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Jason W - 2 weeks ago
The guys recommended me some really good stuff - that’s all I say
Sinak l Sindre - 3 weeks ago
Everything seemed good, the atmosphere in the shop seemed very nice, bought a joint for 9 euros, and was hyped to smoke it outside my hotel, but the joint was super loose, it was not packed at all. It folded in two just holding it. When i tried to light it it wouldnt and all the weed flew right trough the joint. So no joint for me at last
Boyan D - 1 month ago
Same top notch menu as green house. Excellent quality bud. Cozy vibe inside.
Sophia Gee - 2 months ago
The atmosphere is chill and the ppl mad cool and knowledgeable here…the guy from Rome helped us out and gave us a lil story about his work days on the hot summer Rome streets
Saolin Army - 2 months ago
Really nice coffeeshop, the staff is very helpfull and friendly, nice environment. Very good cakes aswell. And you can sit down for a nice cup of coffee or tea.
Saurabh Ray - 2 months ago
If you've seen the strain hunters video, you'll know that these folks are legendary and are very popular amongst cannabis lovers. Friendly staff and some good products. This place is a must visit for a quick stop.
RebeccaD - 3 months ago
Very friendly staff, good prices and great atmosphere. Will visit again :)
Mark Stones - 3 months ago
The staff in here were excellent. Great selection of products available and very knowledgeable people on hand to help you out. The photos of visiting celebrities is mind-blowing. Welcoming atmosphere and a must try for any first timers. Proper Dutch experience.
Jan Dequeker - 4 months ago
Amazing shop, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great price quantity.
TravelBug11 Mia - 4 months ago
Great vibe and friendly employees. I would definitely be returning.
Timmy Tschako - 5 months ago
Nice and friendly Coffeeshop.The wall is full of nice pictures of the Strain-hunters field trips which I really like. Here you can find the high-end quality flowers and seeds. The prices are absolutely worth the quality in my opinion.
amr fallouh - 6 months ago
Bad service, i get 5G every time and they don’t even give you free paper!!! They will offer you a plastic grinder that doesn’t work, also between 4 till 7 or 8 they have very little weed if nothing and they won’t restock or refill
Alex Ilies - 6 months ago
I went there with my buddies hoping that we will find something special because there were so many good reviews about this coffeeshop. Guess what? Those guys had a great strain named Cereal Milk and it was one of the BEST strains we smoked in Amsterdam. If you ever visit it, ask for the Cereal Milk !
Fantantonio Il Pellicano - 7 months ago
Nice spot, nice vibes and very friendly staff, especially Ferdinando.
Mykolas Brūzgys - 9 months ago
Very nice, clean place and great location also. Amazing staff!! Green house did it again.
Philipp Beach - 9 months ago
Cookies selection is very nice! Price better then in many shops and quality can keep up easy!
s b - 9 months ago
Great service. Great products. Cool vibe and great music! Will be back
casino10 casino102 - 9 months ago
Looks cool. good music taste. but its a bit tight inside
Daunyel Riley - 10 months ago
Good quality products. They have California strains. Prices are reasonable.Best to get 5g at a time for best price.
Danny Clough - 10 months ago
Nice ambience still , an old skool 420 customer here
Antonio Parasita52 - 10 months ago
Best locatet coffeshop if you ask me. Same card as the Greenhouse coffeshop (same company) Good prices and they have LOOZZAAA. Looza got rare in Amsterdam.
M Z - 11 months ago
I was there randomly, i found Out that this belongs to Greenhouse NL wich hast a Long History. 8 csme in and it felt Like a Smartphone Shop - very Clean . The vendor behind the bar gave me far cry 3 Vibes because he looked like vaas. The weed that I took was genuine quality, it was the first amnezia Haze here in Amsterdam I bought. They also had california weed for like 30€/g. The jack herer he showed me looked nothing like a good flower. I know jack herer and I can tell that this was not it. I don't know what happened to the shops after a long time but it seems that the quality of the strains is very dependent on the source you got. They need to legalize and control the growing in NL.
amin boussate (mazzo) - 11 months ago
The guy working there was amazing and very attentive to our needs. Good prices
Gilad Taler - 11 months ago
Wonderful place, friendly staff and great location
Trillionaire Digital Media - 1 year ago
They rarely keep stock of any American strains. You’ve got about a 10% chance of finding what you want.
Floony - 1 year ago
Very decent selection. I love the Jamaican Sungrown and the Acapulco Gold - both are so rare to get anywhere else. I also like the hash variations, but I find some of them a bit too expensive. For 17 euros a gram, a traditional Moroccan hash like King Hassan - which I've always bought for half price in the past - must be very good. However, the in-house cream varieties are usually of very high quality and the price is also okay. And original cookies from Cookies Farm for 16 euros are also a good deal. King regards!
Ashraf Saad - 1 year ago
I am going to compare to the previous coffeshop 420 which they took over and rebranded. First they reduced the seats and put the most uncomfortable seats ever, second it is way too loud so if you want to chill then don’t go there, third it was way too crowded when you buy weed, so many ppl coming in and no one is monitoring, I ended up feeling like I am in a crowded bus in COVID time. Weed selection is better than the previous 420 cafe
Robert Trzebiński - 1 year ago
not existing anymore
Darren Cooper - 2 years ago
Decent place to chill
Cherylroxy Perez - 2 years ago
The best in the world!!! #AMSTERDAM #THE FINEST #LOCALS
Felix Schwenck - 3 years ago
Nice location and good green stuff ;)
Matt A - 3 years ago
Friendly and chilled place. Its kinda small but it is a nice place to warm up on a cold snowy January evening. Very friendly staff. Nice smoke.
Bill Ko - 3 years ago
My favourite place for coffee in Amsterdam, since the old days when it was the “Dutch Flowers”. Really nice people if you respect ‘the rules’... Top place if you’re serious....
Ado Lauko - 3 years ago
quite expensive weed but good...3strs
Patrik-Ian Polk - 3 years ago
I thought this was a lovely place, but i was told today they don’t allow laptops. This is after I’d already purchased marijuana and two drinks. Mind you, just yesterday I sat in this same cafe WITH MY LAPTOP writing for my over three hours. But with a different person working the counter. Also, I was here at this time last year for two weeks and visited this place at least 10 times using my laptop EACH AND EVERY TIME. They should place a sign if they have such a rule— they have signs for other rules. But very odd. I’m wondering if it’s a racist thing (I am black...and in America when stores pull out these rules that aren’t written down anywhere, it’s usually a racism issue). So that’s why this place gets 1 Star. Very odd indeed...
kendra marie - 4 years ago
This was, by far, my favorite coffeeshop in the city. They were very nice, had great prices, gave me what I paid for (and asked for, which is quite important), and they had a cat! Always the way to my heart.
Andrew Lam - 6 years ago
Nice spot to chill out. Excellent space cakes
Marin Liović - 6 years ago
they do not serve only coffee so you must buy some drugs also
Semih Usta - 6 years ago
Maybe one of the most comfortable coffee shop in Amsterdam. I like it lot. Price is okay, and the service is very nice und helpfully.
Robert Taylor - 7 years ago
Small but quality menu, friendly staff, good service, worth a visit..
J. Miller - 7 years ago
morrocan temple balls...wow...best hash i have smoked in Amsterdam...place has great espresso and bud is ok, but the temple ball hash..go get some and enjoy the ride...

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