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Handboogstraat 29, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Mimi Mimosa - 2 weeks ago
Such a cool coffeeshop with friendly and patient staff. The places to sit were full when we arrived (Whit weekend), but we were lucky and got a place (at the bar) after we purchased the good stuff (AG13, C5, Wedding Cake and Piff Haze were on our menu). We connected with other people and we all had a great time there. Can’t wait to visit you guys again!
Chris Baxter - 1 month ago
Just a quick visit this time but quality as usual. Special thanks to the English chap behind the counter, excellent recommendations. Cheers.
Olga Abramova - 1 month ago
To my mind, it's the best coffee shop in Amsterdam! Very cozy and relaxing vibe with the ambiance of Buddhism. A pure joint costs 7€, also, you can buy a space cake for 7€ here (spoiler: it is veeeery delicious and effective!). The place is very nice because you can order tasty tea for 2,4-3€ and enjoy it while smoking your joint
STHEEN - 2 months ago
One of my favorites. Very tasty drink menu, super shop offerings (good indica's!!), pleasant to sit.
Saurabh Ray - 2 months ago
The highlight of this coffeeshop is that it has a great cannabis connoisseur inside and has a wide range of variety. Must visit coffee shop if you're in Amsterdam.
Chaya Eisenberg - 2 months ago
Awesome vibe, cool staff with knowledge and experience to make recommendations (though I think he underestimated us haha), excellent product and chill place to sit to use it. Good vibes and excellent music. Only tried the jaras (hashish) for now, but definitely will be heading back for some bud.
Felix Giannerini - 2 months ago
Great decor, homely vibe and friendly staff, nice place to stop for a smoke!
Rafael Ventura - 2 months ago
If you want to seat, you need to get there by the beggining of the day. It has a great cannabis menu and a lot of options os drinks menu
Ellie - 5 months ago
Miss this place! Visited in 2019 B.C (before covid) and it was a chill atmosphere until it got crowded but the greens definitely took me to another universe, never felt a high like that after consuming so it was a memorable experience! Can’t wait to visit again
Iris Homer - 5 months ago
Pretty great spot, often crowded with a line but it moves fast and is worth the wait. I hate that they ask me to take my hat off though, what's with that? I got hat hair and it's raining let me keep my beanie on lol
Lucca Quistani - 6 months ago
Always a safe pick. A nice variety of good weed at affordable prices and a great place to seat and smoke
Conan Scholl - 7 months ago
Small but cozy coffee shop. Extensive selection of products, the staff is relaxed and competent. Worth a visit!
Billy Feigen - 8 months ago
Highly Recommend. Been coming here since the late '90s. Stop by every time I'm in Amsterdam. Very safe location and great ambiance for a coffee, spliff, and conversations. Staff is 5 * too!
Martin Koev - 8 months ago
Great place, was there in 2010. Took pictures with Bowie, still have em:)
erik ginanjar - 10 months ago
Dope vibes ! The crew are cool and also good music !
D M - 10 months ago
Excellent, good price and quality. Pre-rolled joints handmade and good quality. Friendly staff. Toppie
Asiczka Carbonarra - 10 months ago
I just smoke there and get a hit chocolate which was actually very delicious and cheap. Definitely place to be in Amsterdam
Yamilla Andrade - 11 months ago
I went there in summer before covid, everything was amazing but some rude woman from the staff ruined the experience for me
Jordan Kaplowicz - 1 year ago
they gave me a free milkshake out of nowhere and it was really good
Floony - 1 year ago
Always been one of the best places to store in Amsterdam. Here you get varieties that have unfortunately long died out elsewhere. Oldschool Haze, Nevilles Haze, A5 crosses, Kalimist. Everything that makes the sativa lover happy. And additionally not cheap, but high quality hashish. Service for out-of-town visitors used to be a bit rough, but the last few times I've been there, quite friendly. Keep your line, in Dampkring you know what you get.
Mimmo - 1 year ago
Always good to pay a visit to the coolest coffee in Ams
Pink Notes - 1 year ago
Lovely staff, give good recommendations. Weed quality is also good. They also gave me some merch a sticker which I found pleasing.
John Wu - 1 year ago
Best weed in Amsterdam by very very very far... Got 2 new best friends, Narstie and Dennis hahah
Fadi Sami - 1 year ago
Good vibe, seems to be one of the original coffeeshops but it's cash only
Daniel Mlynski - 1 year ago
A cool place.i Like it
lejus d'orange - 1 year ago
One of the best coffeeshop or the best one, lovely staff, cosy ambiance, good music, lots of choice on the board and at the bar ( homemade tea ), in the center with good price and stuff, you discovering lots of good peoples here. We were here for 4 days, it's wasn't enough ! Try the Khasili, the Ta Lemon ( fruity ) and the ketama is good for the price. Thanks !
