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Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2R, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 11:00 - 20:00
    Tuesday 11:00 - 20:00
    Wednesday 11:00 - 20:00
    Thursday 11:00 - 20:00
    Friday 11:00 - 20:00
    Saturday 11:00 - 20:00
    Sunday 11:00 - 20:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • https://paradoxcoffeeshop.com/
  • +31 20 623 5639



Alex Brodsky - 4 weeks ago

Nice relaxing coffeshop that's tucked away. Some of the best/strongest edibles in the city, and they have some nice flower & hash as well. Really chill vibes and a good place to go if you wanna take it easy!

Sergiu Baraboi - 1 month ago

Chill place, friendly staff and the best cake i've ever had, and that's without even talking about the seeds that are in it. 1 seat = 1 slice (that's the strat) Love it.

Michael Kudin - 2 months ago

One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, it has a nice wipe and employees are very friendly. I really recommend the space cakes and the outdoor grown Weed.

La Morenita_ - 3 months ago

Tiny, very local, in a peacefull place away from crowded center. The owner I guess gave me very exhaustive recommendations and take some times to explain me the difference between the different sort of weed. It's very very tiny but enjoyable.

Phil - 4 months ago

Their space cakes are some of the best in the city, looks like the place has been refurbished in the last few years.

Shireen Gorgin Botura - 6 months ago

Their spacecakes are a hit or miss. I’ve eaten them before where it was strong and really great, but this last time I felt nothing after eating the whole cake… rather disappointing. Based on the reviews it seems others are also getting ones without the effects. If I get another one that doesn’t work then I’m finding another place for my spacecakes… which is sad because I really like the effects of these when it works!

Miklós Tix - 6 months ago

The best coffeeshop and weed in town. Always kind staff, good prices, very good strains. Nothing has changed since 2004. Highly recommended!

Anna - 7 months ago

The space cakes were good. We shared one cake for 2 people. Ate one half and then another half in 2 hours. The impact was just good. Not too strong, not too light.

Dávid Friedrich - 8 months ago

Place is well hidden, it took me some time to find it :) . It looked pretty cosy, only a few tables, and chairs are in it, and a bench just outside the shop. The staff were chilled, kind people. I came for the famous cake, a lot of people said it is the best in the city. Also I ordered a tea, they have some variety for that too, not just for the weed. I am not a experienced smoker or weed consumer, but I took some before. So I tried the 1/3 of the cake, just to be sure I don't eat too much. But unfortunately I did not feel any effects, even after 2-4 hors later. A few days later I ate again 1/3 of the remaining cake, but again nothing. The 1/3 leftover is given to my brother who is even less into marijuana consumption, but even he did not feel anything. The cake was delicious, but unfortunately the awaited high was missing. Inspecting the cake closer it looked like it had weed in it. I am not saying I am disappointed, but next time when I visit The Netherlands I have to eat almost the whole cake, to know if they have any effect.

Cooler Dude - 9 months ago

The Staff is really friendly and the Price is good. The Location is also a bonus and perfect to smoke and chill. The latte tasted also good overall good.

Barry Connolly - 10 months ago

A must visit coffee shop. No nonsense and friendly staff. Not like some cafes which seem gimmicky. Superb products with variety and would recommend adding to any itinerary. I'd definitely return. Paradox you have set a bench mark. Keep it up.

Orfhlaith King - 10 months ago

I had read a lot of reviews before going. I didn't eat a lot of the spacecake as per the instructions and on the servers recommendation, didn't really feel the effects. cake was still really good and staff were lovely

Chris Brown - 10 months ago

This is our go-to for space cakes. They are 1 gr and 7€ per wrapped slice. Very friendly staff.

Jaison Joseph - 11 months ago

Amazing space cake and options for weed. Definitely recommend and will go again.

Ryan Gulfa Wijaya - 11 months ago

Best Space Cake in Amsterdam. Follow the instruction for my wife did not and paid the price :)

Serena Delli Noci - 11 months ago

The place is small (due to some renovations I think) but very cosy, the atmosphere is nice and the two ladies super kind, recommended!

Artz Marques - 11 months ago

I came here by recommendation of a friend and I’m happy he recommended it. The cake is delicious and has 1g of grass. The prices apparently went up (I paid €7.5 per slice and it was €7 not long ago), but it’s still worth it.

Miss Vaga - 1 year ago

Cute little shop good smoke. I'm a heavy smoker from Canada and the strongest one was great for me, really hit the spot after a long trip. And not a busy place if you're looking for somewhere chill. And they're very friendly!

Sophia Hatton - 1 year ago

Skip everywhere else in Dam and just come here. Their space cakes are second to none. Really strong and effective. Staff are helpful and friendly, highly recommend!

