Rockland Coffeeshop

Raadhuisstraat 101, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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SchizoTheZacMain . - 3 weeks ago
A really nice guy works there. Good stuff
Thomas Ducournau - 1 month ago
My favorite shop in Amsterdam I've been searching for this shop for 3 years since the last time I visited Amsterdam. i enjoyed myself so much I even added my photo and quote to their slide show displayed inside. I told myself I would find out where it was before I come back. I'll be back in June!! See you guys then!
Matt Morton - 4 months ago
Awesome place: friendly staff, great decor and good lighting, probably the best looking coffee shop we've been to. Oh and the outside seating is alsy really cool.
Meric Kutlu - 5 months ago
Just had a beautiful space cake here while chatting with the polite Aruban kid. I think this place is well suitated, friendly and pretty cozy. What else do we need
Luke Goldup - 7 months ago
Nice, chill coffeeshop, just on the outskirts of central. Not far from the square. Not too manic like most up in central but a nice atmosphere. Average prices, lovely hash though! Outside seating for smoking and watching the world go by!
Eran Zucker - 8 months ago
Great place! My car run out of gas exactly on the front!
BigBen260790 - 10 months ago
Small but very decent coffee shop. Good weed.
Steve Shipp - 11 months ago
Good selection always top shelf and helpful staff
Bradley Fisher - 11 months ago
Clean, modern and fresh. Nice atmosphere and a great menu!
sheldor death knight - 1 year ago
Staff are great, really friendly if you take the time to chat to them / get to know them. always make a point of stopping here and saying hi.
Cristian Angles - 1 year ago
Super place super friendly top weed and special weed types
Anna Harper - 1 year ago
Staff were so rude and the weed was baaad quality. We were pretty disappointed compared to the other places we bought from. As it was right next to our hotel, we stopped by again on our last day and before we even sat down, one of the guys barked at us that if we weren't buying weed we had to leave. NOT the norm in other coffee shops around the city. We weren't going to buy more weed when our flight was leaving that afternoon, so left and went to a friendlier place down the street. Where, btw, we gave the last of our stash to the staff as a tip. AVOID Rockland!! So many other amazing places within walking distance, where the people who work there are cooler and way more welcoming, and the gear is much better quality.
Nigel F - 1 year ago
I've been coming here for years. These guys consistently offer high quality bud on their menus. Great place for meeting up with friends after work to chill out. Inside looks really cool and their terrace is located on a main street, perfect for people watching, getting a tan during the summer or experiencing the crazy Amsterdam traffic from a safe distance ;)
Shane Hodson - 1 year ago
Been living in Amsterdam for 4 months and have been around most coffeshops. This is the one place I have felt welcomed by the owners and their strains of weed is unreal. Blueberry Haze from Rockland is the nicest tasting strain, ever. Further to the comment about them not letting you smell the flower. They do let you SMELL before you buy but only smell and for good reason. I don't want dirty fingers touching weed I'm about to buy and I don't want my buds broken down into dust. So smell with your nose and not with your hands :) Anyway, if your in Amsterdam get yourself to Rockland for some lovely weed and space cakes
Five_Leaf_Clover - 1 year ago
BUYER BEWARE .. No one inside shop and still this was first of the 15 shops I've been to that REFUSED to allow me to smell cannabis flower prior to purchase.. bud tender wasn't speaking dutch or english when I walked in.. hash looked and felt of poor quality.. cannabis per gram was higher than other shops and heavy on "flavored" cannabis(perhaps artificial?)..
Rita Pedro - 2 years ago
The best! On our trip to Amsterdam, we visited Rock Land and we loved it. Besides the obvious purpose, which we also recommend ???? The space is very nice, very tidy and well kept as decorated, really apealing and with really nice coffee. The staff is amazing!! For sure our coffeeshop in all the next visits to Amesterdam.
pierre sardou - 2 years ago
i found them by mistake. relaxed and confortable atmosphere. the drink prices are acceptable. top quality hash!! the most delicious space cakes i have tasted!
Jasmine Tolentino - 2 years ago
Just amazing with really relaxing music. I loved the front house member of staff. A Portuguese girl! She was amazing with me and helped me a lot because was my first time in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Thanks ????????
Basim Wali - 2 years ago
The one star is cause I have to! Worst service ever, don't even think about stopping by. Unbelievably rude, we were almost kicked out cause the waiter didn't remember us buying from them! And thought we just came in and sat down, although we just did purchase from the store 15 seconds ago! Simply bad.
Jay Eff - 2 years ago
I was here in 2008, watched the guy behind the counter throw an American girl out, accusing her of smoking weed from another coffeeshop, even though she pleaded that she did purchase it there. This past week, I was there and I just have to say: the Ghadaffi look-alike behind the counter was a prick. I asked him if I could "see" one of his top strains. He just looked at me with a straight face and said "you want to see? Here at Rockland we don't 'see...' we 'buy.'" I thought about it, being optimistic and all, but my friend quickly walked out. Upon second thought, I concluded that this place just is not that cool. Treat your potential customers better. It is my belief that if they aren't willing to "show" you their product and let you "see" in order to help you make an informed decision before you "buy," they aren't interested in "selling" what they actually claim to "sell." Like, I could pay you 20 Euros for a plate of human excrement, especially if you told me that it was the best human excrement on the planet; it's still what it is: human excrement. This is just my experience with this place. Perhaps someone else might have had a better time here. I didn't. Go to the Grey Area up the street. A bit smaller but all around friendlier and more patient, and they let you "see" before you "buy." Seriously, we don't "see" we only "buy?" What kind of place is this? Booo and a thumbs down.

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