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Coffeeshop Johnny
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Elandsgracht 3, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Monday 09:00 - 00:00
    Tuesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 00:00
    Thursday 09:00 - 00:00
    Friday 09:00 - 00:00
    Saturday 09:00 - 00:00
    Sunday 09:00 - 00:00
  • It is unknown if and when this coffeeshop will be selling controlled, state regulated cannabis. For more information, check out the 'state regulated cannabis' page.
  • http://www.coffeeshopjohnny.nl/
  • +31 20 638 3984


Jon Lux - 2 months ago

Great experience high quality. I will come here many more times. Thanks so much

Rachna Ramanathan - 3 months ago

Great vibes especially with the music of D Block Europe playing today! Amazing quality and affordable prices. One of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam by far!

john doe - 6 months ago

First visit I thought it was the coffeeshop from Duce Bigalow but it’s not. Totally different on the inside. It’s very cool and modern looking it’s clean and the staff have always been friendly to me. The older lady who worked there not sure if she still does reminded me of my mum and looked after me.

Mundeep Gill - 7 months ago

Friendly staff. Made you feel welcome.

Lene S D - 7 months ago

Good quality, fair prices, nice selection. Service was good, maybe not the friendliest, but that’s honestly understandable when you’re dealing with tourists all day.

Spencer Heap - 8 months ago

Best weed in Amsterdam. The C5 Pioneer will put you on the moon...

Edv Vardo - 9 months ago

Same brand as Boerejungens and DNA, but better selection. Ultra nice vibes, and friendly crew. Blueberry haze in sativas favorite, not leaving podium. New stars in indica - Cookies & Cream and Corleone

Gustavo Steckert Vignali - 9 months ago

Apparently its my fault the guy in the balcony couldn't give me a proper nome and description of the join he was selling me, for that I'm sorry.

Faas van den Berg - 11 months ago

This is definitely one of the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The weed is very good, and has affordable prices. I do hope though that the blueberry coockies which is an amazing weed will come back in your assortment.

Ghassan - 11 months ago

The receptionist is sooo disrespectful and rude.. i wanted to buy some stuff, but he was so disrespectful that i had to leave the store, and if that wasn't enough he sarcastically said bye and laughed..

Sven Pikker - 1 year ago

best quality and price in amsterdam

Eric Dietz - 1 year ago

It's a good shop but both of the employees wore their masks on their chins... Felt uncomfortable and annoyed, which is a shame.

Clare Penny - 1 year ago

I think coffeeshop Johnny is one of the best in Amsterdam. Really good weed, friendly and helpful staff. A wide variety of really nice weed. One of the better coffeeshop's in Amsterdam. Brilliant.

Bong Fu Fighter - 1 year ago

Nice little Shop with friendly staff. The weed is on the point and prices are fair

Tom Jankowski - 1 year ago

Great product and service. Highly recommend.

Phil Martinez - 1 year ago

I was really surprised by how good the latte was at Johnny's. The owners were really kind as well. It's a great place to just enjoy and relax even when you're alone!

Saintanic Records - 1 year ago


barbarian horde - 2 years ago

Completely authentic no nonsense place, very clean and well stocked with potent product.

Balder Jacobsen - 2 years ago

Quality cannabis, fair prices. Some other shops (in the city centre) sell similar products for double prices. Friendly and helpful staff. Will return.

Golden Guide - 2 years ago

Bought 3 different kinds of buds. All are great. No clue what the names are already sorry. But I must say all the weed I sent was in good condition. Really good quality buds. I would recommend this place to a friend. Just as it was recommended to me. The girl who served me was also nice and friendly.

axtrpo - 2 years ago

Amsterdam genetics always at least 4 stars. Best coffeeshops of amsterdam. For me johnny is nice because it is the closed amsterdam genetics shop. Often they struggle with having enough pre rolled in the shop thats why im giving 4 stars. Overal every amsterdam genetics shop is good quality

Floony - 2 years ago

A wonderful place with very friendly service. I love the Himalayan Pink, which I have never seen anywhere else before in Amsterdam. A wonderful strain to explore the city in a good mood. Generally a good Sativa menu, very moderate prices for top genetics. Also the hashish menu is worth mentioning; Rifman as well as Block

Said A - 2 years ago

Very helpful and kind service. Tried some cakes. (salted caramel brownie and red velvet cake). They were delicious, beautiful and affordable. Super cute packaging :)

martina nobili - 2 years ago

Good variety of weed with the best prices. The staff is super friendly and can help you to decide the best way to your "high" trip. You can smoke in the small room or just roll it and smoke outside.

Philipp Hübner - 3 years ago

Perfect and broad selection. Very reasonable prices! (Please keep it like that :) )

Nick Sowers - 3 years ago

This place is amazing. The crew was very helpful and did't mind explaining stuff to newbies/tourist. The product was excellent, I do not recommend eating a whole edible if you plan on doing anything else at all.

Michael Vaughn - 3 years ago

Enjoyed some top shelf while at coffeeshop Johnny! Very nice employees!

Yuri Ussar D'Andria - 3 years ago

Lovely staff and lovely stuff. Cheap as a stranger from Amsterdam would like and good as a person from amsterdam would like.