R S - 1 year ago

biggest upside: the best prices in the surroundings, very nice hash and outdoor-grown for a small price, can definitely recommend - yet small place, don't chill inside and there is only small variety of strains, most of them well-known -

Nick Bowden - 1 year ago

Great locals coffee shop l, smaller weights for those wanting to try a variety.

Filipe Montezo - 1 year ago

Best space cakes of the city, and probably the world. I'm speachless. But PLEASE follow the instructions. Half a cake is more than enough. TRUST ME.

Cisla Onche - 1 year ago

the best space cakes in amsterdam! they taste delicious and are VERY strong (1gr per slice) for only 7€. You might want to consider eating only half if you're not a regular user though. The staff is also really friendly and will help you if you're not sure about how much you should take.

Gökhan ┼×eheri - 1 year ago

Best spacecake in town. Friendly staff, quality products.

Yevhen Logosha - 1 year ago

Part of it was under renovation yet still friendly stuff, good advice and choice of weed. Spacecakes are the business too

Bong Fu Fighter - 1 year ago

Little Shop near the Anne Frank house. Good prices all over nice quality. Also most potent cs space cakes. Always worth to visit

Jordi Clemente Calduch (Linku) - 1 year ago

The staff is really kind and the cake is amazing, both in taste and potency

Kev Richardson - 1 year ago

The best space cake in Amsterdam; very chill & calm with an open and airy atmosphere. Unlike many of the dark and dank pot-cafés.

Sam - 1 year ago

Nice & cozy place with relaxed atmosphere and really good stuff!

Iris Homer - 1 year ago

Cute place with good prices and strong stuff. Highly recommend

john smith - 1 year ago

Awesome little coffeeshop :) very relaxing atmosphere and awesome products

Rob Gilham - 1 year ago

More friendly than your average coffee shop and great mix of regulars and visitors. Known for the cake which is really popular

Rik Head - 1 year ago

Excellent small shop with a nice choice. Staff are the best. We visited Cheeky Monday on our last night and had to wait 10 hours before our flight back the next day, safe to say we stayed in here for a good few hours that day.

Paul Lupton - 1 year ago

My favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. Always great service, great tunes and great smoke. What else is needed? Can’t wait to get back.

Esosa Enahoro - 2 years ago

Fair price and really good quality. I can really recommend their space cakes.

nova harmonia - 2 years ago

the space cake is very recommendable

Aleksandrs Antonovs - 2 years ago

Very nice coffeeshop, a cool thing that they have prerolls without a tobacco. Space cakes is a fraud though - ate 2 at once, no effect whatsoever, €8 each.

Dániel Hadházi - 2 years ago

One of my favorite coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Good prices, good products, great staff!

mhziwr saeidy - 2 years ago

Best brownies and joints i've seen in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Good stuff.

Andoni Angel - 2 years ago

Excellent place un peaceful

benny - 2 years ago

If you want a quiet smoke away from all the English/German dudes in white T-shirts and silly bags; come here. Friendly, good prices and great weed.

Piers Dunlop - 2 years ago

Lovely little coffeeshop. Nice staff, Well placed, well priced. The misses swears by their spacecakes. Wiljan knows his stuff!! Edit. He also makes a beautiful latte.

Juliette Straet - 2 years ago

Amazing space cake. Not expensive and super sensations Careful, don't do like us and have an entire piece at once, too strong !

B. - 2 years ago

The space cakes had the effect I expected!

Mattia Scacco - 2 years ago

Best tortino ever in this planet. Thank you

Jeff Doll - 3 years ago

This is my 1st stop when arriving from the state's... Quant and relaxing. Not all the glitz and glam which is perfect for a mellow chill spot. And the music is fantastic along with the menu choices

Jeff Doll - 3 years ago

This is my 1st stop when arriving from the state's... Quant and relaxing. Not all the glitz and glam which is perfect for a mellow chill spot. And the music is fantastic along with the menu choices

M Andrè - 3 years ago

This is THE place for your supply. Very friendly. When I used to smoke I was very satisfied with their quality/price. Nowadays I regularly get my supply of edible there and nowhere else.

Brooks Quinn - 3 years ago

We had a great time here! Met a couple at our table enjoyed some coffee and a smoke. They have a great selection on the menu as well; as strong or mild as you would like.

Gerald Tellez - 3 years ago

Am visiting from California and I’ve been to five other coffee shops in the center of Amsterdam and this place is the absolute best! The Paradox is not pretentious like the other shops this one is chill and pleasant. It goes along way!

Ebony Wilson - 3 years ago

Absolutely brilliant service and great atmosphere! Their pound cake is fantastic and very strong. Paradox made my time in Amsterdam so much fun :)

Matt Appleton - 3 years ago

Can't go wrong with the edibles, for sure. Renowned throughout Amsterdam, they're very potent but it's easy to dose correctly. Otherwise, great cheerful atmosphere: someone was playing chess when I just went in! Come everytime I'm here.

