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Zoutmanstraat 29, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Marihen Gimenez - 5 months ago
I’ve been coming to this shop for almost 3 years and is ok for me, however it has 2 things that I don’t like; one is that you can only pay in cash, they have an ATM there but still… super annoying! The second thing is what it’s making write this review; there is one employee that is soooo rude and unfriendly that when I see her there I rather walk further to the other shops around the corner. The girl with the black hair always has a bad attitude, she’s always hiding and texting in the smoking room and when she comes out she always has an annoyed face, she doesn’t greet you or reply to a “good morning” and as soon as she hands you the weed she immediately goes back to the smoking room with a nice door slamming. This is not a one time thing, I’ve been here many times and she’s always this way, the other 2 people with blonde hair are very nice and friendly, so I don’t understand why this super rude woman works here.
Matthew Basler - 11 months ago
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff! Also great tea!
Nadia Hlebarova - 1 year ago
Very good prices and friendly staff. What more can you ask for?!
Tom Pelle - 1 year ago
Pls get girl scout cookies
Ali Al-Zaroo - 1 year ago
Nice stuff and good smoking
Marek Ryś - 2 years ago
Great pleace, average price, haze-a-licious!
Maureen Al - 2 years ago
Very friendly staff, edibles/chocolates are very nice and tasty. :)
Grigori Akimov - 2 years ago
One of the best relax shops in The Hague - but u can only pay cash and the ATM in their shop charges 6 Euro for it. Which would be okay, but the staff tells you its for free. Really feeling ripped-off.
TomPhone - 2 years ago
de gev me 0.5 gr taken and the weed its very bad
Phil Lloyd - 2 years ago
De Mazzelaar coffeeshop in Den Haag
Pelle van Nieuwkerk - 2 years ago
Awesome, the best handrolled joints in town!
Henry Reinhold - 2 years ago
Personally I didn’t like this coffeeshop. The weed was nothing special, not even the prices. The smoking room wasn’t ventilated and full of smoke. It‘s quiet dark inside. The staff was friendly, just nothing special.
Alex Apostolov - 3 years ago
Hands down, best coffeeshop in The Hague. Very friendly and helpful staff, cozy interior, and most importantly, amazing product, especially considering the prices. Absolute pleasure.
Gordon A - 3 years ago
Great selection of organic weed at great prices and nice to sit in and enjoy a smoke and coffee. Nice friendly staff gives this place a 5 star
Adriaan Lagaay - 3 years ago
Great cozy smoke room with super chill people
Sahibzada Arshad - 3 years ago
A good place to smoke weed, or buy from different varieties of weed available.
Daniel Rozmuš - 3 years ago
Very nice place, a bit small, but that is most coffeshops. And i think they have pretty good weed for good prices.
Maxime FAREZ-GRIM - 3 years ago
Worst coffeeshop ever, unhospital and unfriendly. EDIT: yeah, sure! We came inside, said hello like 3 times without even anyone taking a least half a second to look at us nor reply back welcome or whatever. Then we came a bit forward, one guy of the staff was talking (pretty loudly) to his friend, and the 2 ladys around just ignored us too, while they were not busy (like really not). I mean, you can say hello to your guests at least? I am afraid I can't edit my review.
Sean Stewart - 3 years ago
Great place, one of the best in the Hague. Cool smoking room with waterfall feature
Hans Wurst - 6 years ago
Best shop in den haag. Very nice smoking room and a lot of different bio weed strains.
papa giovanni - 6 years ago
Excellent Coffee-shop, friendly and competent staff, top quality marijuana, hard to find better. For me it is the best coffee shop in Den Haag, try it! Greetings from Italy.
Oscar Vandamme - 6 years ago
Hallo. Berichtje van vader en zoon Belgen. : Een paar weken geleden bezochten we uw Shop en waren zeer tevreden over de Amnessia Haze en de Cheese . Goede en professionele informatie, en een aangename en sublieme cappucino. Meer moet dat niet zijn. Mvg, 2 Tevreden Belgen. Tot binnenkort.
Stoner Tony - 7 years ago
Helemaal goeie
Ben-Li van der Kruk - 7 years ago
Kosher kush is amazing. God would approve! ;) Nice place and nice people!

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