Feston Choi - 1 year ago
Dank king. Am I right?
Lia' Zoio - 1 year ago
Interior is amazing! Definitely worth the trip
Jordan Henderson - 1 year ago
Nice little coffee shop funky decor good selection of weed and hash has bongs (not available ATM due to covid) can bring your own friendly staff and helpful budtenders
Ali Obrian - 1 year ago
Chilled music but seating could be better. Lovely milk shakes!
Dwayne Allen - 1 year ago
This place is so fun, no I do not smoke at all. Still fun with friends and very fun for me
still Ravin - 1 year ago
Enjoyable relaxing coffee shop nice staff
Hugo Godrie - 1 year ago
They were very welcoming and the took care of us, they know their products
Louisa Goldberg - 1 year ago
What a time to be alive my friends! A big thanks to everyone that made this trip possible Boudencoachtravel.co.uk
Temur Urakov - 1 year ago
Pretty bad quality of the buds. Was a bit dissapointed.
Lejla Mehmedbegović - 1 year ago
Terrible service, the waitress was too busy "chillin'" and minding her own business, she just ignored us. My brother wanted to take our order at the bar but took him several minutes to get her attention. No milkshake (or she was just to lazy to make one)?! Very disappointing after seeing all the good reviews about the bar.
Tobias Kalff - 1 year ago
Nice menu and great decorations but the personal can be more pleasant with customer's
Jarosław P - 2 years ago
Świetne przyjazne miejsce z ciekawym wyborem i super obsługą. (Messege to Seller: sorry for not come back at5 but it start raining and i have to fast back to my truck, thank you for You time and shortcut to park !!!)
Oscar Chong - 2 years ago
Super good quality and variety of weed. Unfortunately the place is super tiny, so it's hard to find a table. It is an old, stylish building. Really close to Kalverstraat, one of the most popular streets in downtonw Amsterdam.
Gerry Connolly - 2 years ago
best place for c5 pioneer proper guys there good lads
Horror show - 2 years ago
Haven't been back since my time there in 2008 but definitely one of the better experiences in a coffee shop! Seeing all the pics on the walls from all the celebs and using the volcano was a great experience! Definitely recommend stopping in and checking it out
Jorge Duarte - 2 years ago
One of my favorite coffeeshops from more than 10 years ago. It can get really full depending on the season or time of the day. Employees are really welcoming and nice. Material is simply excellent.
Jirafa Dominante - 2 years ago
One of my favorite coffeeshops from more than 10 years ago. It can get really full depending on the season or time of the day. Employees are really welcoming and nice. Material is simply excellent.
James Elmes - 2 years ago
I've been too Amsterdam about 6x now and this place is my go to! By far the best coffee shop for me. The choice of smoke is fantastic and the cakes are great to. Friendly staff who remembered that I had been there a few times and had a chat with the manager who is a top guy. Can't recommend Damkring enough!!!!
Darius Karkaria - 2 years ago
Great place. Went to try the cake. The people behind the bar were very helpful asking questions to understand what experience we had and making recommendations about how to eat it. Recommended.
Elena Potapova - 2 years ago
Very good place with interesting design (I really like tables hier). I recommend to try hot hazelnut chocolate and all varieties of milkshakes, they are really cool! People often come here for magic cupcakes. I would advise not to eat more than one, cause they are really strong!
Andrea Steele - 2 years ago
Really friendly and helpful staff, chill and welcoming atmosphere. I bought some product and tea and relaxed for awhile. Would definitely come back, and recommend to friends.
Ronny Donny - 2 years ago
Yeah. First do something closeby in the red light district and then finish with a nice joint here before going home to the wife. Perfect in between place for good smokes
Robert Cranham - 2 years ago
Dampring is always our first stop coffee shop when visiting Amsterdam. The prices are not bad for a central coffee shop, but the staff are great, as well as the product on offer having won awards for its calibre. It gets busy in waves, but it’s the perfect place to unwind & read a book or paper, whilst chatting to others or just chilling with a smoke. Thank you for all the memories.
Andreas Linnsen - 2 years ago
Famous from the movie Ocean's twelve besides this coffee shop deliver nice atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff. Enjoy high class milkshakes made from fresh fruit with something else from the menu. Enjoy.
