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Green House Pijp Coffeeshop
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Tolstraat 91, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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  • Monday 08:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 08:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 08:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 08:00 - 00:00
    Friday 08:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 08:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 08:00 - 00:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.greenhouse.org/
  • +31 6 20529630


C Todd - 1 month ago

Popped in Xmas day, one guy was all moody and said take away only. Absolutely no worries from us, then he said no other coffee shops are open. We'd actually been in 3 already. Also one of the items we brought was really naff stuff. Probably just an off day and the fact it was a holiday and they were working probably not great for them Bit disappointed

Dmitrii Kulikov - 2 months ago

The weed is good, the interior is one of the best in the industry. But you can't smoke inside because the employees said that's it is 100% of time reserved for VIP clients

Marcin Burzyński - 5 months ago

One of best Amsterdam Coffeeshop. Really high quality stuff for cheap prices (around 13e/g). They sell my favorite Super Lemon Haze and it's of superb quality, really energetic and clear-headed high with sweet lemon aroma. Also really nice staff (what isn't a norm, check out Coffeeshop roots if you want to get low guality customer service). I would reccomend this place to a friend :) Photos: 1) strawberry kush 2) exodus cheese hash 3) super lemon haze

serge saade - 8 months ago

Tried the Super Lemon Haze!! One of the best so far

Mitchell H - 1 year ago

Great service quality product as a local only greenhouse for me! Highly recommended.

Hi Hu - 2 years ago

Very nice hash and weed for a good price

Imkamidono - 2 years ago

Friendly nice people and weed what let you go to the moon and back

imkamidono kamisama - 2 years ago

Friendly nice people and weed what let you go to the moon and back

Santino Raider - 3 years ago

Another cool shop from Green House, great customer service. This shop is in one of Amsterdams most beautiful areas.

NFL - 3 years ago

Another cool shop from Green House, great customer service. This shop is in one of Amsterdams most beautiful areas.

Денис Салтан - 3 years ago

Nice place, growing much strains from this seed bank and decide to visit it, good coffee menu, pure sativa joint hey me high, also find here winner of Canna Fest 05' for 54€ and it was rly lit

Mark Ratchin - 3 years ago

Cozy, good music and superb “greens”, exactly as you need it

Luke Sykes - 3 years ago

One of the more comfortable places to smoke in Amsterdam. Always got strain hunters on the tv and lots of pics on the wall so u don’t feel like your sat there staring into space. Good weed but the prices could be better. Coffee was a good price and stayed hot for a long time so I didn’t have to buy another. Overall my fav chill spot in dam.

Eric The basterd - 3 years ago

Top weed, full of sticks, 18 euros per gram. More attention to quality would be appreciated. Fortunately, they don't have a monopoly.

Michael Speed - 3 years ago

Love it here. Nice atmosphere, nice staff, nice product, nice layout. But maybe a little too smokey - problem with the ventilation?

Innes - 3 years ago

Ace coffee shop bit of a tourist trap but do offer some nice smoke and is open late. Me and my mate Pennick went to it about 2am in the morning when we were dying for a smoke. I have to apologise I stole one of the green house grinders that they offer to customers to use. It’s a wicked grinder still working well now. If you were thinking about buying one worth the money. Can’t remember what smoke we ordered but I’m sure it was to the standard you can expect in Amsterdam. Posting a picture this time of said stolen grinder

Stewart Hartigan - 4 years ago

This is the controversial cofeeshop that many famous people have visited. Definaltly worth a visit. Nice and comfortable seats and good quality products.

John the Mod - 4 years ago

The guy with the shaved head and beard is THE rudest person I’ve ever encountered. Such an aggressive attitude and completely out of alignment with how a good decent human interaction should be. Also the weed is too expensive. Don’t go here or ya’ll fools. There are perfectly decent coffee shops just down the street that will treat you with dignity. You don’t even deserve this 1 Star.

ehab jbarah - 4 years ago

Highly recommend! Lol If you know what I'm talking about

Charlie Kewley - 4 years ago

a relaxing atmosphere comfy seating and friendly staff definetly worth a visit!

Thisisalyschannel - 4 years ago

A very nice place Went there tonight and a very friendly staff member recommended some really nice hash. One of the places where you feel good inside.

Antonio Pretto - 4 years ago

Greenhouse quality + easy to find a table. Try Tengilope.

Daniel Robinson - 4 years ago

Superb crops. Great staff

Игорь Лебедев - 4 years ago

Long haired bartender is a douche. I asked him something not so heavy and no so hard and he sold me Super Lemon Haze, always trying to sell most expensive weed. Not cool Bald bartender with beard is opposite, nice funny guy. But in the end, couple of locals coffeeshops is much better.

Nick Neumann - 4 years ago

Wonderful coffeeshop. High quality buds. Best super lemon haze I’ve ever had. Friendly staff and chill, colorful lounge. Definitely gonna hit up when I return.

Florida Traveler - 4 years ago

This was by far the best shop we stopped at during the 3 nights we had in Amsterdam. It was our last night in the city and country, we were off to Paris the next morning. We had some fine herb to smoke up and this place was with in walking distance of our BnB, less then 10 mins on the google map and we found it no problem. The music was awesome, very small crowd, had a chill time finishing what we had, I even gave the bud-tender my pipe

Alex Fox - 5 years ago

Loved this place. Great menu, friendly and knowledgeable staff, good music and very comfortable. Not to many kids or tourists so good for the older person. Will return and would recommend.


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