liddell - 2 years ago
Absolutely brilliant coffee never been before but I would totally recommend. Very nice atmosphere and the the staff were friendly. I think the coffee was good too but I don't remember
Sharnie Minister - 2 years ago
Absolutely brilliant atmosphere staff are lovely. Make a very nice coffee too! Extremely welcoming and friendly I'll definitely be back again within my 3 day stay! Thankyou so much everyone at Katsu
Rhys L - 2 years ago
A bit of a walk from the main city centre, however is worth the trip, nice cosy coffee shop, good prices and good product. They also have some cool graffiti displayed through a window out back (pictured) Will definitely come back on my next trip. Highly recommend.
Petrus Riipale - 2 years ago
Very helpful and friendly ladies behind the bar. Reasonable prices, overall nice vibe to the place, played some good rock music. We tried the muffins, slightly too much taste of the "stuff" itself, but good quality and not too expensive either. The toilet is up some very steep stairs. Only accepted Maestro, no Mastercard, so prepare to take some cash with you.
Calvin Au-duong - 2 years ago
High quality bud. Best prices. That’s my verdict for this shop. So far I haven’t seen better in quality for price. Nice girls working the front very busy joint. Grab a seat relax and smoking some dank. It’s A ok here.
Cagatay Ulubay - 2 years ago
Coming from Germany, the Amsterdam "products" giving me negative paranoia feelings, so I love having a positive environment next to me. Katsu offered me right that. Also the variety of "non-paranoia products" was bigger. From all the coffeeshops, I enjoyed this one the most. It was also close to our hotel, so the distance to "chill in my bed" was smaller :D
Liam Tillotson - 2 years ago
Great little place. Decent size, friendly and helpful staff. They even offered paper straws when we turned plastic ones down. Best music from any coffeeshop we went to.
Phil V - 3 years ago
Love the shop. Rustic relaxed feel and people always friendly. The owner seems like a nice guy and very involved with customers. Had the pleasure a new years eve there and it was memorable. The weed is good and prices very reasonable. Parking your bike can be a hassle and remember to use Google to pinpoint where you parked
Victor Hung - 3 years ago
Must visit! Great service! Much better pricing than other coffeeshops and worth the trip. This place is very close to the Heineken Brewery - within walking distance... so after your tour this is a logical next stop.
Fred Hughes - 3 years ago
An unassuming place, unnoticed at first glance but everything you could hope for. Mind your head as you go down the steps! A well designed coffeeshop with adequate seating. The menu is on display on the bar and your order for drinks or whatever is taken by two no nonsense women who know their stuff. Prices and measures excellent value with a limited selection but amazing quality. Nice coffee too!
Tuomas ten Cate - 3 years ago
Great shop. Nice interior, relaxed atmosphere, lots of regulars. Cheap but very high quality weed. I paid 10 euros for a gram of strong amnesia haze
Morgan Bizeau - 3 years ago
First coffee shop I've ever visited! Loved it. First time I was ever able to smoke and not get anxiety, too, which was awesome. ~When in Amsterdam...~ So, I walked here and the walk was nice from the airbnb we were staying at, easy to find, and there's an ice cream place right down the street which is also awesome. The staff there was very friendly and helpful. Prices were excellent!!! Very inexpensive. Perfectly pre-rolled too. Great choices. I loved it. Good job, Katsu.
William Griffith - 3 years ago
Very nice shop. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, Fun game like atmosphere. Crowded in the late afternoon and evening. Highly recommended.
Meg - 3 years ago
This place has a great vibe, visited in the day. The first coffee shop I visited off a friends recommendation. The place has lots of character and the staff are friendly. I found myself getting lost in the walls I wonder why. Overall was a pleasant place that I would recommend to all. Might be best to go in the day if you want to chill out as it gets a bit busy later on the day. Definitely my favourite place to go for a biff
Joe Molloy - 4 years ago
Had a great time here. The music was great and there was a fantastic selection of weed at good prices. Worth a visit.
Romano Bartolini - 4 years ago
Really chilled place with a great menu. Just far enough from the centre so not to many kids get here. Perfect for old hippies.
Chris Evans - 4 years ago
Without doubt the best cafe in the Dam. Locals. Good music. Nice staff. Quality produce. Fresh mint tea. Will always visit when in the neighbourhood
Rodrigo Bastias - 4 years ago
While I was traveling in Europe for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides (ask for more info if interested). This place is a GEM in Amsterdam! Everything that I was looking for is here! GREAT Atmosphere, Healthy Drinks and FREE devices to use and consume your cannabis while you are enjoying the AMAZING environment. Customer service was beyond my expectations, their staff have a wide knowledge about their products and ways to consume them. This was my 2nd time in Amsterdam, and definitely I will be back on my 3rd. I recommend this place 110% !
Martin O'Driscoll - 4 years ago
One of the great coffee shops, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. A bit off the beaten track so not as busy as the city center. They have a large menu with top quality grass and hash. Dr. Grinspoon is a great day smoke, grin all day long. The Diesel Sour is strong but very nice.
Alf - 5 years ago
Great atmosphere and location. Big selection but very crowdy and lil expensive
Calum Jacobsen - 5 years ago
Great staff. Great bud. Decent prices. Not overrun with tourists.
Szesch D - 5 years ago
My favorite cafe in Adam. Kindest staff ever, great choice, fair prices. I come here for years and will always come back.
Matthew Jackson - 5 years ago
Great atmosphere, internet access availible, good veriety of products and not too crowded. If you are staying around Rembrandt Square it's worth the short trip down the 4 line to check this place out and avoid the crowds of the more tourist oriented coffee shops.
peter vape - 5 years ago
Very nice place! Cool interior design and good prices, got some nice coffees too and not very crowded by tourists

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