To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

The African Blackstar Coffeeshop
Open now

Rozengracht 1-A, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Oran Oshri - 3 months ago
First of all they're Very kind And second- they play the best music in the city
El Ringo 4.5 - 5 months ago
Excellent service, they do need to update the place but it's a peaceful place and they have a guy called Nana such a great spirit and even got a drink for my wife for her birthday which was great touch and I would be coming back soon
ScopeBound - 5 months ago
Nice place chill music +bong pretty good downstairs has TV so its nice addition
James HOUGHTON - 5 months ago
Best high I had in the whole of a 3 day stay. Love this joint.
Ilyas Ibrahim - 7 months ago
Ohh Nice place I was there n smoke my Blunt lol try visit too✌️☺️
Quontrell Lewis, Jr - 9 months ago
Great customer service! Very good quality buds! Will return.
Sunshine Davis - 11 months ago
Went here because of an article from Travel Noire. This was a great place with a nice variety. DO NOT go to the atm across the street. They charged me $30 to take out $100. Get cash before you go because they don’t take cards. Other than that, everything was great!
Mohaned Yildiz - 1 year ago
Best shop of Amsterdam!! I always enjoy my moment inside. Best service and verry nice, and most important best stuff !!!!
Yiannis Dragonas - 1 year ago
Great place, great prices, friendly and cozy with a dub reggae vibe. Unlike the mainstream tourist oriented industry of Centrum
Damelady - 1 year ago
Nice service, but 10 euros on a brownie and nothing happened
Sean Poulton - 1 year ago
Fantastic coffee shop! The guy behind the counter provides excellent service and is genuinely nice to talk to. A little outside the city centre so it doesn't seem to get overly packed. Really nice products as well. Definitely recommend checking it out.
Clive Higgleton - 1 year ago
Nice little coffee shop near Anne Frank's. The dude at the counter very nice, sorted me out a much needed tea. Simple decor inside with ragga vibes.
Sean Daniels - 1 year ago
hands down Best Kept Secret Amsterdam Rai story time at the touristy stuff but if you want stuff that rivals Californian & Vancouver go here say hello to Brite (Bright)
Ashton Henri Scharneck - 1 year ago
Ducked in here to hide from the rain, the owner (I assume, it seemed like a one-man operation) was extremely hospitable and treated us so kindly. Had a decent cup of coffee and a nice relaxing sit down. Not the most high end coffee shop in the world, but for a quick relaxing sit down its a good place to be. If your not a fan of the cannabis scene the obviously its not a good place to be, but even if you don't smoke and don't mind the smoke, I will still recommend just for the smiles.
Michael Todd - 2 years ago
There isn’t much too it, but they know what they are doing. It’s one of the more quiet coffee shops and less touristy, which is really great if you’re looking for a close to local experience. The staff are really helpful and the strains are pretty solid in effect and also selection. If you’re in the Jordaan and need green, go here!
handriya yogaswara - 2 years ago
Ya man ..respect! Very nice people..they teach me to roll the perfect hash joint. Much love. Peace
nana frei - 2 years ago
Best Coffeeshop I’ve ever been! friendly staff! And great muffins! it looks like a classroom! awesome!
Amsterdam Boy - 3 years ago
i go here often, good place, good weed, hash and music.
reza hussain - 3 years ago
Hands down one of the best coffeshops in Amsterdam real nice sitting area in the front, some of the best prices for amazing buds. Must go in Amsterdam less than 5 minute walk from Ann frank house
Salvatore Scalia - 3 years ago
This place is an icon of Amsterdam, if you dont visit this shop and tune into the vibe, you only saw 1/2 of the city. Respect !!!
Jamie Malorni - 3 years ago
Great spot to pick up a little special product for your Amsterdam adventure. I used to buy a lot of Sputnik (great value for money) but recently I haven't enjoyed it as much. Still a favorite place to get my product
Andrew Kiseliov - 3 years ago
caribean/african style here. God stuff and prices. Try jamaican sensi.

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