Mathieu Henriet - 2 years ago
Small but charming place. There was good music when I stopped by, and the menu looked pretty good. Very short stay in Amsterdam so I just tried one variety (Chocolate Kush) and it was a good one. Will try again next time.
George Nichola - 3 years ago
My favourite coffee shop and I've been to all of them. Great place to do magic truffles. The interior design really comes to life.
David Hlavca - 3 years ago
Best place to chill in my opinion! Friendly and amazingly polite staff! Variety of green to choose from and if you are a first timer you'll be inducted. This coffee shop has soul and it could be felt as soon as you enter. Last but not least.. music lovers will fall in love with this place! Five to six genres of music are played in an hour and it makes the place dynamic. Lots of love!
Ashley Hinchcliffe - 3 years ago
Best coffee shop in Amsterdam. Also was the coffee house in Oceans 12.Great selection of strains, great coffee and knowledgeable staff. Relaxed atmosphere and good music. Cannot wait to go back again, such a good place!
naruemon promsawasdi - 3 years ago
We stayed at an Airbnb right next door. And were in town for only 3 days. This coffee shop location was ideal & convenient. They also had good bud and ambiance.
Michael Townsend - 3 years ago
Amazing vibe. Spent 3 days in Dam and this place was next door to our apartment. Tunes are good, all the staff are real friendly and chill. they sell nice weed and good coffee. Will be back in June!
George Stoupis - 3 years ago
Helpful staff. Not much else, if you don’t enjoy reggae culture. The hot chocolate is warm milk with a melting chocolate cube on a stick. I didn’t expect that, and by the time the milk got cold, the chocolate wasn’t melting, so in the end I had cold milk with wet chocolate. Didn’t love it.
Alan Cieslar - 3 years ago
Really enjoyed my first coffeshop experience here. The cafe was busy when we came in but we managed to find some seats. The staff were really nice and helpful in terms of advising on what strains to buy. The guy let me buy roughly 0.5g deals of a few strains and even gave me extra as it was the last of that strain. The drinks I had there were also nice. The atmosphere was really relaxed with some old reggae and classic rock playing in the background.
Westwood Condo - 3 years ago
Great place. Very accommodating to the patrons. We got a great table and enjoyed some mint tea and a smoke. Vibe was very chill. It was a bit crowded but people come and go and spots open up.
Jaz Belleville - 3 years ago
I loved it. Great atmosphere, super relaxed but no nonsense. I had an awesome conversation with another travelling couple during one of my visits too! I went quite a few times during my stay in Amsterdam. The Spacecakes are delicious and give an awesome mellow high, yet not so bad you can't walk home.
Tomas Puodžiūnas - 3 years ago
Best place in town, hands down. Must order combo: anything + mint tea! They actually have real mint, not some capitalistic tea-bags!! Wow that tea...
SphereOfHarry - 3 years ago
Relaxed atmosphere but to be honest my friend and I found it a waste of money - they say to share a space cake due to the strength of it and nothing hit us. So then we had a whole one each and still nothing hit us. Our last night we had a whole cake each and shared one from the Bulldog too and was still completely fine. Makes me wonder if it’s a placebo just to take your money.
C S - 3 years ago
A great coffeeshop to get some nice flowers. I don't usually hang out in coffeeshops, I'm just in and out. It's Amsterdam after all, what's the reason to be cramped in a tight space to smoke some weed? But would definitely recommend the Dampkring for a quick visit to get some nice quality weed. I was never disappointed by the quality, neither the price. I never miss out on a visit while I'm in Amsterdam. Always stock up there, so I can just enjoy the rest of my holiday with no stress.
Kadir Şenkaya - 3 years ago
A cool place with a cosy and relaxing atmosphere to try high quality weed, joint and space cake. Milkshakes are also so good!
Alan Hock - 4 years ago
Me and my friend visited this coffee shop in march, the smoke was lovely! Staff where really nice and let us smell a few different types. Bar staff was also really friendly! I'm visiting Amsterdam again on the 1st aug and will definitely visit this coffee shop again. Looking forward to smoking some of the finest buds
Rod - 4 years ago
Best quality we found while here. Gorilla Glue #4, was one of my favourites and they also had a really good Nepalese hash. There's a toilet free of charge if you consume but be aware that it is not in great condition. Really cool place to get your stuff and smoke and have a drink or two, but not to stay for very long.
