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Magic Coffeeshop Highlife Cup winner

Gortstraat 6, Den Haag (Centrum)

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  • Montag 09:00 - 01:00
    Dienstag 09:00 - 01:00
    Mittwoch 09:00 - 01:00
    Donnerstag 09:00 - 01:00
    Freitag 09:00 - 01:00
    Samstag 09:00 - 01:00
    Sonntag 09:00 - 01:00
  • Es ist nicht bekannt, ob und wann dieser Coffeeshop kontrolliertes, staatlich reguliertes Cannabis verkaufen wird. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Seite 'staatlich reguliertes Cannabis'.
  • https://coffeeshopmagic.nl/


Lewy i Prawy - vor 2 Wochen

Cool Cofeeshop with a nice location in the center. Big plus for being open till 1am. Weed (kush to be exact) has a lot of kieff and its very nice. The only minus is the size of the store and the bodyguard who is not so pleasant.

Sri Atma Swarupapriyananda - vor 1 Monat

This is by far my favorite coffeeshop in The Hague. Many only passing through the city don’t understand just how friendly and how supportive all their employees are. Wonderful people. Quality of product is outstanding and deserves all the cannabis cups they have earned! Much love ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️Hope this helps

Wojtek Balwako - vor 2 Monaten

Nice choice of herbs but the new lady behind the counter has big attitude. I'm buying weed there since more than a year and he kick me out cause my friends has ID on the scan on his phone, she switch the mic of and continue talking on private phone completely ignoring us. I was surprised cause usually staff there is nice and friendly.

Raven Simus - vor 2 Monaten

This is an example of what a coffeeshop should be like Sadly they have a small flower menu, which is a bit pricy, but they have the Holy Mary preroll which is 10€ and its more than worth, a true preroll that every other coffeeshop should look at and be ashamed of what they sell as " prerolls " Coolest outdoor design and inside is cozy, and full of art and trophies

Arul - vor 2 Monaten

Previously, I gave a 5-star review. I am regular customer here and my favourite shop. 05.01.22 Night, experienced very strange behaviour from African decent girl in casa was too rude and put me down in harsh words for not having physical Id. But the other guy in casa was nice to accept my id on my phone. Behave well dump lady.

Charlie Bluu - vor 4 Monaten

Came in with little idea of what to get, only heard of stuff from friends, and was happily greeted and help with everything to make sure I understood their range. The friendly staff definitely made my time there worthwhile, 10/10 would go again!

Kaatje Nagels - vor 4 Monaten

Great place, have been 5 times. Friendly employees and easy to find if you're staying in a hotel. Unfortunately did get scammed the last visit, that's why i'll be visiting less.

Dawid Bilski - vor 4 Monaten

One of my favorite shops in the Hague recently. Best quality weed, nice vibe and music, clean and welcoming.

Ruba khaled - vor 6 Monaten

This coffeeshop is nice , super friendly staff, and weed is perfect (magic dynamite)is my favorite. Definitely don’t miss Magic if you are in The Hague.

MiX 4CE - vor 6 Monaten

Magic is by far The Best quality collector of unusual mind bending THC smokables and THC edibles of the Hague City but also¹ rewarded by the high Life Magazine as undefeated number one in every category from hash indica sativa and even the hand rolled joints are winners. Make sure to visit Magic when you are able

Dario Marzic - vor 6 Monaten

Big thanks to the guy that served me yesterday afternoon. Simply the best. See you next week

marinka brendel - vor 7 Monaten

I had a really great experience coming here...a very warm welcome by the employees of the Coffee shop. I wanted to buy some weed but did not know which one to buy, they had so many different kinds, so they explained which was which and what to expect from the different kinds of weed, so that I could choose easily. It was high quality and exceeded my expectations ! so glad I came to Magic...you have a new client for sure! again thanx for the friendly and professional service, I would recommend this to anyone who comes to Den Haag, Love you guys!

MattOP - vor 7 Monaten

Bought 2 “space muffins”, I ate the first one and waited almost 2 hours and felt nothing so I ate the second one. Another hour has passed and there’s still absolutely 0 effect. I am Actually disappointed because it’s my first time here and I literally got ripped off 16€, they are literally scammers.

Alex Brodsky - vor 7 Monaten

Really happily suprised. Tried the magic dynamite and it tastes and smells like a grapefruit, honestly blown away. Also tried some afghan hash and it is super soft and tasty. Excited to go back and try some different strains!

Tyger Vinum - vor 7 Monaten

It has a broad variety of cannabis, hash, and edibles at affordable prices. The staff is friendly and it's in the centrum close to the stores and the train station. It's my go-to coffeeshop when I'm in city.

Sirreal - vor 7 Monaten

This coffeeshop is awesome 5 stars, super friendly staff and some of the best bud in Den Haag hands down. Definitely don’t miss Magic if you have the chance ^.^

Zsolt Varga - vor 7 Monaten

They have incredibly delicious and quality products

Gytis Atmanavičius - vor 8 Monaten

Superb selection of weed, all range of price, great quality, superb space muffins, you should try.

Dianne Bavestrello - vor 8 Monaten

The best strawberry weed I have tried. Unique in the city

Dorka Major - vor 8 Monaten

Super welcoming and helpful staff! Best coffeeshop!

Oliver Schönegge - vor 9 Monaten

I came to get a CBD Joint and they actually had it. 10 Eur per gram or 4 per pre rolled joint. At other coffeeshops they did not sell CBD. The store looked glamorous and very well maintained.

