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Zieseniskade 22, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 08:00 - 01:00
    Tuesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Wednesday 08:00 - 01:00
    Thursday 08:00 - 01:00
    Friday 08:00 - 01:00
    Saturday 08:00 - 01:00
    Sunday 08:00 - 01:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.



Nej Naj - 1 week ago

Luca was at the counter cool guy with nice friendly attitude. He wasnt rushing me and was very polite. I recommend visiting for a good experience and one of the friendliest staff in amsterdam.

lewis lord - 1 week ago

Very friendly lads working on the counter, some of the best priced weed around, and the cheaper strains here are as good if not better than the 'cali' strains the shops near the centre are selling

Ritchie Howlett - 2 weeks ago

Amazing coffeeshop! Excellent selection of strains for a good price, friendly staff and very communicative and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Joseph H. Zenner - 3 weeks ago

Nice ppl working there, good options they got bubble hash very good would recommend

Jacob Pate - 3 weeks ago

The smell outside this shop is unlike most other coffeeshops, that’s bc they have the gas. Good service and good prices especially considering quality. Small but comfortable smoking area

George Giuliano Ureche - 1 month ago

A cosy place. Good variety of flower and also the price are really good. The staff is very gentle. I recommend this place if you want to spend some HIGH quality time..

Sam Cle - 1 month ago

Amazing coffeeshop, staff are brilliant and the product is too.

Ali Altaf Salemwala - 4 months ago

Awesome place, great vibe

sTrax - 6 months ago

4/5 - quiet and old skool coffeeshop with average weed though they had a good deal of 3g for €25 on their blueberry which was surprisingly nice to smoke on and it wasnt small buds or shake, one big whole bud for 3.14g. I stopped here for my last smoke to finish the blueberry and sample a preroll (cant remember which strain) as it was on my way to the bus stop. The preroll was again surprising to find it not just lumped with tobacco, had an even consistency and was effective for a cheap price around €6-€7 I think. Overall, decent spot to stop by, pick up some cheap weed and have a smoke. Budtender was very down to earth but quiet.

Lila Kay - 7 months ago

was so rude i went in prefacing nicely that i forgot my ID and only had other forms of identification and instead of just a simple no he started yelling really loudly for me to get out. I have never experienced this before. I wouldve very quickly accepted a straightforward rejection as i understand how it usually works but since ive been there before i did not expect this kind of crazy reaction. Will not return. I am 20 and go to this place weekly. Just chill out man.

D. Amsterdam - 9 months ago

I just love this place! My dog is always happy when she hears we're going to The Noon.. She is always allowed to walk around while I wait and everybody there is always so sweet with her.. The people there are also very nice and always help u find what u want..

David Venning - 11 months ago

Cool place to hang out. Old skool coffeeshop

Redouan el-Bouazzati - 11 months ago

nice small shop in the heart of the city

Arif Rashid - 11 months ago

A nice small coffee shop with a lovely view. Mainly locals and reasonably priced.


We have been to this place and the person who attends this place is totally unpleasant, both in his education and in the way he cares for people, I do not recommend this type of place since his attention is fatal

ossie0022 - 1 year ago


Amy Williams - 1 year ago

Amazing local coffee shop! Good prices, nice edibles and best of all, great customer service. Nice place to go and have a quick yarn, very welcoming and cozy. Thanks guys :)

Euka - 1 year ago

This place has been a life saver, super friendly staff, really good weed, the building is small but clean with a beautiful location and super friendly locals. Dont miss this place.

Sassy - 2 years ago

First coffee shop i visited over there and it was very nice

Lukas - 2 years ago

A Very good small and Beautiful little Place where you can buy good Stuff. And can take seat at an comfortable little table you where you can enjoy yourself and have fun.A store you really need to visit in Amsterdam

Mark Irvine - 2 years ago

A group of 6 of us went into this place on 29th Feb and we were met with hostility - no smile, no thanks and a stern look, all while telling us after our order of 6 cokes that we couldn't smoke our own, only what we bought there. I bought a 1 or 2g bag to roll and smoke that, but we were told again at the table that we could only smoke theirs and to leave if we would smoke our own too. To clarify, no-one had brought out their bags after the 1st warning/telling off. We left after 10 minutes after I had rolled with theirs as we didn't even want to smoke that in there due to how they made us feel. Glares from the member of staff/owner from start to finish. Would not go back and they definitely lost out on some income from us that night, as we were smoking a power!

Matty Harris - 2 years ago

First time in a coffee shop and it was great. The guy behind the bar ( Ali I think ) was friendly and helpfully. If you want a quiet place to chill and have a smoke this is the place to be

Onur Gülay - 2 years ago

Its the warm and quite friendship place. You can find yourself in good communication and sharing. Exactly don't go back without stopping here.

Laura Almond - 2 years ago

Really chilled out coffeeshop. Quite small but you feel at home. Smooth reggae playing and lovely locals.

Claudia Chung - 2 years ago

Good weed with good prices! More local and with nice people. Recommend!

L Sofi - 3 years ago

We had a good time, thanks to the great staff and friendly people!

Goddess Royal - 3 years ago

Interesting shop didn't spend a long time there

Goddess Royal - 3 years ago

Interesting shop didn't spend a long time there

Rachel Lee - 3 years ago

The space cake here hit me the hardest and I only had half of one slice. The guy there is super nice

Liam Ireland - 3 years ago

Great cafe outa the way great staff good prices nice atmosphere

Tyler Johnson - 3 years ago

Good smoke, good vibes, friendly staff. What else could you want?

Worldirection Bot - 3 years ago

Very nice budtender, nice variety of strains. Super chilled atmosphere. Mostly locals. Cozy place. The quality of products isnt very impressive. And the place feels kinda dirty but it may just be the old fashioned deco

Viet Bach Do - 3 years ago

Definition of a caring owner. Great non touristy place.

Oli H - 3 years ago

Old school local vibe...... Cool weed sellers and normally the locals are cool also..... Small but just how I like it, definitely non commercial.......

Jenn Cliff - 3 years ago

Decent merch, but the place isn't as open to tourists as others might be. We found our first time here alright, but we never stayed that long. The weed was great, bought a sack of Voodoo Haze which we loved. Excited to go back and try it again next time. Mad little shop but has great weed!

Scouse Deggsey - 6 years ago

Great shop, very chilled and lovely weed.Everything we smoked here was top shelf gear.

Monster All Rights Reserved - 6 years ago

Best blueberry bags ever, the five gram bag held me for a whole two days, lol. Highly chilled so don't be a tourist (noDik-eds) I was there a few years back, the place has changed, they took all the trees that lined the canal, but Amsterdam, The Noon. 10/10 ????

Rjay Garnett - 6 years ago

Great coffee shop one of the best great chilled atmosphere

Vijay N. Dixit - 6 years ago

The host at the shop was a very pleasant and helpful person. For a first timer (read as, after many years), he patiently listened to what kind of an experience I was looking for, shortlisted 3, narrowed down and recommended one. Rolled it for me, and told me to go slow. Well, I was a rude bum, I had a momentary panic attack to get to the airport (I had 6 hours; but you know what panicking is when in that state!) and strolled away without thanking. So, thank you! I will most certainly visit your place the next time I am in town! Thanks again!

Katrina Dean - 7 years ago

this is my favorite coffee shop in Amsterdam so far. A lovely atmosphere, the people there are very friendly and the weed is excellent at good prices.. loved the Blueberry OG that we bought there. Definitely worth a visit


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