To limit the spread of the coronavirus, coffeeshops in the Netherlands only serve as a pick-up point for soft drugs and will be closed at 8:00 PM. Consuming the soft drugs on site is not allowed.

Magic Coffeeshop Highlife Cup winner

Gortstraat 6, Den Haag (Centrum)

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DEIVIS - 1 month ago
Great coffee shop. Good stuff not even from NL but and USA
The Canncon. - 5 months ago
Alright weed, but not worth it due to the bad customer service. You shouldn’t be rude to customer when you, the employee, made a mistake about the strain. The guy made me feel very uncomfortable so I’d recommend going elsewhere, where they are more respectful to paying customers.
Mokus Green (Markus Wimböck) - 8 months ago
Good experience. 10x better than Amsterdam stuff...
handmade1407 - 8 months ago
Unfortunately, after yesterday's visit to this shop, I must say that it was my last time there and I do not recommend it to anyone. they used to be even good sorts, but with time they started to be middle class and not so good. yesterday evening a black man who served me for 13 € for 1g Apple kush variety, I received loose leftovers from a box and small tops that should go to the discard. I do not recommend
Mum Reviews - 8 months ago
100% agree with the reviews that pre rolled are tobacco rip offs. And I think a shop that says come back and return it for a new one is basically saying: try it, If you are a tourist you won't notice, if you do, come back and we will give you the local one. Since I don't smoke tobacco it was gross to smoke one exclusively tobacco to give it a shot. And if the shop owner holds themselves and their business to the highest standard, why are their consistent reviews coming up saying they sell tobacco in place of the advertised product? I don't see a simple reason that would ever happen if their is appropriate attention, much less consistently happen.
Vincenzo - 10 months ago
Great selection. Good customer service. Would recommend.
Peder Lentocký - 1 year ago
Nice! I founded second bag outside the shop
Maynard Koenig - 1 year ago
Great shop, try the Magic Dynamite!! It's da bomb
Marko Milosevic - 1 year ago
These guys are really nice, and they have top quality weed.
Kenny Tynan - 1 year ago
Pretty rolled were basically tobacco. Small and cramped inside. Handy for a quick stop off, pretty close to den haag central.
Αντώνης Καραγιάννης - 1 year ago
Very good quantity weed! Extremely good and special tastes with a wide variety of flavors

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