Alejandra Crespo - 3 years ago

Expensive for a pre rolled joint that had an inch or longer tip. I recommend other places to be honest. Owner wants to blame that I'm delusional after smoking the herb. It was decent, there's no hate just speaking truth.

wolf remarque - 3 years ago

Best weed in Amsterdam, aspecialy "Jonny's harvest" is an amazing strain. It is a bit like super silver haze, but it has a bit more of a trippy high. And it's only 10 euro! I live in Amsterdam and have been to many coffeeshops and iHighly recommend this shop if you want the best weed for a good price.

f4k34cc - 3 years ago

Big Selection of nice Strains High Quality but lower Prices One of the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Reuben Hussmann - 3 years ago

Very friendly service, and a nice selection of products. Seems to be popular with locals.

Michael - 3 years ago

Small coffeeshop without a sitting area. Reasonably priced, good merchandise and helpful staff.

jamie spencer - 3 years ago

Very very very very very ve v... i forgot what i wanted to say, too stoned

Avner Kluger - 3 years ago

Excellent price to quality ratio, friendly staff.

Daniel Scott - 3 years ago

Consistently good quality and value for money, staff are friendly and usually content to have a quick chat or suggest a few strains. Extremely small area to chill though, be warned.

Simon Sanchez - 3 years ago

Best in the Jordaan! I miss you guys so much. I'll be back to see you one day.

Gennaro Martello - 4 years ago

Good selection and nice and kind service. One of the best in the city centre. Recommended if you are looking for Amsterdam genetics products.

Hugh Murphy - 4 years ago

No room for more than 3 people to smoke but they have pretty good product, normal prices, and their house strain is pretty good. They also have a vendo with €2 grinders which is a nice touch. Only downside is the lack of smoking space and that they chose the most bright white of all lighting imaginable so prepare your eyeballs for that if it’s night time.

Sandor Mag van de Meulenhof - 4 years ago

Maybe the best coffee shop? :)

Matt Verzola - 4 years ago

My wife and I split a space cake and became dangerously immobile and sick on the way back to our hotel—it was very strong. The problem is that the staff gave no warnings or indications about the strength of what we were buying. This place might have very good weed and the store looks clean, but it's dangerous to sell such a product without even a polite warning or heads-up about the potency. EDIT: In response to the owner below, there was no label with instructions. I've taken edibles before and many other forms of soft drugs. The problem isn't me or my wife splitting a single space cake, the problem is the complete lack of warning or indication of its potency. If it's super-strong, that's fine, just let me know beforehand.

Juho Sellman - 4 years ago

Good stuff! I liked the modern look, the menu screens with descriptions of the strains were cool.

lighte genie - 4 years ago

Its my go 2/3(depending on what I feel) spot for weed. Heard that borejengens suplys there hash and maybe evan there weed. When that(if that happens) it will be a loss of a star... nothing lasts forever

Butch Reid - 5 years ago

Incredible place! Staff are knowledgeable and helpful, I'm a total novice and they really held my hand through the entire experience, the product was great and the brownie was spot on. Would definitely go here again for sure!!!!

Jasmine Spera - 5 years ago

I came last year and was really pleased with my visit, your staff Esmeralda I think her name was, was really attentive and helpful! I came back today after a little more than a year expecting to see her again, instead I was served by a really rude seller! She continued to roll her eyes and looked annoyed the more I wanted to buy, I wanted to buy a few grinders as well and she told me to put €3.50 in the machine... I told her I'd like a few, couldn't she just quickly open the machine she has the keys to, just to save some time, there was only her friend near the till with her that she kept talking to. Anyway, I stood there like an idiot putting small change for like 10 minutes to get everything I needed. Regardless, great products as well and reasonable price, maybe will think twice about coming back especially if that same blonde lady is there but we will see...

matthew donker - 5 years ago

Best in town! , highly recommended

Rodrigo Bastias - 5 years ago

While I was traveling in Amsterdam for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides I visited this coffeeshop really quickly. I noticed that they have a great service even when they are busy with tons of customers. However pricy menu respect to quality. I bought a few products however they were really really weak. Super disappointed. I hope on my next visit in October their cannabis quality improves

Rodrigo Simeoni - 5 years ago

Staff friendly!!The place is neat, and you can choose many Varieties of herb. Deserve 5 stars!!!

Don Collivata - 6 years ago

Great but small place. Excellent price variety shop. Go where the locals go ! Been here now again after three years and what a beautiful renovated shop it is now. If I could give 7 stars than I would do that. My favorite shop *******

Osman Alper - 6 years ago

Good experience with the medical herbs and looked after by friendly staff,thanks ahmed good to meet you and back again soon, hopefully we get discount this time.

Billy Day - 6 years ago

Fire buds! Cheap!

Adam Bevan - 6 years ago

great coffee shop!! staff was helpful and very nice.

Alejo blanco - 6 years ago

Es un sitio solo para comprar, no para fumar

kateryna alyoshina - 8 years ago

Best Coffeeshop of Amsterdam. If you search a place with good products at moderate prices, nice atmosphere and out of the tourist chaos then Johnny is what you are looking for!

A Google User - 10 years ago

No seating area in the smoking room


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