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Tt. Vasumweg 4, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Noord)

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jakkil96 - 1 week ago
Great discover here in Amsterdam. Me and 8 people decide to go at NSDM and casually we found this Place. Staff super friendly and Amazing quality. Really really good choice for smoke.
Anne Jan Brouwer - 3 weeks ago
Pretty cool shop, nice people.
Wiktor Gawlowski - 1 month ago
Funny is a right anwer of coffe shop, weed for the beginners. We ask about the strongest weed, Mr Type 3 strains for us and the "california strain" (probably strong for them) was a no taste easy weed for the beginners. Never again
stephan van arnhem - 1 month ago
Best Guys and good quality
María Criado López - 2 months ago
Good quality and really nice people
Joe Thornton - 7 months ago
Best in AMS!
Aniéla K - 7 months ago
Regular coffeshop, not a big choice.
Harry - 8 months ago
Good service and stuff
Jessey Lage - 10 months ago
Its a nice place good prives ans theve got some pretty decent quality
Peter Jan - 1 year ago
Not really perfect but really good, staff might have low IQ but hey, if they can put the weed on the counter and use the cash machine then who can really complain? Lol anyways, the amount of "funny people" that come to this coffeeshop really could use a shower or some good sense of humor. Weird cartoons come to get weed from here. Eitherway thats not part of my review, overall an ok place to get some ok weed.... nice renovation work done recently, employees could use some renovation in their brain as well hahahah #justbanter #heres4stars
Noa Iacono - 1 year ago
Super nice products for really good prices! We went there today and we'll come there again for sure. Really cool also the place and the staff were friendly and they were explaining us really good the type of weed they have :) Also super nice is the thing that you can pay with card or cash!
Radost Dimitrova - 1 year ago
Great atmosphere! People were very funny given that the place funny people
SC Inc - 1 year ago
Great place! Quality&Quantity!
TheDakdekker666 - 1 year ago
Good place good price
Salim Brahimi - 1 year ago
Good location
TheEightball1987 - 1 year ago
Quality is okay but not too expensive, staff was really friendly.The place would have been better if smoking inside were allowed. Nice BIC lighters, cool logo
Marky Lee - 2 years ago
Not as good as the original shame maybe it will get better need more variety
Kat Bristowe - 2 years ago
Great people great atmosphere
Twisted5576 - 2 years ago
Lovely staff, lovely stuff. As it was boxing day they gave us the choice of a free rolling tray or grinder. There were also some cookies. Good location, the graffiti area nearby is cool. The rolling area takes up more of the shop than the smoking area, so even though it was cold I chose to find somewhere to smoke outside. Would have been an easy five stars if the smoking area was bigger :)
Matt - 2 years ago
Take the free ferry to NDSM and it’s just a short walk. We visited this coffee shop on a Thursday and it was fairly busy with locals which is reassuring. Didn’t see any other tourists Can’t speak of the quality of their product as we brought our own, but the atmosphere was welcoming.
Johnny Matejko - 3 years ago
Very friendly crew, good prices and quality. No cakes, only pre-rolls and pure plants. No special atmosphere, feels like usual store with option to roll, smoke and drink coffe.
Mossie Canning - 3 years ago
The best coffee shop in Amsterdam. The weed quality is good to excellent and the service is top class the guys are always waiting with a smile and a sneaky auld fist pump
Joe Morris - 3 years ago
Good, 10 min from ferry, one smoking room. Good pre rolls
Shaun caseley - 3 years ago
Great place to come and chill and have some refreshments. Nice friendly, funny staff who can't do enough to help you.
Lloyd Burley - 3 years ago
best value for money coffee shop with quality product. small menu , but excellent bud and hash.
Damon Crush - 3 years ago
The coffeeshop is decent, but there is a very small smocking room (not enough space for even 5 persons), and smoking in the main room is totally prohibited
Ryan Atkin - 3 years ago
A great but very small coffee shop.
Gennaro Martello - 3 years ago
Average place! Not too bad nothing special. Just a coffee shop.
Lesley Cremeans - 4 years ago
Great prices and atmosphere! Local hangout with a cozy smoking lounge.
Kevin Liversidge - 4 years ago
Great local coffee shop very friendly people and staff. And I would say the best smoke and prices in Amsterdam
Stephen Vianello - 4 years ago
The best coffeeshop in Holland. There is not much choice but the quality of weed and hash is absolutely excellent and price is okay. The place isn't big but never too crowded and staff is very friendly.

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