Isabella van Gemerden - vor 10 Monaten

very good weed but not the most friendly staff

Ke Song - vor 10 Monaten

Very good. The guard person is great and checks my ID. More importantly, they help me with it. Nice guys!

Luiza Michalczewska - vor 11 Monaten

Ok service. Ok product

Agaton Kjellberg - vor 1 Jahr

It's small, nowhere to sit or smoke. However the staff was great and super informative. Would reccomend if all you want is to pick up your smoke and head out elsewhere

Ádám Topa - vor 1 Jahr

Perfect produckt ✌

Dominik Loncaric - vor 1 Jahr

Black girl is gorgeous, I still remember her smile

Little Doobie - vor 1 Jahr

Worst coffee shop to be in Den Haag. Stuff is lazy and lying for the the products. They say they sell pre rolled pure weed but its not pure . Not good quality and expensive. Not worth it. There are much better coffeeshops around like Cremers (6mins walking)!

Sufyan .A - vor 1 Jahr

A coffeeshop located in heart of the Hague, although a good one , it's not the best when it comes to prices and weed strains , you can get cali weed aswell, but if you just one regular weed for good prices and top quality, I recommend you visit cremers it's not so far from magic (7 min) walking

Axel - vor 1 Jahr

Coffeeshop where you can find good quality but unfortunately price has increased since COVID19. Now I found there are too much expensive Cali weed on menu than before

Isabel - vor 1 Jahr

The most fun and good quality weed :D Def try diamant haze and strawberry kush

RONNEY - vor 1 Jahr

It's a nice little coffeeshop that's hidden with amazing service and it's all about quality not quantity excellent

Piotr T - vor 1 Jahr

One of the places open until very late, thank goodness.

G88 - vor 1 Jahr

Decent weed, service is friendly

J.S .G - vor 1 Jahr

If you feel like strawberries fields forever is where you should live.. you have to taste their

claire paulic-garnier - vor 1 Jahr

Banana kush was extraordinary, great service! Will be back!

Marcin Ćwiękała - vor 1 Jahr

The best staff, always top quality, charm and enjoyable service who will always help. Thank you for suggesting Shaher Beldia it's really dope.

Kuba Amstaff - vor 1 Jahr

High quality. Awesome weed!

Donald Mrix - vor 1 Jahr

Great quality until the last puff of the joint

Elliott Boomsluiter - vor 1 Jahr

This place is sort of 'off the beaten path'. If you're not from the city you might not ever come across it. Though you would be missing out in a big way, cause this place deals exclusively in tippy top shelf cannabis flower. They often have a respectably large menu full of variatals that you won't find in many coffeeshops. Sometimes even some radically rare flower from N. America, though that stuff gets real pricey real fast. Strawberry Kush that reeks of strawberry candy and bananah that packs an impressive terpine profile that is tropical fruit with a strong bananah cream foreground. Truly some good stuff.

shIZo - vor 1 Jahr

The Bald Guy, he just nailed it. A happy face u wont forget. Good prices for good quality. Nexr stay I will come back, thats for Sure. Greetings from Germany... just used the Hotel W-LAN now haha.

Lisaira A Thiel - vor 1 Jahr

We came from Arnhem, and i can tell they are the best COFFEESHOP EVER! YOU HAVE TO TRY STRAWBERRY KUSH.. IT'S THE BEST

Antonio Moschillo - vor 1 Jahr

One of few coffeeshop with California's weed. And just prices. Sometimes rude staff

T Scary - vor 2 Jahren

One star is even too high. Bad quality and the worst attitude ever.

DEIVIS - vor 2 Jahren

Great coffee shop. Good stuff not even from NL but and USA

The Canncon. - vor 2 Jahren

Alright weed, but not worth it due to the bad customer service. You shouldn’t be rude to customer when you, the employee, made a mistake about the strain. The guy made me feel very uncomfortable so I’d recommend going elsewhere, where they are more respectful to paying customers.

Mokus Green (Markus Wimböck) - vor 2 Jahren

Good experience. 10x better than Amsterdam stuff...

handmade1407 - vor 2 Jahren

Unfortunately, after yesterday's visit to this shop, I must say that it was my last time there and I do not recommend it to anyone. they used to be even good sorts, but with time they started to be middle class and not so good. yesterday evening a black man who served me for 13 € for 1g Apple kush variety, I received loose leftovers from a box and small tops that should go to the discard. I do not recommend

Mum Reviews - vor 2 Jahren

100% agree with the reviews that pre rolled are tobacco rip offs. And I think a shop that says come back and return it for a new one is basically saying: try it, If you are a tourist you won't notice, if you do, come back and we will give you the local one. Since I don't smoke tobacco it was gross to smoke one exclusively tobacco to give it a shot. And if the shop owner holds themselves and their business to the highest standard, why are their consistent reviews coming up saying they sell tobacco in place of the advertised product? I don't see a simple reason that would ever happen if their is appropriate attention, much less consistently happen.

Vincenzo - vor 2 Jahren

Great selection. Good customer service. Would recommend.

Peder Lentocký - vor 3 Jahren

Nice! I founded second bag outside the shop

Maynard Koenig - vor 3 Jahren

Great shop, try the Magic Dynamite!! It's da bomb

Marko Milosevic - vor 3 Jahren

These guys are really nice, and they have top quality weed.

Kenny Tynan - vor 3 Jahren

Pretty rolled were basically tobacco. Small and cramped inside. Handy for a quick stop off, pretty close to den haag central.

Αντώνης Καραγιάννης - vor 3 Jahren

Very good quantity weed! Extremely good and special tastes with a wide variety of flavors


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