John Butler-Gould - 3 years ago

Situated in a mainly residential area of the Jordaan, and off the beaten track, so to speak, Paradox Coffeeshop is mostly frequented by locals, although some tourists do make the effort to seek it out mostly due to its reputation as having some of the best edibles in town. The cannabis menu is somewhat limited, but what is on offer is of great consistent quality and more reasonably priced than mainstream establishments.. They also have some of the best pre-rolled joints, with and without tobacco, to be found in Amsterdam. There's a good choice of coffee, teas, milkshakes and great snacks. The atmosphere is very relaxed and cosy with comfortable seating and a nice selection of music making it an ideal place to chill out. Board games are available as well as Volcano vaporisers for the more seasoned smokers. It is a favourite haunt of local artists and regular exhibitions are held here featuring the works of prominent upcoming talent such as Mac Amsterdam whose creativity has taken the city by storm. Friendly staff make you feel at home.

Rika C - 3 years ago

i loved the atmosphere there. very home like place where you can find many locals. staff was okay, everyone seemed very relaxed. it is also situated in a picturesque street. sadly it was crowned so i could not sit and chill here. i bought thai sativa joint with tobacco there but it was really weak, all i could taste and feel was tobacco, so i would recommend you to try something different.

David B - 3 years ago

Visited here for the second time. Located in a nice area on a quiet side street near the Westerkerk and Anne Frank house. The staff have been pleasant on both occasions. Struck up a nice conversation with a young couple from Spain and also a young man from Scotland. The chem dawg strain isn't my cup of tea but that's no reflection on the shop. I have tried their space cake twice and like it.

Matthew Espinal - 3 years ago

One of the more laid back coffee shops in Amsterdam, probably the best in Jordaan. Great vibe all around

Dm91827364 Parker - 3 years ago

Shame it hadn't lived up to my expectations from friends who had recommended it. Nice people. Seemed like the only thing in the hash was tobacco which they obviously only sell to tourists. wasn't even any weed in the 'joint' so It had no effect. I'm not a frequent smoker but have done so in the past.

Dean Hoad - 3 years ago

Yup, while in Amsterdam you have to take in the local delicacies and I heard this was a pretty decent place so gave it a go. Potent cakes, wrapped and labelled with directions on how to eat, took just over an hour to kick in for me and lasted quite a a while so pleased with my purchase

Zoltán Biró - 3 years ago

As people before me said, it might be the best place to get some space cakes, which are tasty and potent. It took me solid 2 hours for them to kick in, the effect was quite noticable, but not too strong, and it lasted quite a few hours. Listen to the guy behind the counter, he can give you great advise if you ask him. The shop itself is more quiet than a lot others, which I loved, so anyone who's into that will find this place great.

Tim - 4 years ago

Nice friendly place. Family owned. Open. Really nice

bobwho1995 - 4 years ago

Got some space cakes. First day took half and felt something after 2 hrs. Was like a light high. Next day I ate 3/4 of it and got really good. Walked around for 2 hrs and spent the next 2 hrs in my hotel room. Don't get the soft pure joint, you won't feel much of it.

aaron dodds - 4 years ago

My go to coffeeshop for when I am in the dam. Great prices and just far enough out of town that it isn't overly touristy. Space cake is the best I've had, 1g per cake and the joints are not badly priced. Always a great atmosphere and the staff are very helpful if you have any questions. Number 1 coffee shop to go to.

Laura Alves - 4 years ago

Very nice staff and atmosphere. Only giving it 4 stars because the space cake didn't get us high at all! They recommended 1 cake for 2 people but it should've been 1 per person. Other than that, it's an amazing place!

Sorin-Mihai Oprea - 4 years ago

If you're looking to go to space eating some edibles, look no further, for you have found the place. This coffee-shop has the most potent edibles you can find in Amsterdam. Cozy place, decent selection of merchandise and a staff that's helpful.

Arthur Belin - 7 years ago

A very chill place to be! Not expensive 2,6g for 15€ of Bio weed, awesome!), very friendy managers, and their fresh mint tea (2€) taste wonderful. Oh and the free wifi works great too. I totally recommend it!

Mark Rutter - 7 years ago

Chilled out local cafe, good food and drinks.

Jordan Briggs - 7 years ago

A really cosy shop, with a really relaxed atmosphere, not like some of the shops more geared towards hard stoners. Having said that, with the cakes at 1g (rather than 0.4g which is more common elsewhere) and a Volcano Vaporizer in the corner, this place does take its smoking seriously. Lots of board games to put a different slant on the experience too. Very friendly staff, great atmosphere, especially in the mornings.

Ryan Paredez - 7 years ago

Cool cafe in the area. Some room to chill and order something to drink. Fair prices and loads of table board games to play. Good product as well.

Vlad Stan - 7 years ago

Favorite coffeeshop. You can't match the serene atmosphere of this place.


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