Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs en zijn ze om 20.00 uur gesloten. Het is niet toegestaan om de softdrugs ter plaatse te gebruiken.

Coffeeshop informatie



Robert Trzebiński - 7 maanden geleden
not existing anymore
Darren Cooper - 1 jaar geleden
Decent place to chill
Cherylroxy Perez - 1 jaar geleden
The best in the world!!! #AMSTERDAM #THE FINEST #LOCALS
Felix Schwenck - 1 jaar geleden
Nice location and good green stuff ;)
Matt A - 2 jaren geleden
Friendly and chilled place. Its kinda small but it is a nice place to warm up on a cold snowy January evening. Very friendly staff. Nice smoke.
Bill Ko - 2 jaren geleden
My favourite place for coffee in Amsterdam, since the old days when it was the “Dutch Flowers”. Really nice people if you respect ‘the rules’... Top place if you’re serious....
Ado Lauko - 2 jaren geleden
quite expensive weed but good...3strs
Patrik-Ian Polk - 2 jaren geleden
I thought this was a lovely place, but i was told today they don’t allow laptops. This is after I’d already purchased marijuana and two drinks. Mind you, just yesterday I sat in this same cafe WITH MY LAPTOP writing for my over three hours. But with a different person working the counter. Also, I was here at this time last year for two weeks and visited this place at least 10 times using my laptop EACH AND EVERY TIME. They should place a sign if they have such a rule— they have signs for other rules. But very odd. I’m wondering if it’s a racist thing (I am black...and in America when stores pull out these rules that aren’t written down anywhere, it’s usually a racism issue). So that’s why this place gets 1 Star. Very odd indeed...
kendra marie - 3 jaren geleden
This was, by far, my favorite coffeeshop in the city. They were very nice, had great prices, gave me what I paid for (and asked for, which is quite important), and they had a cat! Always the way to my heart.
Andrew Lam - 5 jaren geleden
Nice spot to chill out. Excellent space cakes
Marin Liović - 5 jaren geleden
they do not serve only coffee so you must buy some drugs also
Semih Usta - 5 jaren geleden
Maybe one of the most comfortable coffee shop in Amsterdam. I like it lot. Price is okay, and the service is very nice und helpfully.
Robert Taylor - 6 jaren geleden
Small but quality menu, friendly staff, good service, worth a visit..
J. Miller - 6 jaren geleden
morrocan temple hash i have smoked in has great espresso and bud is ok, but the temple ball hash..go get some and enjoy the ride...

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