Kevin McConnell - 4 years ago
Stopped in today while walking around. What friendly service. I only ordered coffee
Pedro Meireis - 4 years ago
Amazing vibe and super relaxed. It has a good variety of weed and a staff ready to help you choose! Plus, it sells grinders, rolling paper and filters with the store logo (a great souvenir in my opinion). It also has a huge bowl full of paper filters and rolling papers to take for free if you would rather just smoke it once or twice. Amazing place!
Nishad Panchal - 5 years ago
A great place came here on tour with Hiral and John tail and the slerssamg. A great place to grab a ginger beer and relax
MARK BLUNDELL - 5 years ago
Very dissapointed been going for years always put up with the rude bar girls but this time I spilt my drink and they acted like I was a drunk took my grinder and poured water in it then after embarrassing me asking if I'd been sick loudly ??? Offered to make me another hot chocolate and handed me a glass off cold milk I've never been treated so bad. Avoid avoid . Visited over 20 times bud and bud tenders fine just always had rude bar girls wrecked the last day of my holiday and lost themselves lots of future money . Bourjongens best weed in town .
Susan Ferro - 5 years ago
By far my favorite cafe in Amsterdam! Their coffee was always on point as well as their space cake! Although I can't say whether the space cake was effective or not because I had smoked at the same time so it all became a bit cloudy. They had awesome greenz and I really overall enjoyed the atmosphere. There was a cat named Bowie at the bar and the first time I saw him I knew I would love this place! We stayed in Amsterdam 4 days and came to this cafe every single day for space cake breakfast (except our first day bc we were ignorant of its awesome existence).
Ciaran O Brien - 5 years ago
Extremely rude staff. The girl behind the bar knows absolutely nothing about customer service. Very intimidating. Also there could be more ventilation. Shame because the music and atmosphere are great. And the mint tea is lovely.
Nicholas - 5 years ago
Wasn't sure where to start, but I had seen this place in movies and was suggested it by the locals. Went in and described what I liked and didn't like, being a seldom smoker. I was given the absolute best, this place is worth the stop!
Édi Azevedo - 6 years ago
It was told be that they have the best muffins in Amsterdam and that one scene of the Oceans' 12 had been filmed there, so I had to visit! It is a very nice place, great decoration and has friendly staff. It was quite weird and cool at the same time, when I was paying at the counter and there was a cat laid down next to me. I still think that he was completely stoned. And they have great muffins indeed
Matt Jacobs Jr - 6 years ago
Great selection of trees, a few "cup winners" in a low key atmosphere. Very relaxed and a bit less crowded than any of the Bulldogs or Green House. Super friendly staff. Seemed like a bit of an older crowd than you would find in the aforementioned coffee shops.
Francis Viapiano - 6 years ago
As many have mentioned in the past, there's a cat. They must mix in some of those space cakes with his food, cause he's super high. It's awesome. The staff there is super friendly and knowledge able. Don't be afraid to go in by yourself, the people there make you feel at home.
Tim Young - 6 years ago
Great atmosphere, decent service from the staff, and a good selection of milkshakes from the bar. Prices weren't extreme, and staff are happy to give you a rundown of each of the strains they sell, though they can get a little impatient if you are at all indecisive. No couches, only tables and stools, and a very "touristy" crowd. Still an enjoyable coffee shop, especially if it is your "first time" ;)
Bee S - 6 years ago
Enjoyed my visit last time. Very laid back. Good menu and nice staff. Would recommend everyone to try this place out.
Christopher Cunz - 6 years ago
This place is fantastic. If you like a large menu with the best stuff go here. Been going here for 15 years now. Yes a lot of tourists go there and it is small. Be respectful and have the BEST TIME!
Nuno Gomes - 6 years ago
Great atmosphere, nice staff, interesting decoration. The special cakes are delicious and work well. The place can be crowded, and there are not so many seats available.
James Galpin - 6 years ago
Very chilled, great bar and a very nice weed selection. Has a cat , if you like that sort of thing. Don't mind you smoking baccy in your smoke if that's your sort of thing either. Just keep your pouch out of sight. ( this is truth, I'm sat in there right now as I type this and have just spoken with the owner )
Vlad Stan - 6 years ago
A classic coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The interior design creates a psychedelic atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a joint and a warm drink. They also have one of the most delicious space cakes around. Be ready - their cat likes to visit all the tables :)
James Crowley - 6 years ago
Friendliest staff I have encountered in the city. Fantastically happy and helpful. Very good selection and quality. The decor is earth tones and soothing to the eyes. Gets very crowded, maybe because it was featured in the movie ocean's twelve. Seating is comfortable. Great spot for the center of the city.

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