Coffeeshop The Box Green Harvest
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Havenkade 16, Den Haag (Scheveningen)

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Patrick Mierau-Kiss - 1 month ago
The shop looks nice and the staff is also knowledgable and attentive. However, I bought a total of four items but upon opening the bag at home one was missing. That is a complete letdown and shouldn't be happening.
Antoine Puylaert - 1 month ago
My go to! The first time I got inside I was treated very well, you can really tell they have passion and love for all those *flowers! Good prices but especially good quality. (The long hair guy is the expert on *chocolate, if you are indecise follow his advice) I’ll be back.
Matteo Salmini - 2 months ago
If you are looking for great quality, super nice people and attention to detail, this is the place for you. They always treat you in the best way possible and their products are all amazing. Absolutely recommended!
O - 2 months ago
Best coffeshop in the Hague, not like the others that want rid of you immediately or don't have time to give you recommendations. Young guy in there provided great service and even gave us some freebies! Going to be my first stop when in town next!
Amy - 2 months ago
Hi M.F P, i have te same with the staff and owner. Also that guy who's standing always outside afternoons with calling me sweetie, darling. He smells awful to. Real desperate they are there. Only cheap woman love that attention for good stuff.
Chad Beanhacker - 3 months ago
Small and simple. Got some edibles and a range of pre rolled. Need ID to get in UK peeps. Staff were friendly and helpful
Juliana Valdelamar - 3 months ago
Very good service and super nice product! Good Variation.
Todd Howard - 4 months ago
Great place! Close to the beach, friendly staff and a menu that easily rivals some of the best coffeeshops in the city center.
dylan kai - 4 months ago
Workers are super chill. Good pure indica joints, and it’s nice that they put the joints in individual plastic containers and in a bag. I’ve been to some coffeeshops that will put all of the joints in a ziploc bag and hand it over. Plus they throw a free lighter in the bag
Imran Hussein - 4 months ago
Coffeeshop The Box Green is a great place to experience good quality weed and hash joints in the Hague. Their selection of cannabis products is impressive, catering to different preferences and tastes. Whether you're looking for a smooth joint or a potent hash, you'll find it here. In addition to their traditional offerings, Coffeeshop The Box Green also provides a variety of edibles. This allows patrons to explore alternative ways of consuming cannabis and adds an extra dimension to the experience. The availability of different options ensures that there's something for everyone. The staff at Coffeeshop The Box Green are friendly and knowledgeable. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have about the products or provide recommendations based on your preferences. Their expertise and willingness to assist create a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. It's important to note that while enjoying the products at Coffeeshop The Box Green, it's essential to consume responsibly and be aware of your limits. The staff will likely be happy to provide guidance on dosage and usage if needed, promoting a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Overall, Coffeeshop The Box Gree is a great place to relax and enjoy quality cannabis products. With their wide selection, friendly staff, and emphasis on safety, it's an establishment that ensures visitors have a positive and memorable experience.
Adhanet Matias - 4 months ago
Amazing shop! The staff is super friendly and helpful and they have lots of different amazing stuff.
Frommel “Frommel” - 5 months ago
- Service
Robert Donkers - 5 months ago
Its very good shop with quality and thats verry good hasj and weed products when you are in Scheveningen i say Come to the box for a nice high or stoned day and you can only pay with cash do you have a card no cash no problem ist a automatic cash machine in the store off box Scheveningen
harry kyritsis - 5 months ago
By far the best experience in the entire Netherlands, the people are lovey, cool and very very friendly especially at the service and advice !! Big time
Mathis Gandolphe - 5 months ago
The staff is super nice, they tell you everything there is to know about what you are getting, the products are much higher quality than anything else I greatly recommend!
Stefano Ceoldo - 5 months ago
Very good weed/hash and very nice employees, they helped me get the weed I wanted and also gave me a little bag with smoking accessories!
Justin Nani (ジャスティン) - 6 months ago
Haven't seen that much hospitality and understanding in any shop I've ever been. The vibe is relax, they have an ATM and drinks and a wide range for you to enjoy ♡
Sven fettes - 7 months ago
Best coffeeshop in den haag. Best quality/price balance. Very warm and friendly personal. They have always 5minutes for smalltalk.. Would highly recommend.
Laila M - 7 months ago
Beautiful small clean shop with the best choice of products. Wonderful and kind Service in the Shop on point.
Travel With Dreamers - 9 months ago
Best coffeeshop I tried so far. The edibles are incredibly tasty and they also have pure prerolls without tobacco. Great selection and very friendly stuff!
Bruno G - 10 months ago
The best coffee shop in town! Excellent quality, variety, and the crew are outstanding. It is impossible to leave without a gift from them. Also, it is a pet-friendly place; my dog always earns some treats when goes with me. Cheers and keep doing this nice work!
Albert Kovtunov - 11 months ago
Well, i’m a very experienced weed smoker and I personally was fascinated and shocked with what this coffeeshop offers. There were a lot of other c-shops in Hague but this one is the best. I strongly recommend everyone to at least once visit this amazing place.
Rob S - 1 year ago
Staff were super friendly, helped us pick a product we wanted and we were happy with our choice!
Teddy Sanchez - 1 year ago
Great staff and menu! The lounge was closed but actually glad since it forced us to the beach which is amazing place for discreet consumption. Enjoy
CLEVONI - 1 year ago
Probaly one of the best weeds ive tried ! And very friendly people !
Lukas Kmeliauskas - 1 year ago
Nice, friendly, helpful staff, good atmosphere, informative display of the goods. Will definitely come back.
Laura Leone - 1 year ago
The best coffeeshop everrr. The guys are so lovely and helpful. Would totally recommend!!
Máté - 1 year ago
Really friendly, professional service. Lovely place!
Jamie Mulryan - 1 year ago
What a cool little coffee shop just around the corner from where I was staying. It stocked all the right ingredients to accompany my afternoon tea
SelectedGenetics IG - 1 year ago
Amazing coffeeshop with great Cannabis selection, hasheesh & edibles

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